Benefits of certifications

Benefits of business analysis certifications

Be it an individual or a business, to thrive and grow the key element is the continuous thirst for knowledge. This thirst for knowledge can be quenched by continuing with education and certification programs. Certifications improve knowledge, recognition, work performance, and widen market opportunities. Certifications provide an independent assessment of one’s capabilities, which can be a significant benefit when it comes to landing certain clients or projects. 

Certified professionals have a definite competitive advantage, they execute projects with increased efficiency, increase their earning potential, continuously update their knowledge and skills and by doing so increase their professional credibility.

Certified business analysts undoubtedly have a broader perspective of the BA techniques and approaches. They show commitment (as preparing for these certifications and clearing the exam is not an easy task). Organizations also recognize individuals for the hard work and commitment which the candidate has put into it.

In the world of Business Analysis, IIBA holds the top slot when it comes to global recognition.

Earning an IIBA professional certification offers many benefits-

  1. Better salary, IIBA asserts that certified Business Analysts earn around 16% more than non-certified Business Analysts
  2. Designation recognized by the international governing body
  3. Enhanced BA capabilities
  4. Better career progression. Good opportunity for people in the technical field to get into the management field.
  5. Better job satisfaction

IIBA offers certifications like ECBACCBAAAC, and CBAP, each requiring a different level of experience.

6 Steps for IIBA Certifications

6 Steps for IIBA CertificationsWhatever your level of experience, the idea of enrolling and preparing for the certification exam might seem a little daunting. IIBA strongly recommends undergoing proper training from a seasoned BA coach/mentor. This will help increase the chances of passing in the very first attempt and in the shortest possible time. Training from an IIBA EEP (Endorsed Education Provider) will also give the much needed PDU’s (Professional Development Units) & guidance in form filling for the exam.

As a Premier Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) for the IIBAAdaptive US, helps professionals to prepare for and succeed in their certification exams. Adaptive US is one of the market leaders when it comes to BA online training in ECBA, CCBA, AAC, and CBAP and also gives the option of success guarantee where without paying an extra penny you can undergo the training all over again if you fail.

Why Adaptive BA
Why Adaptive BA

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Certifications are definitely a worthwhile investment because of the many advantages they can provide throughout your career. While deciding about the path to a business analyst certification, always remember the benefits which you will derive from the certification journey itself. Plan the certification approach which will maximize your time and financial investment so that when you certify along with the certification you have also realized the other certification benefits to your career.

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