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750+ CBAP Certifications.

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Earn 100%* More with CBAP Certification 


CBAP certification is your key to faster career growth. According to the IIBA Salary Survey, CBAP holders earn up to 59% more.

Adaptive's CBAP Guided Training comes with 12 Live Q&A hours plus 1 free retake. We support you every step of the way until you achieve your CBAP. Our CBAP Guided Training is designed and conducted by BABOK authors and question setters. It provides a clear knowledge of the BABOK. We offer 2300+ model questions to ensure your success in CBAP.
 Post training, you'll experience a change in your skill set and mindset. You'll become the go-to expert in your field.

Everything you need to know about our CBAP Guided Training Course

You are one step away from joining the ranks of elite BA professionals. With Adaptive’s CBAP Guided Training course, you will get assistance with a laser focus on exam preparation and a curriculum designed according to BABOK V3.

As a Premier Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) of IIBA, Adaptive makes it a priority to provide best in training experience. Our Certified Business Analysis Professional training is developed by BABOK V3 and IIBA exam committee members. This course provides 35 IIBA PD Hours needed to take CBAP certification examination.

When it comes to acquiring CBAP certification, thorough preparation is just as essential as your BA background. Our CBAP Guided Training program includes all the Training resources including a comprehensive study plan, question bank, exam simulators, and practical exam tips from our instructors as well as 750+ past students on how to ace the CBAP exam in the very first attempt.

Our Training resources are fully aligned to the CBAP v3 exam pattern and equips CBAP aspirants to prepare effectively, identify areas of weakness, and face the CBAP examination confidently.

Take CBAP classes to be able to

  • Understand the step-by-step process to effectively prepare for the CBAP exam
  • Expand your competence in the 6 Knowledge Areas
  • Navigate through 30 BABOK tasks and 50 essential techniques
  • Learn the best strategies and approaches to dissect scenario-based and case-based questions
  • Handle challenging and tricky questions
  • Adopt time management strategies to make it through within the allocated time
  • Complete the exam application process - filing work history KA wise
  • CBAP Prep tips to ace the exam in the first attempt

Learn How to Earn 40% More With CBAP

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CBAP Eligibility

Our course is created for professionals who aspire to advance their careers in business analysis. You’ll find it useful if you have 5+ years of experience or hold the CCBA certification. The course will also be a trove of knowledge expansion opportunities for Product Managers, Non-BA consultants, Trainers, Product Implementation Consultants, very senior professionals such as IT Project Managers, IT QA / Testers, Change / Transformation Managers with significant BA experience. Training Program Eligibility

Be sure to book your spot in this program if:
  • You’ve already notched at least 7,500 hours on a BA-related position in last 10 years (~4.5 years of BA Experience)
  • You are comfortable with learning materials in English
  • You’re well-versed in business and IT concepts
  • You have a computer or laptop with a functional microphone, a speaker and high speed internet (>2Mbps)
  • You can take online classes in a noise-free environment for uninterrupted learning

NOTE: Residents of Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Crimea Region of Ukraine are not eligible to take IIBA exams

Learn How to Earn 40% More With CBAP

CBAP Guided Learning
  • 35 IIBA PD Hours
  • 1 Retake Fee of USD 295 
  • 12 One-hour Live Q&A sessions
  • 6 Months CBAP Exam Prep Support
  • Downloadable CBAP Study Guide
  • 2300+ Model Questions
  • 6 Exam simulations
  • 10+ Hours of BABOK Videos
  • Flashcards and Audio Books
  • Exam prep plan and tips
  • 180 days resources (LMS) access period

USD 899 USD 699 ($200 OFF)
CBAP Guided Learning With CBAP Exam Voucher
  • All the Benefits of CBAP Guided Learning
  • 1 Year IIBA Membership
  • CBAP Application Fee of USD 145
  • CBAP Exam Fee of USD 350
    *IIBA Exam Voucher Activation can take up to 7 business days






USD 1333 USD 1249 ($284 OFF)

The prices mentioned in the website are valid for online purchases. Prices vary for invoiced courses.

