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Best Business Analysis Books For 2020

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As business analysts, we are constantly advised to learn.

Is there anything better than books to learn business analysis?

Confucius once said, “No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.”  For a Business Analyst, reading is very essential. By reading, a BA can stay up to date with what’s happening in the world of projects from the people who know. New ways of handling current day-to-day issues or challenges can be learned.

There are many business analysis books in the market, which can be a guide to the various scenarios a BA faces in their workplace. There is a high probability that someone else has been in such a situation and has written about it. Knowing about possibilities always helps.

Here are our favorite top 20 Business Analysis Books for 2020.

You can click on the book hyperlink to buy the same on Amazon.

# Book Title Author/Publisher
1 Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABoK)  

This is available for free reading if you are a member of IIBA.

2 How to Start a Business Analyst Career Laura Brandenburg
3 Seven Steps to Mastering Business Analysis Jamie Champagne
4 Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide PMBoK® Guide and Standards
5 Business Analysis Techniques: 99 Essential Tools for Success   Debra Paul, James Cadle, and Paul Turner
6 Agile and Business Analysis: Practical Guidance for IT Professionals   Debra Paul and Lynda Girvan
7 Business Analysis and Leadership: Influencing Change James Archer & Penny Pullan
8 Business Analysis: Best Practices for Success  Steven Blais
9 Adaptive BABoK Study Guide  Adaptive US
10 Business Analysis for Dummies Kate McGoey, Kupe Kupersmith, and Paul Mulvey
11 3D Business Analyst  Mohamed Elgendy
12 The Agile Business Analyst: Moving from Waterfall to Agile Barbara Carkenord and Ryland Leyton
13 Design Thinking Business Analysis: Business Concept Mapping Applied  Thomas Frisendal
14 Business Analysis Methodology Book  Emrah Yayici
15 Mastering the Requirements Process  Suzanne Robertson, James C. Robertson
16 Rapid Agile Business System Analysis: Fast, Agile, Measurable Results  Trond Frantzen
17 Product and Process Modelling: A Case Study Approach  Ian T. Cameron and Rafiqul Gani
18 Software Requirements, 3rd Edition Karl Wiegers and 

Joy Beatty

19 Writing Effective Use Cases (Agile Software Development Series) Alistair Cockburn


20 IIBA Agile extension  IIBA


We hope you set aside some time to read these wonderful books and be the best BA you can be!


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