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Pro Business Analysis

Learn Jira, Confluence, MS Visio and Balsamiq.
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Why BA Skills Workshop?

Adaptive has been conducting business analysis certifications for a long time. There has been multiple requests from participants who would also like to practice BA concepts and tools. This workshop is an additional workshop in conjuction with Adaptive’s BABoK fundamentals workshops.
This workshop provides following values to participants:

Adaptive’s BA Capabilities

Proven capabilities

Excellent feedback

Qualified trainers

World’s most exhaustive BA Learning system - SuXeed


BA Skills Workshops : 4 Hours * 4 Sessions

This workshop requires one to complete BABoK Fundamentals training of 16 hours.

Practice Session 1

  • Understanding the context
  • Understanding epics, stories and acceptance criteria
  • Elicitation role play 1
  • Hands on session manging requirements using Jira
  • Hands on session on developing user stories

Practice Session 2

  • Splitting stories
  • Elicitation role play 2
  • Techniques to elaborate stories
  • Hands on session on developing acceptance criteria

Practice Session 3

  • Business process modeling using MS Visio
  • Prototyping using Balsemiq
  • Documenting business rules
  • BA Resume writing tips
  • BA Interview Tips

Practice Session 4

  • Project presentations and review
  • ECBA Certification Prep Tips

Program Schedules

Program Schedules

Pro BA dates : July 27th and 28th Aug 3rd and 4th

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