IIBA certifications overview

IIBA Certifications Overview

IIBA certifications are the most popular business analysis certification in the world. IIBA  has been promoting business analysis profession and certification for more than a decade now. Over the last 2 years, IIBA has introduced many new certifications which are of interest to individuals and organizations. In this short article, I am going to cover various certifications provided by IIBA and the suitability of the same for individual business analysts and organizations. Just about 2 years back, IIBA had just 2 certifications, CBAP, and CCBA. Both certifications continue to do quite well. In fact, CBAP is inching towards 10000 mark.

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1.    CBAP

CBAP is essentially is meant for business analysts who have 5 + years of business analysis experience. This is the most popular and recognized BA certification in the world. CBAP exam has case study and scenario questions based on Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABoK).

2.    CCBA

CCBA is for business analyst so have between 2 to 3 years of business analysis experience and targeted towards business analysts who are performing business analysis independently. CCBA® exam has scenario questions based on the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABoK).

3.    ECBA

In 2016 October, IIBA introduced another interesting certification, ECBA. ECBA is targeted towards professionals who would like to become business analysts, would like to understand the business analysis process, and business analysts who have a very low amount of business analysis experiences. ECBA exam has concept questions based on the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABoK).

4.    Agile BA

With the growing demand for Agile business analysis, IIBA also has introduced an Agile BA certification based on the Agile extension guide. This certification is for business analysts who perform business analysis in Agile based projects.  A large number of organizations have moved to the Agile way of developing software, we expect a great demand for Agile BA certification as well. This is again likely to be available in August 2018. Agile BA exam has scenario questions based on the Agile Extension Guide.

Here are the key differences among the certifications:


Comparison of IIBA Certifications

Comparison of IIBA Certifications

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