CBAP Application

CBAP Application

CBAP Application – 

Filling up the CBAP application form is one of the mandatory requirements for the CBAP certification exam.

This is one of the most time-consuming tasks as part of the CBAP Preparation.

However, since this is a mandatory requirement to appear for the CBAP exam, hence every CBAP aspirant needs to go through this process.

The CBAP application requirements are as given below:

  • Applicant must meet/showcase a minimum of  7,500 hours of business analysis work experience in the last 10 years – More details here. 
  • From the reported business analysis work experience hours, a minimum of 900 hours must be from 4 of the 6 BABOK® Guide Version 3 Knowledge Areas
  • Minimum of 35 professional development hours in the last 4 years
  • Minimum 2 references meeting the following conditions as given here
    • At least one of the references must be a current contact.

    • All references must have known the applicant for at least six months.

    • A career manager is defined by IIBA as the person who is responsible for providing and preparing the applicant’s annual performance review.

    • Project managers cannot be references unless they are also the applicant’s career manager. The reference form must clearly indicate they fill both roles or the reference will not qualify.

    • Only two references will be assessed during the application assessment process.

    • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the references submit their forms and do any necessary follow-up so that one can submit their application.

  • Agreement with the CBAP® Code of Conduct

Work experience for the purpose of application means being engaged in business analysis tasks specifically aligned with the knowledge areas, perspectives, and underlying competencies as defined in the BABOK®Guide. Work experience can either be paid activities the applicant has applied directly OR paid activities the applicant has assisted others in applying.  Volunteer (unpaid) work does not qualify.

The Work Experience section must be filled out as follows:

  • An initial entry must be completed and saved before more entries can be added.

  • List work entries in date order with the most recent work experience first.

  • Similar work can be grouped together as one work entry.

  • Resumes will not be accepted to complete this requirement.

  • For each work entry, indicate the hours you spent in each of the 6 Knowledge Areas (KAs). Please refer to the BABOK® Guide or Guide to Competency-Based Certification for assistance.

  • The hours from each KA will be summed to determine your total business analysis hours per work entry.
  • One must also abide by the terms and conditions of CBAP.

Many professionals are confused and spend a lot of time in CBAP application preparation.

Many times the application even gets rejected for not meeting the CBAP eligibility criteria.

It requires the guidance of an experienced mentor /guide to be able to fill up the work history and other sections of the application in the desired way.

However, with the Adaptive CBAP V3 Application Simulator, the task can be completed within a few hours. The template is designed by CBAP experts to help CBAP aspirants file the IIBA Application form seamlessly. Sample data has been provided for each tab in the CBAP V3 Application Simulator to guide the candidates on how to fill the Education, Professional Development, Work History, and References section.

Once the candidate logs into his/her profile, (s)he has to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Select CBAP certification in the Certifications tab

Step 2: Click on ‘Education’. Fill the fields in the Education section and click on ‘Save to My Profile and Update in CBAP’ Note:- Fields with * are mandatory

Step 3: Click ‘Back to CBAP’ button. Ensure the education requirements have been met.

Step 4: Click on ‘Professional Development’. Fill the fields in this section and ‘Save to My Profile and Update in CBAP’.

Step 5: Click ‘Back to CBAP’ button. Ensure the professional development requirements have been met.

Step 6: Click on ‘Work History’. Fill the fields in the Work History section and click on ‘Save to My Profile and Update in CBAP’.

When you fill the “CBAP V3 Application Simulator-Work History tab”, ensure that none of the rules are violated. Please note that Suggestion, Recommended Hours columns get automatically populated when the Start and End dates are provided. By default, the claimed hours are equated to the recommended hours.

The Claimed hours cannot exceed the recommended hours. There’s also an inbuilt formula to split the recommended hours into various knowledge areas. However, if you have spent more/ fewer hours on a KA than what the template calculates, you are free to edit it.

In case you work on one or more projects at the same time, provide the %effort spent on each project so that the recommended hours get computed accordingly.

Violated rules get highlighted in Red. To know which aspect has been violated, scroll to the right and see the Rules violated table.

Step 7: Fill the projects one after the other, if there is more than one project click on ‘Back to work history’ button which appears upon saving the first project.

Step 8: Click on ‘Add work history’ button to add more projects. Click ‘Back to CBAP’ upon adding all projects. Ensure work history requirements are met

Step 9: Click on ‘References’. Fill the fields in the Reference section and click on ‘Save to My Profile and Update in CBAP’.

Step 10: To add another reference, click ‘Back to references’ button which appears on saving the first reference. Doing so will take you to the screen shown below:

Step 11: Click on Add Reference button to add another reference.Ensure that References requirements are met

The Recommendation tab in the “CBAP V3 Application Simulator” tells you whether all the requirements for CBAP have been fulfilled or not. If anything gets highlighted in Red, please review and modify accordingly.

Make sure all the requirements have been fulfilled before proceeding with the application.

See here an explanatory video on CBAP Application: