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World’s #1 IIBA V3 Training Provider - 600+ Certified Professionals
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Attend interactive sessions by top-notch CBAP certified instructors with 25+ years of BA experience, using proven web-based conferencing system at time slots that suit your convenience. Experience world class coaching at the comfort of your home.

Team/Corporate/Onsite Training

We provide carefully structured corporate and onsite trainings to meet the growing demands of business analysis professionals and equip them to stay relevant in times of rapidly changing business environments

Individual discount* | Brand ambassador award of $100 | Trailblazer award of $50

Corporate discount* | 15 % Discount for 5-10 participants | 20% Discount for more than 10 participants

Group discount* | 5% discount for 2 – 3 participants | 10% discount for 4-10 participants | 15% for more than 10 participants

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What you will get from Adaptive US’ ECBA certification Training program

ECBA Training with Success Guarantee

We repay the exam retake fees if a participant fails to clear the exam in the first attempt. We stick our neck out for you. We succeed with your success and fail with your failure.

38 hours of Live Instructor Led ECBA Training

The training is aligned to BABoK and comes with 21 IIBA PD hours/21 IIBA PDUs and 21 IIBA CDUs. It comes with 4 sessions of 4 hours each + live 1 hour exam prep tutorials for 6 months (2 mandatory + 4 optional) + provision to repeat full training

Exhaustive 1000+ ECBA Practice Questions

This includes time based chapter end ECBA practice questions and 6 full length ECBA simulations comprising of 50 questions each, with unlimited number of attempts.

IIBA approved courseware

Adaptive provides downloadable courseware comprising of BABoK based ECBA study guide, BABoK workbook to take notes while you learn, BABoK based mind maps, ECBA glossary, ECBA study tables, faculty presentations etc.

BABoK V3 based ECBA Study Guide

Adaptive’s ECBA Study Guide is the most compact ECBA Study Guide. It has only 20% word count as compared to BABoK V3 which saves a significant amount of preparation time.

SuXeed offers you more

Detailed ECBA certification exam preparation plan on how to achieve the ECBA certification in 6 weeks. 100+ ECBA exam tips and tricks on how to approach the exam, areas to focus, types of ECBA questions asked and more

Revisit what you learnt during the training

Adaptive offers ECBA class recordings to watch and refresh concepts later

Repeat the entire training

The participant can attend the entire training (4 sessions, 4 hours each) once again to reinforce the concepts

Access to live exam prep tutorials for 6 months

Attend the exam prep tutorials and clarify all your queries with the faculty. Take the exam with complete confidence and no doubts in your mind!

File IIBA application confidently

Adaptive provides ECBA Application simulator fully aligned to IIBA ECBA requirements.

Learn on the go with ECBA Audiobooks!

Adaptive ECBA Audiobooks are structured as per the BABoK knowledge areas and are a great resource to learn on the go

Access to faculty presentation

Adaptive provides access to faculty presentations, which students can use to revise the concepts taught in the class

Make learning fun with ECBA Flashcards

Adaptive ECBA Flashcards are structured as per the BABoK knowledge areas and are a fun way to learn and test the terminologies of BABoK

Over 10+ hours of ECBA Video learning

Adaptive’s Learning portal, SuXeed has 100+ byte-sized learning modules (each between 5 to 15 mins). It is compatible with all devices.

We support you till you Succeed

Our Success Rate is over 97%. We are just an email/ phone call away. Our training support team and faculties are there to help you with concept clarification and any other query till you become ECBA certified.

Training program related FAQs

ECBA Training in Saskatchewan Program Description

The Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) course by Adaptive US has been developed considering the growing demands of professionals to advance their BA skillsets and climb the BA career ladder. It also enables them to take on larger and more complex project responsibilities. The intense ECBA certification training program crafted by expert IIBA certified instructors with over 25+ years of business analysis experience not only establishes a solid foundation on the industry best practices recommended by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) but also equips ECBA aspirants to face the ECBA certification examination confidently and crack it in the very first attempt. Adaptive US’s Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) training in Seattle is a highly interactive online training conducted using reliable web conferencing systems spanning over 3 weeks (6 classes of 4 hours each). Expert faculty, who have been part of the BABoK authoring team and IIBA v3 exam setting committee, conduct this intense ECBA preparation training. The training is fully aligned to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge(BABOK) v3.0 developed by IIBA.

