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100+ Other Names that Business Analysts May Be Known As

LN Mishra

100+ Other Names that Business Analysts May Be Known As

Business analysis is truly a diverse skill. Many professionals perform tasks related to business analysis but do not carry the job title of a business analyst.

Here is a compilation of 100+ other names that business analysts may carry. If you carry any of the following job titles, you can always sharpen the skills to become an all-rounded business analyst.

1 Agile Analyst
2 Agile Business Analyst
3 Application Director
4 Application Owner
5 BI Analyst
6 Business Architect
7 Business Consultant
8 Business Intelligence Analyst
9 Business Process Analyst
10 Business Solution Architect
11 Business Systems Analyst
12 Change Enabler
13 Chief Information Officer
14 Chief Product Owner
15 Compliance Manager
16 Data Analyst
17 Data Engineer
18 Digital Media Consultant
19 Domain Expert
20 Enterprise Architect
21 Enterprise Process Engineer
22 Enterprise Solutions Designer
23 ERP Analyst
24 ERP Consultant
25 Financial Analyst
26 Functional Analyst
27 Functional Architect
28 Functional Consultant
29 Help Desk Analyst
30 Information Analyst
31 Information Architect
32 Information Security Analyst
33 Information Technology Lead
34 Information Technology Manager
35 Insights Analyst
36 IT Analyst
37 IT Business Analyst
38 IT Project Coordinator
39 Management Consultant
40 Management Consultants
41 Managing Consultant
42 Market Analyst
43 Master Data Analyst
44 Metrics Analyst
45 MIS Analyst
46 Operational Improvement Consultant
47 Operations Analyst
48 Operations Specialist
49 Oracle Implementation Consultant
50 Organizational Change Consultant
51 Package Implementation Consultant
52 PEGA Consultant
53 Performance Analyst
54 PMO Analyst
55 Portfolio Analyst
56 Pre-Sales Analyst
57 Pre-Sales Consultant
58 Problem Analyst
59 Problem Manager
60 Process Analyst
61 Process Architect
62 Process Coordinator
63 Process Engineer
64 Process Evangelist
65 Process Improvement Consultant
66 Process Improvement Expert
67 Process Owner
68 Product Analyst
69 Product Director
70 Product Manager
71 Product Owner
72 Product Support Analyst
73 Programmer Analyst
74 Project Manager
75 Quality Assurance Analysts
76 Reporting Analyst
77 Requirements Analyst
78 Requirements Engineer
79 Research Analyst
80 Research Executive
81 Salesforce Consultant
82 SAP Consultant
83 SAP Implementation Consultant
84 Senior Consultant
85 Senior Software Engineer
86 Software Analyst
87 Software Development Manager
88 Solution Advisor
89 Solution Designer
90 Strategy Consultant
91 Strategy Officer
92 Subject Matter Expert
93 Systems Analyst
94 Systems Architect
95 Team Leader
96 Technical Analyst
97 Technical Communications Analyst
98 Technical Data Analyst
99 Technical Leader
100 Technical Writers
101 Usability Analyst
102 User Experience (UX) Analyst
103 User Experience Designer

Do comment if you have come across other job titles that do work related to business analysis.

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