Earn UNLIMITED Referral Bonus As an Adaptive Customer

Refer Your Buddy Program - Unlimited Referral Bonus

Happy with our training and assisted learning, refer your friend or anyone else in your network and get an attractive cash reward when your referral signs up for our classes. 

You get a cash reward of $50 for products below $1000 and $100 for products above $1000. 

Get an Attractive Cash Refund of $250 for Adaptive's Training and Assisted Learning

How to get $250 cash refund:

1. Quick Decision Benefit of $100

Enroll for Adaptive's Certification Training or Assisted Learning within 7 days of receiving Adaptive's  boot-camp mail and get a quick decision benefit of $100 as cash refund.

2. Brand Ambassador Award of $100

USD 50 will be refunded upon completion of the following tasks:

1. Publish Adaptive's Training Certificate in your LinkedIn profile.

2. Provide Google review @ Adaptiveus.com/googlereview. 

USD 50 will be refunded upon completion of the following task:

Provide a 2 minutes video testimonial regarding your learning experience with Adaptive US.

3. Trailblazer Award of $50

Your goal of being certified is our goal as well. Get an attractive cash award of $50 when you get IIBA certified within 6 months of course completion. Share this exciting news in Trust Pilot, Google review and LinkedIn tagging Adaptive US and claim your Trailblazer Award of $50.

This offer is applicable to Adaptive's training and assisted learning products for CBAP, CCBA, CBDA, AAC, CCA and ECBA.

4. 10% Repeat Customer Discount

If you have purchased a particular certification product from us before and wish to purchase another certification product, you will be eligible for a discount of 10% of the lower value purchase. This amount will be provided as a cash refund in the same mode of payment that you used to purchase the next product .

Please note this discount will not be applicable if you are upgrading from a lower priced product to a higher price product for the same certification.

Group Buying Discount

Number of participants % Discount
2 to 4 10
5 to 9 15
10 to 20 20
21 to 50 25
50+ 30

Generic conditions:

Discounts can be combined.

Adaptive US reserves the right to modify any / all of the offers at any point in time.

All cash rewards/refunds shall be processed on Tuesdays for the claims submitted in the previous week.