CPRE Digital Pack

1. CPRE Study Guide

As the book title suggests, this book is a guidebook for the aspirants of the CPRE® examination from IREB®, Germany.


We value your time and hence the book is designed to be extremely specific – Help you pass the certification examination with least possible effort.


This book is authored by qualified CPRE® trainers who have helped many other participants clear the CPRE® examination in the very first attempt. They are also trainers for CPRE® preparations in both corporate and open-hose workshops and have trained participants across the world – USA, Australia, Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and Africa. The book is supported by an exhaustive question bank and audio book to further assist participants.

2. CPRE Question Bank
1. Introduction to requirements engineering             20Q’s
2. Understand System Context                                20Q’s
3. Elicitation                                                          20Q’s
4. Documenting requirements                                 20Q’s
5. Documenting requirements in natural languages   20Q’s
6. Model based requirements documentation            45Q’s
7. Requirements validation                                     15Q’s
8. Managing requirements                                      30Q’s
9. Requirements tools                                            10Q’s
About CPRE
CPRE stands for Certified Professional in Requirements Engineering, a certification provided by International requirements Engineering Board (IREB), Germany (www.IREB.org). This is the most widely acknowledged certification for requirements engineers. There are more than 20000 requirements engineering professionals certified in CPRE Foundation Level examination world-wide.

Following are some of the benefits of becoming a CPRE

  •   Be recognized for your competency in requirements engineering.
  •     Requirements engineering is a growing career opportunity for IT professionals.
  •     People with domain experience can join IT sector by becoming requirements engineers.
  •     Better job prospects.
  •      Better salary.

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