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Adaptive US is #1 IIBA Training Institute – See statistics

Any training institute can claim that it’s World #1 training institute.

We are not making a claim, we are providing you detailed statistic to back our claim.

There are more than 200 training institutes world-wide who offer IIBA certification trainings.

In such a situation, achieving a global market share of 5% or more indeed a tremendous testimony of the institutes training quality.

Here are the statistics:

Certified Professionals Total CBAP CCBA ECBA
World Wide Certified Professionals 12133 9347 1376 1410
Certified Adaptive Paid + Trial Customers 611 325 65 221
Global Market Share 5% 3% 4% 15%
Certified Adaptive Paid Customers  449 254 50 145
Market Share 3% 2% 3% 10%
Certified Adaptive Trial Customers 162 71 15 76

Updated on: 25-October-2018

# of Certified Professionals Data – Source

15% of World ECBA’s have used our solution. 10% of Global market share of ECBA happen to be our customer.

Need we say more?

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