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Why Adaptive

Adaptive US is the world’s leading business analysis solutions organization which help participants and organizations succeed in their quest for prestigious certifications from IIBA, Canada. 

Adaptive US EEP Certificate
Adaptive US EEP Certificate

Adaptive US provides CBAP, CCBA, ECBA, AAC online training, question banks, study guides, simulators, flashcards, audiobooks, digital learning packs across the globe.

Adaptive US is the only training organization to offer success guarantee and all-inclusive plans for its workshops.

Key facts:

  1. World’s largest BA publisher and assessments provider
  2. Premiere Partner to IIBA, Canada and IREB, Germany
  3. 525+ certified BA professionals
  4. 300+ BA workshops – 6000+ BAs trained
  5. Our trainers are part of BABoK V3 authoring and exam committees

We have served 200+ top-notch clients including Wells-Fargo Bank, Credit Suisse, HP, CGI, AXA, AkzoNobel, Ness, Unisys, etc. We are proud to have a 100% key client retention rate.


To be the most admired business analysis solutions provider in the world


Commitment to Customer success with spirit of collaboration and continual


To help our participants and clients succeed in their business analysis career and endeavor

Quality policy

Delight customers through innovative, timely and cost effective solutions

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