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100% Success or 100% Refund For Your ECBA Exam

300+ ECBA Certifications Completed

IIBA Endorsed Live Online Classroom ECBA Certification Training by BABOK Authors with 21 IIBA PD Hours, 1000+ Prep Questions, 6 Simulations, Study Guide, Flashcards, Audio Books, 3 IIBA Exam Attempts, and much more...

IIBA Endorsed ECBA Certification Prep Training

Success guarantee | Money back Guarantee | Session Guarantee

ECBA training & certification enhances your employability by demonstrating a solid understanding of the Business Analysis Fundamentals.
Land your first BA job in one of the fastest growing occupations with 14% projected industry growth*
*US Bureau of Labour Statistics

Adaptive ECBA Training Key Deliverables

  • 21 IIBA PD Hours / PDUs / CDUs
  • Simplified ECBA Study Guide
  • IIBA Application Filing Support
  • ECBA Flash Cards
  • Faculty Presentations
  • BABoK Study Tables
  • 24 Hours of Live ECBA Online Training
  • 1000+ ECBA Model Questions
  • BABoK Mind Maps
  • 4 Months Access to Fortnightly Tutorials
  • Extended BABoK 600 terms Glossary
  • Training Duration + 4 Months Learning Portal Access
  • Success Guarantee of $85 – (Rewrite fees included) and 100% moneyback guarantee
  • 6 ECBA Simulations
  • ECBA Audio Books
  • Session Recordings
  • BABoK Based Workbook
  • ECBA Exam Prep Plan & Exam tips

Adaptive US ECBA course is amazing, the instructor-led classes, the material, the videos and, the test quizzes are all so thorough that when you test it feels no different then taking one of the quizzes at Adaptive. Follow the study guide in the course and you will have no problem passing your test the first time. I am so pleased with the course that I am signing up for the CCBA instructor-led classes!

Shelly Johnson

The training material from AdaptiveUS Inc is exactly what you need to be prepared for IIBA certificates. The online webinars helped a lot with understanding BABOK V3. LN Mishra did a great job in supporting and preparing me for the ECBA exam. Thanks LN. :)

Bartlomiej Hagowski

Adaptive was instrumental in my passing the ECBA exam. LN was an amazing instructor who took the time to teach us the skills, but how to apply them. He filled the classes with practical examples, made an interactive learning environment, and challenged us as we tackled the material. I wouldn't have passed had it not been for Adaptive and LN.

Sarah Beasley

From day one, Adaptive US was incredibly supportive and responsive. I found out, last minute, that an ECBA would significantly bolster my career prospects and that led me to find Adaptive through a Quora answer of theirs that explained that it could all be done in 6 weeks. With their course and material, I am proud to say that I had it done in those 6 weeks, so for those looking to give them a shot, I highly recommend them!

Kuda Kamushinda

100% Success Guaranteed ECBA Online Training

We share your success and failure. We have you covered for 2 unsuccessful ECBA exam attempts by paying for the exam retake fees limited to $85 for ECBA and refund of the entire training fees paid to Adaptive if you are unsuccessful in the 3rd attempt, upon meeting our success guarantee terms

IIBA approved courseware

Adaptive provides downloadable courseware comprising of BABoK based ECBA study guide, BABoK workbook to take notes while you learn, BABoK based mind maps, ECBA glossary, ECBA study tables, faculty presentations etc.

BABoK V3 based ECBA Study Guide

Adaptive’s ECBA Study Guide is the most compact ECBA Study Guide. It has only 20% word count as compared to BABoK V3 which saves a significant amount of preparation time.

Make learning fun with ECBA Flashcards

Adaptive ECBA Flashcards are structured as per the BABoK knowledge areas and are a fun way to learn and test the terminologies of BABoK®

File IIBA application confidently

Adaptive provides ECBA Application simulator fully aligned to IIBA ECBA requirements.


