ECBA Exam Simulator

ECBA (Entry Certificate in Business Analysis)  is the entry-level business analysis certification from IIBA. ECBA Exam simulator provide model questions for ECBA certification examination, thus improving ECBA success probability. ECBA simulator must be aligned to the new version of BABoK V3. ECBA being a difficult examination, one must practice enough questions on BABoK.

Adaptive ECBA Exam Simulator Key Features

  • Based on BABoK V3
  • These are NOT actual examination questions
  • Full length ECBA exam simulator (Each with 50 questions)
  • Time based simulators of 1 hour each
  • Gives you explanation of the correct option
  • ECBA Exam simulator is available on system based access to give you real ECBA Exam experience
  • Multiple plans with different options of single simulation test or bundle packs containing 3 or 6 ECBA exam simulators and access period provided in table below
  • Unlimited attempts and analysis reports
  • Compatible on all devices
  • Author is also part of IIBA exam setting committee
  • Adaptive ECBA Exam Simulator is modeled as per IIBA guidelines for ECBA exam in the below given exam blue print format
    • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition -24%
    •  Requirements Life Cycle Management – 20%
    •  Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring – 5%
    •  Strategy Analysis – 5%
    •  Solution Evaluation – 1%
    •  Techniques -12.5%
    •  Underlying Competencies – 5%
    • Business Analysis Key Concepts – 5%
    •  Business Analysis & the BA Professional- 2.5%

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