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How CBAP Certification Unlocked My Door to Success

Niranjan Chaudhari, CBAP

How CBAP Certification Unlocked My Door to Success


I got my promotion and pay raise within 3 months of getting CBAP certified

My name is Niranjan and I work as a Product Owner (Specialist) with over 8+ years of experience in the Business Analysis space. I have always been passionate about my career as a BA and wanted to enhance it further and climb the ladders of success. I realized that in order to successfully lead my team and make a mark, I certainly had to learn the best practices and keep myself abreast of the BA skillsets. With this goal, I decided to undergo the CBAP training and take up the CBAP certification.

After thorough research of the BA training providers, I zeroed in on Adaptive US considering their faculty, a wealth of experience and success rates and I must say that was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I would like to extend my special thanks to LN, Lora, Peter and the entire Adaptive US team for their outstanding teaching techniques, excellent learning resources as well as unconditional support! I must say the training sessions not only helped me to achieve my CBAP certification but have also helped me to become a better and effective BA at the workplace.

IIBA Prep Webinar ImageThere was a lot that I learnt from the experts in terms of BA principles and established practices, which along with the practical insights that I obtained, enabled me to add more value and meaning to my BA profession.

I am also delighted that upon completing my training and certification, I was able to showcase value and dedication in the field to my employer with the utmost confidence. This has led to my promotion that very year which was a dream come true moment for me. It also gave me a significant pay raise. I eagerly look forward to continuing to inspire fellow Business Analysts in enhancing their Business Analysis career path.

For those who are skeptical of the benefits of becoming a trained and certified BA, all I can assure that it has worked wonders in my career and it can do for you too. No doubt, CBAP certification is the best in the market for all the BA's aspiring for IIBA certifications and I strongly recommend Adaptive for scaling greater heights in your BA career!

 by Niranjan Chaudhari

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