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CBAP Training Helped Me Move Up The Career Ladder

Image of Adaptive US
Adaptive US

I have been working as a Senior BA in the Telecom Domain. I have a strong technology background and have 6 years of experience as a BA. My aspiration was to be fully recognized as a BA.

Having read about how a BA certification can be a game-changer for one’s career, I started researching the certification which would suit me best as a senior BA. I decided to pursue the CBAP certification from IIBA considering my work experience and the fact that it is the most sought after and recognized BA certification worldwide.

While doing my research about the best training organization, I came across Adaptive’s CBAP training. Their team convinced me about the value of undergoing training and getting certified.

They provide an all-in-one package for the preparation (BA templates, audio materials, simulation exams, etc.) along with their fantastic Instructor-led training, which means you get the best value for the money you have invested towards getting certified.

Deciding to go for the CBAP certification and undergoing the training gave me the big break that I was looking for.

During this current pandemic situation when markets are in a downward spiral and people across the globe are losing jobs, being stood down, getting furloughed and salaries are being slashed, I have managed to get a new job with a 40% salary hike. All this was possible by just mentioning that I am pursuing training for the CBAP certification in my interview.

If just the sheer mention of CBAP has earned me a 40% hike as Senior BA, I can well imagine what impact will be there on my career prospects when I actually attain the certification.

I am glad I opted for Adaptive US as it was not just their superior training and material that gave me the knowledge and confidence as a BA, but also the excellent mentorship provided by LN and the great support extended by the Adaptive team helped propel my career forward.

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