Over the course of the training, ECBA aspirants will

  • Understand and learn the established business analysis practices that are outlined in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge(BABOK) v3.0
  • Gain competence in the 6 Knowledge Areas (BA Planning and Monitoring, Elicitation and Collaboration, Requirements Life Cycle Management, Strategy Analysis, Requirements Analysis and Design Definition and Solution Evaluation)
  • Master the terminologies used in the BABOK
  • Acquire sound understanding of the role, competencies and skillsets required to become an effective and result-oriented business analyst
  • Learn how to manage stakeholders effectively
  • Gain practical insights into the principles and practices of business analysis
  • Learn how to identify and apply various tools and 50 BABoK techniques in business analysis scenarios. These are essential techniques in a Business Analyst’s toolkit
  • Interact with instructors and learn how to tackle the ECBA questions through ECBA practice tests and feedback.
  • Gain access to join 1 live Q&A webinar where participants can clarify all their doubts with instructors.
  • Be able to demonstrate continued dedication to the profession through recertification requirements

Who is the target audience for this course?

    The ECBA certification is for:
  • Individuals who want to become a BA
  • Students enrolled in BA academic programs
  • Professionals transitioning into business analysis
  • Functional managers who manage BAs

Session Plans



  • Participant and faculty Introductions
  • BABoK Knowledge Areas
  • Generic BA Techniques
  • Techniques for planning
  • Techniques for Elicitation
  • Techniques for Life Cycle Management
  • Techniques for Analysis

    BA Planning & Monitoring

  • Understanding BABoK Terminology
  • Chapter intro
  • Plan BA Approach
  • Plan Stakeholder Engagement
  • Plan BA Governance
  • Plan BA Information Management
  • Identify BA Performance Improvements

    Elicitation & Collaboration

  • KA Intro
  • Prepare for Elicitation
  • Conduct Elicitation
  • Confirm Elicitation Results
  • Communicate BA Information (Requirements)
  • Manage Stakeholder Collaboration

    Requirements life cycle management

  • KA intro
  • Trace requirements
  • Maintain requirements
  • Prioritize requirements
  • Assess requirements changes
  • Approve requirements
  • Strategy Analysis

  • Prep time
  • Analyze Current State
  • Define Future State
  • Assess Risks
  • Define Change Strategy

    Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

  • Knowledge area intro
  • Specify and model requirements
  • Verify requirements
  • Validate Requirements
  • Define Requirements architecture
  • Define Design Options

    Solution Evaluation

  • Knowledge area intro
  • Analyze potential value and recommend solution
  • Measure solution performance
  • Analyze performance measures
  • Assess solution limitations
  • Assess enterprise limitations
  • Recommend actions to increase solution value

    Question and Answers

  • T1 – Application Filling
  • T2 – KA Based Q&A

Q&A and Concept clearing session




Peter Johnson CBAP

Part of BABoK V3 Authoring and Exam Team

Founder of IIBA New Jersey Chapter

30+ years of Business Analysis Experience


LN Mishra CBAP

Mentor to 500+ IIBA Certified Business Analysts

24+ years of Professional Experience in BA.

Part of IIBA V3 Exam Committee


Lora McCoy CBAP

Regional Director, IIBA Central Americas

Former President – IIBA Oklahoma Chapter

22+ years of BA experience


Tom Tomasovic IIBA-AAC

Agile BA Practitioner, CPRE Certified

B.S. Chemical Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

26+ years of BA experience

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Customer Reviews on ECBA Certification Training

Adaptive US ECBA program made studying easy for me. After the instructor-let courses, and the learning tools the practice tests took away my anxiety of test day and I was fully prepared. I was able not only pass the exam on the first try, but I didn't second guess any of my answers


What you put into this course is what you will get out of this course. With the clear and simple plan from Adaptive I was able to pass my ECBA on the first try. Thanks, Adaptive!


Had a great experience choosing them as source of information for BA certification. Just passed ECBA and thank you guys for the help.