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Learn How to Earn 40% More With CBAP

35 IIBA PD Hours
12 Live Office Hours
2300+ CBAP Practice Questions
IIBA Approved Courseware
BABoK V3 based Study Guide
Exam Tips and Prep Plan
Access to faculty presentation
10+ hours of CBAP Video Learning
Learn on the go with Audiobooks!
File IIBA application confidently
Make learning fun with Flashcards
180 Days AdaptiveLMS Access
1 Free Retake
1 Free Retake

Learn How to Earn 40% More With CBAP

Adaptive US CBAP Training Resources

Instructions eBook - How to Use Thinkific Learning Portal
Introduction Video on Introduction
  Video on BA V3 Themes
  Video on BA knowledge areas
  Video on BA V3 Glossary
  eBook - eBook - Study Guide - Preface and Introduction
  Presentation - Introduction to BABOK
BA Key Concepts Video on Key terms
  Video on Requirements classifications
  Video on BABOK roles
  eBook - Study Guide - Business analysis Key Concepts
  Concept Questions - BA Concepts
  Concept Questions - BABOK Terms
  Knowledge Based Questions - Intro to BA
  Knowledge Based Questions - BABOK Terms
BA Planning and Monitoring Video on Intro to BA planning and monitoring
  Video on Task  - Plan BA approach
  Video on Task  - Plan stakeholder engagement
  Video on Task  - Plan BA governance
  Video on Task  - Plan BA information management
  Video on Task  - Identify BA performance improvements
  eBook - Study Guide - Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
  Concept Questions - BA Planning
  Knowledge Based Questions - BA Planning
  BA Planning Scenario Based Questions - Set 1
  BA Planning Scenario Based Questions - Set 2
  BA Planning Case Based Questions - Set 1
  BA Planning Case Based Questions - Set 2
  Flashcards - BA Planning
  Audiobook - BA Planning
  Presentation - BA Planning
Elicitation and Collaboration Video on Intro to Elicitation and Collaboration
  Video on Task  - Prepare for elicitation
  Video on Task  - Conduct elicitation
  Video on Task  - Confirm elicitation result
  Video on Task  - Communicate BA information
  Video on Task  - Manage stakeholder collaboration
  eBook - Study Guide - Elicitation and Collaboration
  Concept Questions - Elicitation - Part 1
  Concept Questions - Elicitation - Part 2
  Knowledge Based Questions - Elicitation
  Elicitation Scenario Based Questions Set 1
  Elicitation Scenario Based Questions Set 2
  Elicitation Case Based Questions Set 1
  Elicitation Case Based Questions Set 2
  Flashcards - Elicitation
  Audiobook - Elicitation
  Presentation - Elicitation and Collaboration
Requirements LCM Video on Intro to Requirements Lifecycle Management
  Video on Task  - Trace Requirements
  Video on Task  - Maintain Requirements
  Video on Task  - Prioritize Requirements
  Video on Task  - Assess Requirements Changes
  Video on Task  - Approve Requirements
  eBook - Study Guide - Chapter 5 - Requirements Life Cycle Management
  Concept Questions - Requirements LCM
  Knowledge Based Questions - Requirements LCM
  Requirements LCM Scenario Based Questions Set 1
  Requirements LCM Scenario Based Questions Set 2
  Requirements LCM Case Based Questions Set 1
  Requirements LCM Case Based Questions Set 2
  Flashcards - Requirements LCM
  Audiobook - Requirements LCM
  Presentation - Requirements LCM
Requirements Analysis and Design Def. Video on Intro to Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
  Video on Task  - Specify and Model Requirements
  Video on Task  - Verify Requirements
  Video on Task  - Validate requirements
  Video on Task  - Define Requirements architecture
  Video on Task  - Define Design Options
  Video on Task  - Analyze Potential Value and Recommend Solution
  eBook - Study Guide - Chapter 6 - Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
  Concept Questions - Requirements Analysis and Design Definition - Part 1
  Concept Questions - Requirements Analysis and Design Definition - Part 2
  Knowledge Based Questions - Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
  Requirements Analysis and Design Definition Scenario Based Questions Set 1
  Requirements Analysis and Design Definition Scenario Based Questions Set 2
  Requirements Analysis and Design Definition Case Based Questions Set 1
  Requirements Analysis and Design Definition Case Based Questions Set 2
  Flashcards - Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
  Audiobook - Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
  Presentation - Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
