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CBAP Certification gave new wings to my BA career

Image of Sezgin Kopmus, CBAP
Sezgin Kopmus, CBAP

CBAP Certification gave new wings to my BA career

Becoming CBAP Certified has significantly helped in increasing my income

I am Sezgin Kopmus, working as a Senior Business Analyst.

My passion for becoming a respected, recognized, as well as an effective and efficient BA was the main driving force for me to pursue the CBAP certification from IIBA. While looking at job openings I realized that CBAP certification definitely gives a business analyst an edge over his/her peers. To me becoming CBAP certified meant that I could prove that I was an expert in my field at my workplace, it was something that would help me climb up the ladder of success and achieve my goals and dreams. Preparing for the CBAP certification made me feel that I am doing the right thing and doing it the right way too.

While looking for a good training institute which was recognized by IIBA I came across Adaptive US. Given their success rate and their offering I had no second thoughts in making the decision, I enrolled with them for their CBAP training soon after.

CBAP CTA-Earn moreAdaptive training was surely very helpful. They always extended a helping hand when needed. It is not that they are just sticking with formalities but instead are very sincere and prompt. They have a plethora of materials to prepare from for CBAP and coupled with their excellent training, it exponentially increases the chance of passing the CBAP exam at the first attempt.

Becoming CBAP certified opened up the world of accolades and opportunities for me. CBAP certification has made me more confident, not just in communicating with my seniors, stakeholders, and peers about my ideas to make them understand my point of view, but also in performing my job. I now know what to do in any phase of the BA process. I am no longer lost in the uncertainty of the process. I can now handle any crisis which arises at work as I am armed with the knowledge and techniques to do so.

CBAP certification has been the turning point for me. I have become a more effective and trusted BA in my organization. I am now entrusted with better opportunities working for key projects. Becoming certified has opened up other opportunities too. I am now a much sought-after BA trainer, which has significantly helped in increasing my income. The BA community looks up to me to share and discuss ideas pertaining to business analysis.

If you are aspiring to be an awesome BA and scale greater heights in your career, CBAP certification is absolutely right for you and you should look no further than Adaptive.

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