AAC Eligibility

IIBA AAC Eligibility

IIBA AAC Eligibility Requirements

IIBA AAC (Agile Analysis Certification) is the 1st agile analysis certification governed by IIBA (International Institute for Business Analysis) Canada.

This certification is most suited for business analysts with 2 years of agile business analysis.

Eligibility criteria for IIBA AAC

The IIBA AAC certification requires:

  • A Signed Code of Conduct
  • 2 years of Agile work experience (Not verified though)
  • No references required

Common Myths of IIBA AAC

Some of the common myths associated with IIBA AAC eligibility criteria are:

  1. I can’t appear for IIBA AAC since I am not on a job right now
    • There is no such requirement for one to be on a job to be eligible to apply for IIBA AAC.
  2. I can’t appear for IIBA AAC as I had a career break.
    • As long as one meets the criteria prescribed by IIBA, that’s more than enough to go for the examination. So do not worry even if you had a career break in your work history.
  3. My official designation was not a business analyst that makes me ineligible to prepare for IIBA AAC.
    • There is no requirement for one to be a BA to appear for IIBA AAC.
  4. I can’t appear for IIBA AAC since I am not a graduate.
    • The education requirement for IIBA AAC doesn’t have any such condition
  5. One needs an experience letter from the employer to take the IIBA AAC
    • Again there is no such need from IIBA, IIBA has no expectation that one has to produce an experience letter from the employer.

Hope this gives you a good overview of the IIBA AAC eligibility requirements, who and how can one apply for IIBA AAC.

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