CBAP Exam Simulator

Adaptive CBAP Exam Simulator Key Features

  • Based on BABoK V3
  • These are NOT actual examination questions
  • Full length CBAP exam simulator (Each with 120 questions)
  • Time based simulators of 3.5 hours each
  • Gives you explanation of the correct option
  • CBAP Exam simulator is available on system based access to give you real CBAP Exam experience
  • Multiple plans with different options of single simulation test or bundle packs containing 3 or 6 CBAP exam simulators and access period provided in table below
  • Unlimited attempts and analysis reports
  • Compatible on all devices
  • Author is also part of IIBA exam setting committee
  • Adaptive CBAP Exam Simulator is modeled as per IIBA guidelines for CBAP exam in the below given exam blue print format
    • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition -30%
    •  Strategy Analysis -15%
    •  Requirements Life Cycle Management – 15%
    •  Solution Evaluation -14%
    •  Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring – 14%
    • Elicitation and Collaboration – 12%

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