ECBA Certification Exam Preparation in 10 Simple steps

The proven 10 step approach to complete ECBA®

  1. Attend a prep course with an established EEP such as Adaptive US. Ensure trainers are among the best in the world.


  1. File ECBA® application with IIBA®.


  1. Go through ECBA® study guideand BABoK®.


  1. Practice ECBA® model questionsand ECBA Simulations


  1. Utilize your commute time to revise BABoK® with ECBA® audio book.


  1. Play with BABoK® concepts using ECBA flash cards.


  1. Book your CBAP Certification exam with IIBA®.


  1. Revise BABoK®, ECBA video learningsand ECBA question bank.


  1. Take the exam.


  1. Be a proud ECBA®!