Six Simple Steps to pass CCBA Certification

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9/1/17 12:00 AM

CCBA Certification Tips

Being a certified business analyst has many benefits.

  1. Evidence of one’s competency on business analysis
  2. Market recognition
  3. Better salary
  4. Standing out in the crowd with a certification

Sometimes I read the harrowing experience of many professionals who really struggle to get the coveted certification.

Recently I came across an article where this particular the gentleman read BABoK 25 times.

For me, reading BABoK one time is a 10 hours effort, 25 times would mean 250 hours of effort.

Now how does one get ready for CCBA certification without burning oneself out?

Here are some simple CCBA Certification tips that you can follow and pass CCBA in 6 weeks

This post describes six simple steps to clear CCBA certification in 10 weeks.

Two essential components that will allow you to master CCBA are:

  1. Clarity on the concepts of BABoK
  2. Guidance of an able coach/mentor
  3. Attempting sufficient preparatory questions.

We have more than 95% first-time success rate from our CCBA workshops.

Here is a simple proposition for all who want to pass CCBA.

We give in fact guarantee on your examination success - you can read more about that

We have also prepared an excel based plan that helps you to track your progress.

Get a free excel based CCBA preparation plan, 130 free CCBA questions and many other CCBA exam resources free of cost by registering for a free trial on Suxeed

The systematic approach to succeed in CCBA is by following the CCBA Certification tips as given below:


Step 1.Attend a CCBA Preparation training - 24 hours of prep session over 4 weeks

First of all its important to chose the right class or training for yourself. Don't look at the cost and PDU as the only factor to select the training.

Look at the following:

  • Institute credential
  • Are they EEP or not
  • Trainer credentials, is the trainer certified
  • Is it a CCBA certification prep training or a business analysis skill generic training
  • Course deliverable - Is CCBA study guide, CCBA question bank, CCBA exam simulators part of the program offers
  • Do they offer help in application filing

Week 1

Go through e-learning provided by Adaptive. Adaptive’s CCBA e-learning takes about 8 hours of time to complete.

This has pre-recorded video lectures.

During the CCBA classes, pay keen attention to concepts discussed, tips provided and chapter end quizzes.

Make sure you fill-in all missing elements in the CCBA Study Guide. This helps in remembering key concepts that BABoK tries to explain.

Step 2.Go through BABoK and update Study Guide - 14 hours

Week 5

Do a thorough reading of BABoK once and note aspects which are difficult for you.

You can reach out to your trainer for clarifying any aspect which is not understandable to you.

Pay attention to knowledge areas as 80+% questions come from knowledge areas.

Add information to the CCBA Study Guide as per your understanding of BABoK.

Step 3.Fill-up application and submit in IIBA - 4 hours

Week 6

Take the help of the Adaptive CCBA Application Simulator available on our learning portal SuXeed.

We have spent more than 100 hours of effort in making sure your application process is a smooth affair.

Once you submit the application it is approved/rejected within a few hours usually.

Once the approval is received you will be asked to pay 125 USD and you will get a booking id.

This booking id is essential to book the exam time with Prometric.

Step 4. Book time with Prometric - 2 hours

Week 7

Book the exam date in Prometric site Using the booking id obtained from IIBA site.

It’s quite straightforward there, you need to select the exam name, location, and date and go ahead with the booking.

There is no need of payment again here since you would have already paid on IIBA site while completing the application.

Step 5. Go through CCBA Model Questions - 50 hours

Week 8 and 9

Adaptive provides 1000+ drill questions and 6 full-length CCBA simulation practice tests. Go through all of them.

We also provide a reference for the rationale behind the correct options.

Review the rationale provided in the sample quizzes.

At any point in time, if you have a doubt, do write to your trainer.

Add information to Study Guide as per your understanding of question banks.

Step 6. Revise Study Guide - 12 hours

Week 9

Go through the updated Study Guide as the final preparation.

Step 6. Take exam - 6 hours



Week 10

You are ready to take the exam.

Choose a day when you are relaxed, a Monday is better or a day after a few days of leave is always preferred.

Friday is not recommended after a working week.

Please remember to carry something to eat and drink since it’s a long exam.

Remember to carry at least 2 government issued identity proofs with you.

See the exam center in map ahead of time.

Plan to reach the exam center at least 45 mins before the exam start time.

Go for the test. Do not overburden yourself.

Success will be in your hand.

Get certified and do not forget to celebrate your success.

Happy reading and have a wonderful day and please do provide your suggestions.

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