“I want to thank Adaptive US for the excellent work they are doing on preparation tools for IIBA certifications. I’ve successfully used their preparation tools for ECBA, AAC and CBAP. Best IIBA certifications training team, Great Job !”


Adaptive was instrumental in my passing the ECBA exam. LN was an amazing instructor who took the time to teach us the skills, but how to apply them. He filled the classes with practical examples, made an interactive learning environment, and challenged us as we tackled the material. I wouldn’t have passed had it not been for Adaptive and LN.


I purchased Adaptive’s question bank and test simulator after completing a competitors self pace course and not feeling comfortable that I would pass the exam. After completing and reviewing all of Adaptive’s simulation I felt more than ready for the test… and i passed the first time around! Would definitely recommend!


With the help of Adaptive team (Peter, Lora and LN) I was able to pass get my ECBA certificate. I highly recommend their online courses. Thanks guys!


I am thankful to Adaptive to make my ECBA experience so smooth. They have proven competence and great resources for anyone wishing to undergo training on business analysis. They are very responsive and ready to help at any hour.


Adaptive US ECBA course is amazing, the instructor-led classes, the material, the videos and, the test quizzes are all so through that when you test it feels no different then taking one of the quizzes at Adaptive. Follow the study guide in the course and you will have no problem passing your test the first time. I am so pleased with the course that I am signing up for the CCBA course this May for the instructed-led classes in August.


I used the question bank to write my ECBA exam. It was extremely helpful. I have a hard time with multiple choice exams but after studying from the question bank I did not have any anxieties and passed the exam with no problem. Thank you for your help


    Upcoming ECBA Instructor Led Live Online Program Schedule

    Dates Program Code Days of the Week Timings
    11 Apr 2020 - 19 Apr 2020 ECBA with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun12.00 to 16.00 AET - Sydney time
    10 Apr 2020 - 18 Apr 2020 ECBA with Success Guarantee Fri and Sat19.00 to 23.00 PT - Los Angeles time
    11 Apr 2020 - 19 Apr 2020 ECBA with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 13.00 ET - New York time
    07 May 2020 - 15 May 2020 ECBA with Success Guarantee Thu and Fri9.00 to 13.00 ET - New York time
    09 May 2020 - 17 May 2020 ECBA with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 13.00 ET - New York time
    11 Jun 2020 - 19 Jun 2020 ECBA with Success Guarantee Thu and Fri9.00 to 13.00 ET - New York time
    13 Jun 2020 - 21 Jun 2020 ECBA with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 13.00 ET - New York time
    11 Jul 2020 - 19 Jul 2020 ECBA with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 13.00 ET - New York time
    06 Aug 2020 - 14 Aug 2020 ECBA with Success Guarantee Thu and Fri13.00 to 17.00 ET - New York time
    08 Aug 2020 - 16 Aug 2020 ECBA with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 13.00 ET - New York time
    12 Sep 2020 - 20 Sep 2020 ECBA with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 13.00 ET - New York time

All About ECBA Certification

Technology today offers tremendous opportunities to improve businesses. Business Analyst is a role where one can contribute to the organization's strategy, its offerings, its revenue, and its margin. It offers great opportunity to interact with many stakeholders, develop innovative solutions and improving existing solutions. Business Analysts are the bridge between Business stakeholders and Technology Architects. The demand for Business Analysts is at an all-time high and the benefits are worth taking-up business analysis as a career choice.
As a Business Analyst, one will always have a challenging and a new job role or project in hand due to the uniqueness of each problem in varied companies. The ECBA certification from IIBA is a popular certification for jump-starting a career as a Business Analyst. Some of the benefits of getting ECBA certified are:

  • ECBA is framed rightly to suit the needs of an entry level Business analyst focusing on requirements analysis, modelling, requirements life cycle management with good amount of emphasis on modeling concepts and tools. According to the 2019 IIBA Salary Survey Report, professionals with one or more IIBA certifications earn 14% more than non-certified professionals.
  • ECBA is an established credential and makes a business analyst's competence known and recognized globally by peers and management.
  • It provides better career growth and job opportunities
  • The knowledge and skills acquired through the ECBA certification enables one to become an effective and efficient BA.
  • It demonstrates continuous dedication to the profession to prospective employers.
  • It helps BAs achieve reliable, quality results with enhanced efficiency and consistency.
  • Business Analysis is one of the highest growing occupations, with 14% growth projected between 2014-2024 *Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • It also gives a positive feeling and enhanced confidence about achieving a milestone in one's BA career.

