Busting Top 10 CBAP Certification Myths

Busting Top 10 CBAP Certification Myths

CBAP® certification is undoubtedly the most coveted certification for senior business analysts. CBAP® requires significant work experience, practical knowledge of business analysis concepts and the ability to relate the knowledge from BABOK® to practical scenarios/cases. Unfortunately, a lot of business analysts harbor many CBAP® certification myths and misconceptions. Some of them could be due to the changing nature of the CBAP® certification examination over time.At Adaptive US, we have interacted with more than 1000 business analysts over the last 5 years. Here’s a compilation of the top 10 cbap certification myths from our customer support team.


Myth #1. One can’t appear for CBAP® when one is taking a career break.

This is far from the truth. CBAP® examination does not consider any career break that has been taken. What is required is to have 7500 hours of business analysis work experience in the last 10 years. As long as one meets the criteria prescribed by IIBA®, that’s more than enough to appear for the examination. So, do not worry if there was or is a career break in the work history. In fact, utilizing the time during the career break to become a CBAP® is a worthwhile goal.


Myth #2. One needs a designation as a business analyst for CBAP®.

One of the most common CBAP® Certification myths – My designation is not that of a Business analyst in my organization, can I still pursue CBAP®?

The requirement from IIBA® is to have experience in business analysis, not necessarily have the designation as a Business Analyst. Even if the official designation is a Systems Analyst, Project Manager, Implementation Consultant, Domain SME, Business Consultant or something else, as long as one is dealing with the tasks mentioned in BABoK® (which are primarily related to requirements engineering, requirements management, requirements analysis and strategy analysis), they are perfectly eligible for CBAP®.


Myth #3.  One needs to by-heart BABoK®. (BABoK® is a 500+ page document)

This is an interesting myth. Unfortunately, some training organizations also promote this kind of mindset where they expect one to remember BABoK® by heart. There is NO need to by-heart BABoK®. What is needed is to understand the concepts in BABoK®, a general flow of business analysis work, techniques, how the techniques relate to the work and how to apply BABoK® concepts to a business analysis situation. So, cheer up, no more frightening thoughts of stuffing one’s head with 500+ pages of information from BABoK®.


Myth #4. One will lose money if the CBAP® application is not approved.

This myth is the creation of CBAP® V2 application process. During V2, one could actually lose application review money. In V3, your application will not be processed until it is completely acceptable to IIBA®. So, there is no way that one would lose money when they apply for the examination. This was the situation when the old certification scheme was there. Stay confident that unless and until you provide all the details that IIBA® expects you to provide, your application is not going to progress to the stage where you pay the application review fees.


Myth #5.  One can’t appear for CBAP® if one is not a graduate.

One can appear for the CBAP® certification exam even if one has not finished high school. IIBA® does not have any educational criteria for writing the exam.


Myth #6.   One needs an experience letter from the employer to take the CBAP® exam.

IIBA® has no expectation that one has to produce an experience letter from the employer. What is required is a reference for one’s BA experience from past project managers or clients.

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Myth #7.  One needs to complete CCBA® to go for CBAP®.

There is no need complete ECBA and CCBA® to go for CBAP®. One can go directly go for CBAP® as long as they meet the criteria required by IIBA®.


Myth #8.  CBAP® is a cakewalk when one has 5+ years’ experience as a BA.

This is a different kind of situation where professionals with 5+ years of experience feel that they can pass CBAP® easily since they meet IIBA® experience requirements. One needs a thorough knowledge of BABoK® to answer questions in the examination.


Myth #9.   One needs technical software knowledge to be a CBAP®.

In BABoK®, ‘Requirements Analysis and Design Definition’ knowledge area is the only area where one would encounter the need for software knowledge. Software modeling concepts can be learned if one spends about 20 hours of effort.


Myth #10.  CBAP® is useless and only real BA knowledge counts.

This is indeed true for people who have no further career ambitions and are completely happy with their current employer and do not see any value in personal branding. Professionals belonging to such a group, do not need to spend time and effort appearing for CBAP®.

CBAP® certification can indeed add significant value to one’s BA knowledge and career prospects. The blog ‘This Christmas, let IIBA certifications do the magic for you‘, mentions many CBAP success stories.


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