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CBAP Certification was the Turning Point of My Career

Image of Sunny Jaiswal, CBAP
Sunny Jaiswal, CBAP

Hi, I am Sunny Jaiswal, working as a Senior Solution Specialist at FIS with 7 plus years of experience as a Business Analyst. It was my long-term goal to achieve the CBAP certification considering the growth opportunities and recognition associated with it. With this in mind, I set myself a target to achieve the coveted CBAP certification in less than 3 months.

I realized that BABoK was quite overwhelming in terms of content and that I wouldn’t be able to absorb so much content without adequate guidance. I learned about Adaptive from my network of BA community and I was impressed with the quality of their training and learning resources, after doing thorough research of the IIBA certification training providers available in the market.

I attended their CBAP certification program and passed the CBAP exam and l am totally convinced of the benefits that training and certification can bring about in one’s career in the light of my own experience. The value that I received from Adaptive’s CBAP program was beyond getting certified. It enhanced my knowledge of business analysis practices and made me an effective BA at work.

I have been able to effectively demonstrate my BA skills, ability, aptitude and dedication to the BA profession in multiple instances, which led to my superiors entrusting me with crucial organizational projects and programs. My enhanced confidence levels also played a key role in my job satisfaction and networking with like-minded BAs.

To all the business analysts who wish to climb the ladder of success, I would like to advise them that it is crucial to carry out a self-assessment, identify the gaps and do what it takes to bolster your confidence. It’s never too late to turn things around and there’s always so much more which a BA can learn. 

Adaptive’s proven competence and great resources is an asset for anyone wishing to undergo training in business analysis. They are very responsive and ready to help at any hour. It is simply the go-to place for your IIBA certifications and I totally recommend them.

Thank you Adaptive!!

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