BABoK V3 Mind-Map

A mind map for BABoK V3 Tasks
I know many of my good BA friends would vehemently on this output.
BABoK as such does not recommend any particular task flow / structure. It very clearly mentions that tasks are iterative. So how can we propose a mind-map for BABoK tasks?
At the same time, there are 30 tasks and 40+ inputs / outputs techniques.Some sort of way to organize the same can be quite beneficial for business analysts.
BABoK  V3 mind-map helps in following aspects:
1. Understand a reasonable task flow for business analysis
2. Understand key inputs and outputs for each knowledge area
3. Identify input output relationships
4. Key deliverables for business analysts.
We would request all my BA friends to be open to explore this mind-map. What we attempted to do was align techniques to knowledge areas where it contributes most.
Before we end, a gentle warning–The mind map is not non-disputable nor it works for all situations.
You can access the mind-map and many other useful business analysis content on our BA learning portal, SuXeed. SuXeed can be accessed at

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