Let me narrate an incident that happened about 3 months back. I was conducting a

CBAP workshop for a client. As we came closer to the workshop, we were

discussing the preparation plan for the examination.



I advise my participants to study for about 100 hours to get ready for the

examination. I have heard someone person saying that they could clear CBAP in 24

hour preparation, which I really wonder. Are they really telling the truth?



BABoK itself is about 500 + pages of documentation and if you just read twice,

probably will need more than 30 hours of time. Most likely, one will also

prepare for some question bank as well.



When I made this suggestion for 100 hours of study time, one of the participants

asked me, “LN, how do we get this kind of hours to study from our daily routine?

I travel to my work at morning 7 and I reach home around evening 9 given the

fact that travel takes about an hour and half both ways. I have a family and our

job commitment is hard. Getting this kind of time would be really really hard”.



This made me to think this is indeed the situation for many professionals,

especially if you are going in for CBAP. Most likely one is married, may have a

child, have a demanding job as well. So in the midst of all hectic life, how

does one really find time to prepare well?



Since one has put in a good amount of money and effort into CBAP preparation, it

makes sense to go prepared for the exam than just appearing for it. If one

calculates time value of money, one is spending close to 10K to 15K $ for the




Then the same person suggested me something quite interesting. What she told me

is that it’s difficult for her to read or watch a video on the go because she

travels in metro train and where she may not find a place to sit down. (Many of

you those who travel by New Jersey Path metro would have seen how crowded are

the Path trains.)



What she could always do is to hear BABoK. She is in metro for more than an hour

in the morning and again another hour in the evening if there is something that

she can listen to that would make it much easier for her to revise the ideas.

Reading requires lot more concentrated thought than hearing.



Most people listen to music while they travel (which is also quite nice) but

they can take some time out from this travel time to make it effective towards

their CBAP examination preparation process.



This was indeed a wonderful suggestion by the participant. I realized that one

can easily take between 1 to 2 hours every day from the commute to learn about

BABoK. So if you take two hour daily travel time in a month, you have covered 40

hours because most of us should go to work at least 20 days in a month.



You can take some time on other days when you are going for shopping or going

for some other work and you are on road, you can utilize that time. So all put

together, you can easily pull out 60 hours in a month. When you have your

studies done for 60 hours, your regular teaching hours fall to 40 hours. You

need to do is to do the question banks which may require you to have access to




We as an organisation we decided to work on it and be released our audio book on

CBAP V3 very recently. You can go and buy them at a very special introductory

price on our eStore. If you are part of our CBAP workshops, you get access to

the audio books as well.



So happy learning to all of you and hoping that all of you will do fantastic in

your CBAP® preparation examination.



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