This has been a constant query from all our participants from October 2016. Many had prepared for V2 but for some reason could not take the test. However, there are many significant changes in BABoK® V3 and the examination content and pattern.

The key ones are:

  1. BABoK® V3 is significantly changed over BABoK® V2. BABoK® V3 has added 16 more techniques.
  2. # of pages of content added is almost 100% more than in V2.
  3. Language used in BABoK® V3 is quite different from BABoK® V2.
  4. CBAP® V3 requires 35 hours of PDUs. This was 21 hours in CBAP® V2.
  5. Questions for CBAP® V3 are significantly changed from CBAP® V2. In CBAP® V2, there were 150 questions, majority (approx. being 80%) being scenario based questions and 20% definition oriented questions. In CBAP® V3, there are 120 questions. Of this around 50% are likely to be case based and 50% are likely to be scenario based. Case based questions are newly introduced in CBAP® V3.
  6. If one is looking for CBAP® and CCBA® V3 simulators, make sure that your simulator provides you with good number of case based questions.
  7. The amount of preparation one needs for V3 is at least 50% more than what one would have needed for V2.


What should you do kick-start your CBAP® and CCBA® V3 journey?

Very first thing would be enroll for a CBAP® V3 prep course, even before you start reading BABoK® V3. BABoK® V3 is really voluminous (500+ pages) and hard to follow on your own.


Adaptive US is a true partner to our participants. We share success and failure with our participants. We even fund the participant’s re-take exam fees in case one is not successful in the very first attempt. We allow them to sit through another session without any cost to them.


How are we able to take this big risk?

We are very well prepared for CBAP® V3:

  1. Our study guide is extremely compact and to the point. You can have a look at quality of your study guide here.
  2. We have created an extensive question bank of more than 1800 questions, covering 4 types of questions, concept questions (500+), scenario based questions (500+) and case based questions (250+).
  3. 100+ concept videos on BABoK® V3. You can have a look at our sample video here.
  4. Employ very best faculties world-wide to guide our participants.

In fact we have a very special offer going on now where we insure the exam success guarantee by a payment of $100, that’s a whopping USD 125 value to you. So drop your inhibitions and partner with Adaptive for the coveted CBAP® V3 certification examination.


About Adaptive US

Adaptive US provides support in all steps of going for CBAP® and CCBA® certification. We provide instructor-led online trainings to clarify your concepts on BABoK® and also provide the 35 hours of PDUs needed for CBAP® and 21 PD Hours for CCBA®.

We also provide 100 + learning videos which you can you use to hone your concert on BABoK®.

Thirdly we provide more than 1800 questions including and 6 simulation tests for CBAP® and CCBA®.

This will make sure that you will confidently appear for the certification examination.

To learn more about our CCBA® and CBAP® certification program details, please visit or

Our 150+ clients include Credit-Suisse, RBS, Vodafone, AkzoNobel, Bank of Tanzania, HP, SAP, Allianz-Cornhill etc.

Adaptive is one of World’s leading BA training provider and one of the very first EEP for IIBA and IREB.

We have trained more than 5000 business analysts and conducted 300+ workshops.


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