Strategy Analysis Intro to Strategy analysis
  Video on Task  - Analyze current state
  Video on Task  - Define future state
  Video on Task  - Assess risks
  Video on Task  - Define change strategy
  eBook - Study Guide - Chapter 6 - Strategy Analysis
  Concept Questions - Strategy Analysis
  CBAP - Warm-up Level 1 - Strategy analysis
  CBAP - Warm-up Level 2 - Strategy analysis
  CBAP - Scenarios - Strategy analysis - Set 1
  CBAP - Scenarios - Strategy analysis - Set 2
  CBAP Cases - Strategy Analysis - Set 1
  CBAP Cases - Strategy Analysis - Set 2
  Flashcards - Strategy Analysis
  Audiobook - Strategy Analysis
  Presentation - Strategy Analysis
Solution Evaluation Intro to Solution Evaluation
  Video on Task  - Measure solution performance
  Video on Task  - Analyze performance measures
  Video on Task  - Assess solution limitations
  Video on Task  - Assess enterprise limitations
  Video on Task  - Recommend actions to increase solution value
  eBook - Study Guide - Chapter 8 - Solution Evaluation
  Concept Questions - Solution Evaluation
  CBAP - Warm-up Level 1 - Solution evaluation
  CBAP - Warm-up Level 2 - Solution evaluation
  CBAP - Scenarios - Solution evaluation - Set 1
  CBAP - Scenarios - Solution evaluation - Set 2
  CBAP Cases - Solu. Eval. Set - 01
  CBAP Cases - Solu. Eval. Set - 02
  Flashcards - Solution Evaluation
  Audiobook - Solution Evaluation
  Presentation - Solution Evaluation
Underlying Competencies Video on Intro to Underlying Competencies
  Video on Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving
  Video on Behavioral Characteristics
  Video on Business Knowledge
  Video on Communication Skills
  Video on Interaction Skills
  Video on Tools and Technology
  eBook - Study Guide - Chapter 9 - Underlying Competencies
  Concept Questions - Underlying Competencies - Part 1
  Concept Questions - Underlying Competencies - Part 2
  Knowledge Based Questions - Underlying Competencies
Techniques Video on Acceptance and evaluation criteria
  Video on Backlog Management
  Video on Balanced scorecards
  Video on Benchmarking and market analysis
  Video on Brainstorming
  Video on Business Cases
  Video on Business capability analysis
  Video on Business Model Canvas
  Video on Business rules analysis
  Video on Collaborative games
  Video on Concept modelling
  Video on Data dictionary
  Video on Data flow diagrams
  Video on Data mining
  Video on Data modelling
  Video on Decision analysis
  Video on Decision modelling
  Video on Document analysis
  Video on Estimation
  Video on Financial analysis
  Video on Focus groups
  Video on Functional decomposition
  Video on Glossary
  Video on Interface analysis
  Video on Interviews
  Video on Item tracking
  Video on Lessons learned
  Video on Metrics and key performance indicators
  Video on Mind mapping
  Video on Non-functional requirements analysis
  Video on Observation
  Video on Organizational modelling
  Video on Prioritization
  Video on Process analysis
  Video on Process modelling
  Video on Prototyping
  Video on Reviews
  Video on Risk analysis and management
  Video on Roles and permissions matrix
  Video on Root cause analysis
  Video on Scope models
  Video on Sequence diagrams
  Video on Stakeholder list map or personas
  Video on State modelling
  Video on Survey or questionnaire
  Video on SWOT analysis
  Video on Use cases and scenarios
  Video on User stories
  Video on Vendor assessment
  Video on Workshops
  eBook - Study Guide - Chapter 10 - Techniques
  Concept Questions - Techniques - Part 1
  Concept Questions - Techniques - Part 2
  Knowledge Based Questions - Techniques
  Presentation - BA Techniques
Past Session Recordings Links for Past Session Recordings - CBAP
Workshop Materials CBAP Session Plan
  Requirements Traceability Relationships
  BA Techniques - When to Use Which One
Reference Materials BABOK V3 KAs and Tasks Overview Mindmap
  6 KAs and 30 Tasks of BABOK V3 Mindmap
  BABOK V3 Techniques Mind-map
  BABOK Word Cloud Mindmap
  Business Analysis Workbook
  BABOK V3 Tasks Summary
  BABOK V3 Glossary-KA wise
Exam Prep Help CBAP Exam Preparation Plan with FAQs
  CBAP V3 Application Simulator
  The Ultimate IIBA Exams Info Guide
  The Ultimate IIBA Exam Tips Guide
  CBAP v3 Audiobook
  BABOK Analysis Document
Simulation Tests CBAP Simulation Test 1
  CBAP Simulation Test 2
  CBAP Simulation Test 3
  CBAP Simulation Test 4
  CBAP Simulation Test 5
  CBAP Simulation Test 6