24 hours of Live Instructor Led ECBA Training

The training is aligned to BABoK and comes with 21 IIBA PD hours/21 IIBA PDUs and 21 IIBA CDUs. It comes with 4 sessions + live 1 hour exam prep tutorials for 4 months

Revisit what you learned during the training

Adaptive offers ECBA class recordings to watch and refresh concepts later


Over 10+ hours of ECBA Video learning

Adaptive’s Learning portal, SuXeed has 100+ byte-sized learning modules (each between 5 to 15 mins). It is compatible with all devices.

Learn on the go with ECBA Audiobooks!

Adaptive ECBA Audiobooks are structured as per the BABoK® knowledge areas and are a great resource to learn on the go.

Access to faculty presentation

Adaptive provides access to to faculty presentations, which students can use to revise the concepts taught in the class


Exhaustive 1000+ ECBA Practice Questions

This includes time based chapter end ECBA practice questions and 6 full length ECBA simulations comprising of 50 questions each, with multiple attempts. The simulations also come with BABoK reference and explanation for correct answers. Refer to fair usage policy. 

SuXeed offers you more

Training Duration + 4 Months Access to SuXeed - SuXeed contains detailed ECBA certification exam preparation plan on how to achieve the ECBA certification in 8 weeks, 100+ ECBA exam tips and tricks on how to approach the exam, areas to focus, types of ECBA questions asked and more. Learn More

Access to Live Exam Prep Tutorials for 4 months

Attend the exam prep tutorials and clarify all your queries with the faculty. Take the exam with complete confidence and no doubts in your mind!

We support you till you Succeed

Our Success Rate is over 97%.We are just an email/ phone call away. Our training support team and faculties are there to help you with concept clarification and any other query till you become ECBA certified.

Upcoming ECBA Instructor-Led Live Sessions Program Schedule

For corporate group training, please send your request to

Whole of USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, India

9 AM ET to 1 PM ET (New York Time)

(New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Columbus, Detroit, Miami, Boston, Baltimore, Orlando, Jacksonville, Virginia Beach, Portland, Newark, Jersey City, Richmond, Portsmouth, Raleigh, Atlanta, Houston, Fort Lauderdale, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Aurora, Des Moines, London, Toronto, Saskatoon, Regina, Quebec, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Dubai, Frankfurt, Riyadh, Johannesburg, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Madrid, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Dublin, Stockholm, Munich, Budapest, Copenhagen, Madison, New Jersey, Washington D.C. , Hamilton, Hartford, Wilmington, Brunswick, Maine, Concord, New Hampshire, Richmond, Virginia, Burlington, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Denver, Halifax, Ontario, Montreal, Kingston, Mississauga, Victoria, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Kuwait, Muscat, Cairo, Rome, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Athens, Zurich, Brussels, Milan, Hague, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Bogota, Santiago, Caracas, Brasilia, Lagos, Dar es Salaam)

Month Dates Days
Nov 2021

Nov- 11, 12, 18, 19 (1 PM - 5 PM ET)

Thu & Fri
Nov 2021 Nov - 6, 7, 13, 14 Sat & Sun
Dec 2021 Dec - 4, 5, 11, 12 Sat & Sun
Jan 2022 Jan- 15, 16, 22, 23 Sat & Sun
Feb 2022 Feb- 12, 13, 19, 20 Sat & Sun

8 Live Exam Prep Tutorials over the next 4 months



USA West Coast, Canada West Coast

Thu and Fri - 6 AM to 10 AM PT (Los Angeles Time)

Fri and Sat - 7 PM to 11 PM (Los Angeles Time)

(Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, California, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, San Jose, Portland, Oregon)

Month Dates Days
Nov 2021 Nov- 5, 6, 12, 13 Fri & Sat
Feb 2022 Feb- 11, 12, 18, 19 Fri & Sat

8 Live Exam Prep Tutorials over the next 4 months



Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka

10 AM to 2 PM Noon SGT (Singapore Time) 

(Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, Jakarta, Beijing, Seoul, Auckland(NZ), Wellington(NZ))

