2020 BA Skills predictions

What does 2020 hold for business analysts?


What does 2020 hold for Business analysts?


Predicting the future is quite precarious. However, based on long-term trends, we can foretell to an extent what to expect in the immediate future.

Let’s test validity of our top 5 predictions for Business Analysts for the year 2019.

1.  A significant shift from building a software to renting the software.

This trend continues to be stronger every passing year. Even very large softwares such as ERPs are now available on cloud.

2.  Near 100% percent dominance of agile methodologies – Get comfortable with Agile and DevOps

The recent IIBA salary survey of 2019 proves this. 80+% respondents said they practice Agile at work place.

3.  The Rise of the Digital Era

Digital continues to make significant inroads into corporate world, especially analytics. 

The recent IIBA salary survey of 2019 proves this. 80+% respondents said they practice Agile at work place.

4.  Changing skills expectations

IIBA introduced the certification on Data analytics and plan to provide certification on information security. Knowledge of traditional software development approaches is no longer sufficient for business analysts.

5.  Increasing possibility of working from a remote location

Better availability of internet speeds, higher commuting time and more expensive real estate costs propelling organizations to be more open on remote working models.

Now that we did a reasonable job for 2019, let’s make likely predictions for 2020.

1.  Enterprises are adopting digital transformation in a much more vigorous manner


Digital transformation


Organizations will leverage their enterprise data to improve customer experience and performance. AI will help organizations automate low complexity processes and allow organizations to focus on high value and complex processes.

This will require organizations to invest into human and digital technology interactions. Business analysts will play a significant role in digital transformations.

2.  Analytics skills will become as important as analysis skills

Enterprises are realizing the value of data they hold in improving process performance, develop newer products, identify possible frauds etc.

Analytics requires Business Analysts to be far more comfortable with data and analysis of data. A better comfort with data analysis tools will be valuable for all of us.

Analysis to analytics

3.  Technology skills are becoming increasingly important 

Technology skills are increasingly expected from Business Analysts, especially SQL as that helps in data analysis. Also, many business analysts are studying R and Python.

Big data

4.  Finance skills are becoming increasingly important skills

As Business analysts become senior professionals, they are expected to provide financial justifications for any proposed change initiatives. Finance and accounting are the language of business and it makes immense sense for BAs to learn financial analysis techniques. 

5.  Transformation skills will become as important as analysis skills

Business analysts have been considered Change Enables for a long time. It’s time business analysts become drivers of change than being mere enablers. Given the context and content of business analysis, business analysts are possibly in the best position to help their organizations leapfrog into future.

Enterprise transformations

I would love to hear from my fellow BAs about what are their predictions for 2020.

– by LN Mishra

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