AAC Exam Questions

AAC Exam Questions

The following AAC Exam Questions and Answers with Explanations are a continuation in the direction of our 2019 Goal– ‘Give before you take, Share Knowledge with the World to make it a better place’.

From 29th May 2019, we have started posting one AAC Exam Question on the 4th Wednesday of the month on our company pages on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook under #AACQuestion. We will post the answers on the coming Friday under the comments section.

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#Question 01

The delivery team is constantly verifying the outputs that it is delivering and making necessary changes. Which element of the Agile mindset are they applying?

  1. Collaborate courageously
  2. Reflect on feedback and adapt both product and process
  3. Simplify to avoid waste
  4. Consider the context and adapt to realities

#ANS. Option B

Explanation: The delivery team is reflecting on the feedback and making necessary changes to its product/process