Month Dates Days
Nov 2021 Nov- 6, 7 (10AM-2PM)
Nov- 13, 14 (11AM-3PM)
Sat & Sun
Feb 2022 Feb- 12, 13, 19, 20 (11 AM- 3 PM) Sat & Sun

8 Live Exam Prep Tutorials over the next 4 months

*Check here for the entire session timing

Please read the entire course expectations & terms before signing up


ECBA Success Guaranteed

$799 $549 (Apply "COVID250" coupon @ checkout)

  • 21 IIBA PD hours
  • 24 hours of live training including exam prep tutorials
  • Success Guarantee of $85 – (Rewrite fees included) and 100% moneyback guarantee
  • 1000+ Mock Questions
  • 6 ECBA Simulations
  • 4 months access to fortnightly exam prep tutorials (1 hour each)
  • Class recording videos
  • Application Filing Template & Support
  • Printable Study guide
  • 100+ e-learning videos
  • Audiobooks
  • Flashcards
  • Faculty presentations
  • BABoK and Techniques Mind Maps
  • BABoK Study Tables
  • BABoK based Glossary - KA wise
  • 4 Months Learning Portal Access

Please read the entire course expectations & terms before signing up


Laura Paton, CBAP

Chairperson BABOK V3 and PMI PBA Authoring Team. Former Head - Product Development - IIBA. 32+ Years as BA and PM

Peter Johnson CBAP

Chief Education Officer

Part of BABoK V3 Authoring and Exam Team. Founder of IIBA New Jersey Chapter. 30+ years of Business Analysis Experience


Victoria Cupet CBAP

Regional Director, IIBA Europe and Africa. BABoK V3 Author. 25+ years of BA experience.


LN Mishra CBAP

Mentor to 800+ IIBA Certified Business Analysts. 24+ years of Professional Experience in BA. Part of IIBA V3 Exam Committee


Lora McCoy CBAP

Regional Director, IIBA Central Americas. Former President – IIBA Oklahoma Chapter. 22+ years of BA experience


Tom Tomasovic ECBA, CBDA, AAC

Agile BA Practitioner, CPRE Certified. B.S. Chemical Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 26+ years of BA experience

Session Plan

Session – 1 (4 Hours Live Online Class)
  • Participant and Faculty Introductions
  • Course Intro and Test Taking Tips
  • Intro to Business Analysis
  • BABoK Key Terminologies
  • BABoK Knowledge Areas and Techniques Overview


Session – 2 (4 Hours Live Online Class)

BA Planning and Monitoring

  • KA Intro
  • Techniques for BA Planning
  • BA Planning and Monitoring Tasks
    • Plan BA Approach
    • Plan Stakeholder Engagement
    • Plan BA Governance
    • Plan BA Information Management
    • Identify BA Performance Improvements
  • Techniques for Elicitation and Collaboration
Session – 3 (4 Hours Live Online Class)

Elicitation and Collaboration

  • KA Intro
  • Prepare for Elicitation
  • Conduct Elicitation
  • Confirm Elicitation Results
  • Communicate BA Information
  • Manage Stakeholder Collaboration

Requirements life cycle management

  • KA Intro
  • Techniques for Req. LCM
  • Trace requirements
  • Maintain requirements
  • Prioritize requirements
  • Assess requirements changes
  • Approve requirements
Session – 4 (4 Hour Live Online Class)

Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

  • KA Intro
  • Techniques for RADD
  • Specify and model requirements
  • Verify requirements
  • Validate Requirements
  • Define Requirements architecture
  • Define Design Options
  • Analyze potential value and recommend solution
  • Application Filing - PD Hours Discussion
8 Exam Prep Tutorials (1 Hour Live Online Classes)
  • Concept clarification and questions discussion with faculty

Having difficulty? Call us @ +1 877 872 2860