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All of us work hard to earn our living. Should you spend money to undergo a formal training in business analysis?

Let’s consider 2 types of business analysis training one may look for – One for skill development and one for getting oneself certified as a professional BA.

Here is a comparison between skills-focused training vs. certification focused training.

AspectBA SkillsBA Certification
FocusLearning business analysis conceptsGet oneself certified
CostMinimal for self-learning and High for instructor-led trainingMedium for self-learning and High for instructor-led training
Key requirementsConcepts and casesConcepts and practice questions
Need to clarify doubtsHighHigh
Applicability to one’s immediate job requirementsHighMedium
Ability to showcase one’s credentials in job marketLowHigh


Now once you decide whether you would like to take up skills-based training vs. certification based training, you have 2 more choices to make, whether to learn by self or by a designed program by any institution.

Factors those differentiate between self-learning and designed learning are as follows:

AspectSelf-learningDesigned learning
Out of pocket expenditureMinimalHigh
Identify right sources of informationThis can take anywhere from 10 to 20 hours effort.Curated content available with 0 effort.
Be disciplined to study the subjectA decent self-learning effort on business analysis can be between 100 to 200 hours.Learning hours can be reduced at least 50%. An instructor ensures participants pay attention to the course.
Ability to complete the entire curriculumLow – Most learners quit after few hours of self-studyHigh – Most learners complete the entire curriculum
Ability to clarify doubtsLowHigh
Ability to showcase one’s credentials in job marketLowHigh
Access to quality content such as study guide, video learning, audiobook, flash cards and question banksLowHigh
The probability of achieving desired objectiveLowHigh
Hope these comparisons will help you to make an informed decision regarding what type of training you should look for and how should you undergo the same.


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