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How to remember 50 BABoK V3 Techniques

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BABoK techniques are a lot, to be precise, there are not 10, 20, or 30 techniques but 50 techniques.

How can one even remember 50 techniques?

The human mind can remember 5 to 7 elements and more than that it is hard to remember.

Here comes, one of the BABoK techniques, mindmap to our rescue.

Is it really possible to have a BABoK Techniques Mindmap?

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I know many of my good BA friends would vehemently disagree with this output. 

Relationships between tasks and techniques are many to many. 

One task in Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABoK) can use many techniques.

Same way, one technique can be used for many tasks.

So how can we place a technique in a single knowledge area?

#1 Why should we group the techniques?

At the same time, there are 50 techniques in BABoK, which is a very high number.

Any practical way to organize the same can be quite beneficial for business analysts.

It is also quite beneficial to note that when we organize techniques into groups, we can discover common characteristics for many similar techniques.

It is indeed fairly practical to divide elicitation techniques to the group based and individual-based elicitation techniques.

Common characteristics of all group based elicitation techniques:

  • Would have a facilitator as a group activity is more effective with a facilitator,
  • Are difficult to schedule,
  • Good in obtaining consensus, and 
  • Inter-personal issues and conflicts are quite common.

Strengths and weaknesses of all group based elicitation techniques and individual-based elicitation techniques.

Similarly, all techniques in Static and Dynamic sub-groups for Requirements analysis design definition (RADD) will have common properties.

#2 What does the BABoK V3 Techniques Mind-map tries to achieve?

This BABoK V3 Techniques Mind-map tries to explain the relationship between techniques and knowledge areas. I would request all my BA friends to be open to explore this mind-map. What we attempted to do was align techniques to knowledge areas where it contributes most. This does not imply that the techniques does not contribute to other knowledge areas.

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#3 A caution

Before we end, a gentle warning – Remember tasks and techniques are many to many.

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Please provide your suggestions to to make this mind-map even better for all business analysts.

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  1. A great idea, thanks for sharing.

    Actually I see the Benchmarking and Market Analysis technique in the Elicitation-research group. I don’t see Decision Modelling, Scope Modelling and- irony ;-)- Mind Mapping. Business Rules Analysis is included in both Life Cycle Management group and RAD-Analysis subgroup.

    Thanks and keep up with the good work!


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