    The ECBA certification is for:
  • Individuals who want to become a BA
  • Students enrolled in BA academic programs
  • Professionals transitioning into business analysis
  • Functional managers who manage BAs

The ECBA certification from IIBA is aimed at business analysis professionals who are new to the business analysis space. It is a competency-based certification based on BABoK v3.

  • No BA Work Experience required
  • No Knowledge Area expertise required.
  • Minimum 21 hours of Professional Development in the past four years
  • Agree to Code of Conduct. Agree to Terms and Conditions.
  • No references required

Adaptive US provides ECBA application review and filing support too. As part of the Adaptive US CBAP training program, the coach will guide you through the entire CBAP application filing process.

For more details on ECBA, visit

The application for ECBA Certi�cation Exam happens through the IIBA website. The detailed steps on how to fill the IIBA application form in the IIBA website can be found in the ECBA Handbook: Here

The ECBA exam is a live web based exam on proctored mode that requires a desktop or laptop, internet access, a working webcam, and a microphone. The ECBA exam can be taken up from home, with no travel required to a test center.

The ECBA certification is achieved after appearing for the ECBA exam which is 1 hour long. The exam has 50 multiple choice questions with only one correct option. The ECBA comprises of knowledge-based questions.

    Examination weightage – KA wise

    Domain %
    Business analysis and the BA professional 2.5%
    Underlying competencies 5%
    Business analysis key concepts 5%
    Techniques 12.5%

  • The ECBA comprises of knowledge-based questions.
  • BABOK® Guide Knowledge Areas

    Domain %
    Business analysis planning and monitoring 5%
    Elicitation and collaboration 20%
    Requirements life cycle management 20%
    Strategy analysis 5%
    Requirements analysis and design definition 24%
    Solution evaluation 1%

The ECBA cost is as follows:
First attempt ECBA exam fee is $110.00 USD for IIBA members and $235.00 USD for non-members, plus GST/HST for Canadian residents Second attempt ECBA exam fee is $85.00 USD for IIBA members and $195.00 USD for non-members, plus GST/HST for Canadian residents The ECBA application fee to paid to IIBA is $60 for IIBA members as well as non-members, plus GST/HST for Canadian residents.
ECBA Certification Cost - Components and break up:

IIBA Member Non-Member
Membership fee As per the country of residence (Between $55 to $125)
Application Fee $60USD $60 USD
Exam Fee $110USD $235 USD ($125 more than members)
Retake Fee $85 USD $195 USD ($110 more than members)

The ECBA certification is provided by the IIBA.

You will get 21 IIBA PD hours/21 IIBA PDUs and 21 IIBA CDU credits upon completion of the course. 21 IIBA PD hours/21 IIBA PDUs can be claimed by participants who wish to write the ECBA Certification exam, as it is one of the eligibility criterions stated by IIBA to appear for the exam. 21 IIBA CDUs can be claimed by participants who are already certified by IIBA® (either CBAP or CCBA) and need to accumulate 60 CDUs every 3 years to renew their certification.

We typically recommend 60-80 hours of preparation after attending the ECBA training session. Follow the below given process to ace the exam:

  • Prepare a schedule and stick to the schedule (Download the ECBA exam study preparation plan from Adaptive US)
  • Start your preparation with the Adaptive ECBA study guide
  • Take up one chapter at a time from the Adaptive US ECBA Study guide and test your understanding with the chapter end knowledge-based questions
  • Complete the IIBA application filing with Adaptive US ECBA application simulator that we provide as part of the ECBA training deliverable
  • Revise the concepts by reading the Adaptive US ECBA Study guide 2/3 times and BABoK Study guide 2/3 times
  • Attempt the 6 Adaptive US ECBA simulations comprising of 50 questions and review incorrect answers. In total, Adaptive provides 1000+ ECBA model questions to test your preparation
  • Once you score about 85%+ in the ECBA model questions, you are ready to appear for the ECBA exam
  • Book your exam dates 3 or 4 weeks later, preferably on a Monday
  • Take the exam and become a proud holder of the ECBA credential

All candidates who wish to take IIBA certifications must read and agree to a mandatory Code of Conduct prior to applying in order to be able to proceed with your application. For more information on this, please visit:

There is 125 USD discount for IIBA members on the examination fees.

