Do you know that certified BAs earn more and progress faster?

As per the latest salary survey of IIBA 

  • CBAP Certified Professionals earn 13% more
  • There is an 11% increment in salary for certification holders than the overall average salary
  • The expected salary increase is in the range of 10-15%
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Certification provides independent verification of one’s knowledge on a subject.

Benefits of certification:

  • Be globally recognized for your competency in business analysis.
  • Better job prospects.
  • Better salary.
  • Better career growth
  • Opens door to global career opportunities and fortune 500 organizations
  • Better skilled in BA domain
  • BA is the fastest growing career opportunity for IT professionals.
  • People with domain experience can move into IT sector by becoming a business analyst.

A recent survey by IIBA indicates that certified professionals earn 16% more than their peers.

You can find real-life stories of professionals on how certification transformed their careers here

Value one receives by going in for certifications are:

  1. Maintain a culture of continual learning for yourself
  2. Have the courage to be judged on your knowledge by an independent body
  3. Give confidence to your partners that when they are looking for a qualified business analyst, they are talking to a professional who has understood the subject reasonably well and pursued it further to get certified

Which BA certification?

There are multiple BA certifications. Adaptive offers BA certifications from IIBA®, Canada.

Benefits of IIBA certifications are:

  • The largest professional body for business analysts
  • More than 30000 members
  • IIBA certifications are the most recognized BA certifications in the world

IIBA currently provides 3 levels of certifications:

  1. ECBA – For entry-level BA professionals
  2. CCBA – For BA professionals with 2 to 3 years of BA experience
  3. CBAP – For BA professionals with 5+ years of BA experience

Why Adaptive

Success Stories of Career Transformations with Certifications

See this video on how has certification transformed careers of business analysis professionals globally: