Adaptive US is 250 CBAP strong today!

Adaptive US is 250 CBAP strong today!


We are truly indebted to our customers who trusted us in their CBAP journey.

It has been a tremendous experience for all of us at Adaptive US.

We made mistakes but we continuously improved.

Our courseware, training delivery, question banks are possibly 20X better from where we started.

We thank our employees and partners who made this possible.

We are proud that we have 3000+ partners today in 40 different countries.

You can view the complete list of CBAPs here.

Following are the list of countries from where participants have joined our programs.



Latvia Philippines Sweden
Bahrain Germany Lebanon Portugal Switzerland
Belarus Hungary Malaysia Romania Turkey
Canada India Mexico Russian Federation Uganda
Czech Republic Ireland Netherlands Saudi Arabia  Ukraine
Dar es salaam  Italy New Zealand  Singapore  United Arab Emirates 
Egypt Japan Nigeria South Africa  United Kingdom 
 Estonia Kenya   Norway Sri Lanka  United States 


About Adaptive US (Think BA. Think Adaptive.)

Adaptive US provides CBAPCCBAECBA, and AAC training online and consulting needs for Individual or Corporate either online or offline. Adaptive US is an endorsed education provider of IIBA®

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Mentor to 500+ Certified BA
25+ years of experience in IT Business Analysis
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