There is no official data from IIBA to answer this question as IIBA does not disclose this information. However, from our experience and the experience of our past ECBA participants, we know that it is safe to assume that the ECBA exam passing score is more than 70%. Hence, we suggest targeting 85%+ in the ECBA mock tests in order to be successful in the ECBA final exam.

Although IIBA® allows one to take the ECBA exam without any classroom training, it will be really hard to understand BABoK v3.0 without the help of an expert instructor. BABoK V3 is 500+ pages long and quite complex to follow. An expert instructor can help you to understand BABoK v3.0 very quickly. In addition, instructor led sessions give good insight on how to prepare for the exam, clarify doubts, provide practical tips and tricks based on exam experience, provide access to BA tools

ECBA self-study is not recommended for the following reasons:

  • You need 21 PD hours for the IIBA application process.
  • Questions are knowledge based and requires good understanding of concepts, tasks and techniques, which comes only with the guidance, and mentoring of experienced coaches and study materials.
  • Time management can be a challenge for those who are not well versed with the subject and the exam prep tricks and tips from our coaches helps our participants to sail through this challenge.

The ECBA exam candidates will be notified immediately on screen once they submit their computer-based exam. For those who fail the exam, they will be provided with additional information, specifically the Knowledge Areas that require their attention.

You may take the exam up to 3 times within the 1-year application expiry period. There is no wait time between exam sittings. If you take the exam all 3 times and do not pass, you must wait until your application expires before you can reapply.

Read about the benefits of ECBA mentioned in first FAQ.

The ECBA opens doors to a rewarding and successful career in business analysis. It gives greater confidence and fulfillment at work. For those who wish to advance their career in the BA field, this course and the ECBA credential that comes with it is totally worth it in comparison to the investment that has to be made into it. It also gives you an opportunity to become part of an elite group of professionals who are known for their dedication and commitment to the field of business analysis.

Feeling Stuck As a BA?

Read on to move ahead in your BA career.

Yes, you have been a Business Analyst, done and lived the analyst role, been through all this, now it doesn't seem so interesting anymore. Is this something you have been as a Senior BA and BA Managers been through? So what next? Here is a very broad guideline for the career progression of a BA.   BA Career Paths Four common career paths BAs can pursue are:
  1. Business analysis
  2. Product management
  3. Project management
  4. Consulting
However having said that it depends on the person's interest, domain/technical knowledge, interest to learn new concepts and risk-taking ability which determines largely the career progress. If you are risk-taking and open to learn new concepts/domain you can change your domain and move to a new field and establish yourself to be a good player in the field. This gives you good exposure and makes your career prospects broader. That makes you a good candidate for a senior executive position. If you love what you are good at and aim to become an expert in the same without changing gears then you can master your domain including getting into other areas in the same domain. This can include having a good hold on the tools and products prevalent in the domain. This can make you a great specialist and unique in the field, which is invaluable for your career. You can make yourself a great consultant in a particular field and can think of working with multiple clients to give them a part of your time and expert guidance. In return, this gives you the flexibility and the rich experience of working with multiple clients. There is no better time than now to start something good. Go and Kiss the world as per your taste and interest, the world is all yours if you can make it and believe in yourself.
About Adaptive US 
  As a Premier Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) for the IIBA, Adaptive US, helps professionals to prepare for and succeed in their certification exams.  Adaptive US is one of the market leaders when it comes to BA online training in ECBA, CCBA, AAC, and CBAP and also gives the option of success guarantee where without paying an extra penny you can undergo the training all over again if you fail. For more details about plans and registration, you can visit the Workshop Calendar.


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