Learn How to Earn 40% More With CBAP

Adaptive US CBAP Training Reviews

Adaptive is a one stop solution for CBAP Prep that takes away all the confusion of applying & preparing for CBAP. Their resources are on point with extremely knowledgeable and experienced faculty. Thank you for the stellar experience & exam success
I passed CBAP on the first attempt :-)Your guarantees are not just words! I want to acknowledge that your training material is very reassuring and prepares one for the exam. It gives the courage to be able to take up a BA role with more confidence.
Ghalib Riaz, CBAP
Studying at Adaptive US was the BEST choice I made. I passed the CBAP exam in just 1 month. Their customer service is top notch! A huge THANK YOU to the faculty Lora McCoy, LN Mishra, Peter Johnson at Adaptive US that taught and helped me immensely!
Chioma Ogamba CBAP

Adaptive US CBAP Certificate of Achievement & Badge 

  • Showcase your achievement and let the world know that you are a trained BA with Adaptive’s digital certificate of completion!
  • Post your certificate instantly to your LinkedIn professional network, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and More!
  • Available in an online format so that you can retrieve it anywhere, at any time
  • Download and print the certificate at your convenience

Learn How to Earn 40% More With CBAP

LN Mishra



World’s #1 IIBA Exam Prep Trainer with 1750+ Successful IIBA Certifications

World’s 1st BA to successfully complete all 7 IIBA Certifications

LN has served as a member of the IIBA BA Core Standards Team and Certification Exam Committees. LN has received numerous accolades for making BABOK comprehensible with real life examples. His versatility in applying BA concepts in 100+ projects across multiple countries makes the courses very practical and enjoyable. His courses on IIBA certifications are used by large number of colleges and universities. LN is a regular speaker at IIBA webinars and conferences.

Learn How to Earn 40% More With CBAP

What is CBAP Guided Training?
A CBAP Guided Training provides opportunities to clarify student's questions during Live Q&A hours along with all digital resources.
What is the difference between Guided training and On-demand training?
Guided training offers all the takeaways that come with On-demand training, and you also get additional support like 1 Free retake and fortnightly Tutorials.
What is the difference between Guided training and Master class?
Master Class offers all the takeaways of Guided training plus 32 hours of live online BABoK coaching / interactive training by our experts. Guided training and Master Classes both come with all the exam prep resources. Master Class Covers 2 retake fees of USD 295 each, while Guide Learning
covers 1 retake fee.
What resources are provided for CBAP-guided training?
There will be 2300+ practice questions, including 6 full-length simulators for practice; 35 IIBA PD hours, including exam prep tutorials, 6 CBAP Simulations, Study Guide, Flashcards, Audiobooks, 100+ e-learning videos, Tutorials, BABoK and Techniques Mind Maps, BABoK Study Tables, BABoK
based Glossary - KA wise and 6 Months Learning Portal Access.
Is the course approved by IIBA?
Adaptive US is an IIBA-approved EEP (Endorsed Education Provider), and we provide you with complete, comprehensive, and success-guaranteed training that will help you get certified on the very first attempt. Let me share with you the certificate that is published on our website.
How do I claim retake fees?
Adaptive pays a retake fee of USD 295 for 1 CBAP retake examination to IIBA, in the off chance that a student fails to clear the exam in the first attempt after following our suggested approach mentioned in our Success Guarantee terms. More details can be found here -
Do I get 35 PD hours from the course to use for the CBAP exam?
Yes, we provide a certificate after completion of the training that confers 35 PD hours.
When do I get the PD hours certificate? 
You need to study with the study guide, learning videos, chapter based questions thoroughly before moving to simulations. You need to pass in all the simulations with a minimum 85% score to pass the simulations. Then you can send us an email so that we can issue the certificate.
Will you assist in CBAP Application filing?
Updated response: We have a template where you need to enter basic details like the start and end dates of your employment in an organization, the percentage of BA work, contact details, references, etc. The number of hours you have spent in each KA will be auto-populated.
Are the Q&A Classes recorded to watch in case I miss to attend?
Yes. All our Q&A Classes are recorded, you can watch the video again at your convenient time.
When do I get access to the learning resources?
Access is provided to the learning resources immediately after you enroll.
When can I start the application filing?
After you complete studying all chapters and successfully complete the 6 simulations.
How long do I need to study for the exam?
3 to 4 months is a reasonable duration to complete CBAP certification preparation. We typically recommend 150-200 hours of preparation after attending the CBAP training session.
How many months of learning portal access do I get?
6 months
How many years are the PD hours/PD certificate valid?
PD Certificate is valid for 4 years from the date of issue.
What is the eligibility to join this course?
CBAP requires a minimum of 5+ years i.e. 7500 hours of IT BA experience in the last 10 years.
Will the questions in the CBAP exam be from practice questions and simulations?
Chapter-based questions and Simulations are for practice. These are model questions to help you prepare for the exam, and the questions will be similar but not the same. This is how all our 750+ students prepare and have passed the exam.
Is there a group discount option available?
Yes, refer offers page:
We want to join as a team from our organization; what's the process for this?
For corporate group training, please send your request to
Can you accept payment from my company for my enrolment?
Yes, and we do provide invoices.
Will you be able to accept payment by card?
Yes. Adaptive US accepts PayPal and Credit cards as methods of payment. Accepted credit cards are American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Diners Club.
Will you be able to send me an invoice for my company to pay?
Is there any instalment plan/ financing option for payment?
We provide financing options for our customers in the United States through Thinkific payment.
Do you provide financing options?
We provide financing options for our customers in the United States through Thinkific payment for Master Class Training Plans.

Learn How to Earn 40% More With CBAP