ECBA Certification Exam Preparation in 10 Simple steps

The Proven ECBA Certification Steps approach to complete ECBA

Follow these proven 10 ECBA certification steps approach to get ECBA certified in 6 weeks.

  1. Attend a prep course with an established EEP such as Adaptive US. Ensure trainers are among the best in the world.


  1. File ECBA application with IIBA.


  1. Go through ECBA study guide and BABoK®.


  1. Practice ECBA® model questionsand ECBA Simulations


  1. Utilize your commute time to revise BABoK with ECBA audiobook.


  1. Play with BABoK® concepts using ECBA flash cards.


  1. Book your ECBA Certification exam with IIBA.


  1. Revise BABoK®, ECBA video learnings and ECBA question bank.


  1. Take the exam.


  1. Be a proud ECBA®!