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I got a BA job within 1 month of becoming CCBA Certified

When I migrated to a new country, I had a hard time looking for a BA job although I had relevant BA experience and ended up working as a customer relations associate. 

With aspirations to get back to being a BA, I was convinced that getting CCBA certified would give me the much-needed break. I enrolled with Adaptive US after reading their wonderful customer testimonials. I must say, they helped me a great deal to prepare for the CCBA certification. Their study material, practice tests, simulation tests are most helpful. They are also very responsive to any queries. 

The lessons and practical insights I learnt from the experts gave me wonderful talking points in interviews and I landed a BA job in a month’s time. The recognition also gave me the confidence to perform my job better and earn my client’s trust.

Read my story…Being a committed BA professional, I wanted to scale greater heights by harnessing my ability to work effectively with stakeholders, design efficient business processes and take on opportunities to work on complex projects.  I decided to pursue CCBA certification as it would be the best way forward in the pursual of my goals of career advancement. 

I enrolled with Adaptive US and I am glad I did so. The training was straight to the point and the trainers were very knowledgeable. CCBA certification & training helped me get a new job and is bringing me new laurels. 

My enhanced understanding of the BA role and areas have enabled me to interact much more efficiently with stakeholders, suggest creative solutions to problems and improve existing solutions. 

Read my story…

CCBA Certification helped me get a new job and become a better analyst"

I landed a job as a Business Analyst Coordinator within months of getting CCBA certified

With the role of a BA constantly evolving and changing, I realized how important it was to stay relevant and ahead of the game. I wanted to master the art of business analysis to take on more challenging projects and project value to my employers.

With this goal in mind, I decided to get CCBA certified and enrolled with Adaptive US and let me tell you, it was the best choice I made regarding my career advancement. I passed the exam at the first attempt and with my newfound learnings and practical insights, I pursued my dream of landing a BA job in the finance or health sector and soon landed a job as a BA Coordinator in one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies within months of passing the CCBA

CCBA certification taught me the best practices and became a proficient BA who could handle the BA role adeptly. 

Read my story…

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