ECBA Flashcard


This Product is not sold individually and it is part our Training Program.

How Adaptive US ECBA Flashcards will help you:

  • Drill and memorize key concepts of the BABOK V3 that will help you prepare for the ECBA exam.
  • Activities and game-oriented methodology to make studying easy, effective and fun!
  • Employs visual, listening and writing skills to absorb information quickly.
  • Helps in reinforcing and retaining important terms from the BABOK V3 and Adaptive US ECBA V3 Study Guide.

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Adaptive US ECBA Flashcards

The 250+ ECBA flashcards based on the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge BABoK  V3 from the Adaptive US acts as a great aid in the ECBA certification exam preparation. Flashcards are an effective and fun-filled way to master important BABoK V3.0 terminologies. These cards are categorized according to Knowledge Areas and play a vital role in learning and testing your understanding of the most important terms and concepts essential for clearing the ECBA certification exam.

Special features:

  • 254 flashcards categorized knowledge area wise
  • Extensive coverage of the important BABOK V3 terms, concepts, and techniques essential for ECBA certification exam
  • Access to Online learning tool called Quizlet which has the following features:
    • Flashcards: A game mode where users are shown a “card” for each term. Users can click to flip over the card or use their arrow keys, and see the definition for that term
    • Learn: User can answer each term correctly twice in order to become familiar and then master the terminology
    • Write: Description of the terminology is given and the user has to provide the correct term
    • Spell: In this mode, the term is read aloud and users must type in the term with the correct spelling.
    • Match: User must drag corresponding items onto each other to make them disappear.
    • Gravity mode: One of the ‘Play’ study modes, where definitions scroll vertically down the screen in the shape of asteroids. The user must type the term that goes with the definition before it reaches the bottom of the screen.
    • Test mode: User is exposed to multiple ways to test the understanding in the form of MCQs, True or False, Match the following, written questions, etc.
  • These flashcards have been student tested and refined for maximum effectiveness and are also provided as part of the adaptive ECBA Certification Training and ECBA Self Study Material course.