IIBA - CBAP vs IIBA - CBDA - Which Certification Should One Pursue?

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8/3/20 12:00 AM

Which Certification Should One Pursue

This is a question that arises in many professional minds. Both CBAP and CBDA come from the same organization, IIBA. So which one should you pursue? 

Let's make a thorough comparison below.



Core business analysis activities

Data analysis activities

Part of Core BA certification



Study Guide

Business Analysis Body of Knowledge

Data Analysis Guidelines

Market recognition

Very High


Exam Fees (For Members)



Re-certification cost and duration

$85 (Members)

$120 (Non-Members)

3 years (from Certification date)

$30 (Members)

$50 (Non-Members)

1 year (from Certification date)

Previous BA experience

7500 hours in the last 10 years

No such requirement

Exam complexity



References required



Preparation Hours

120 to 150

100 to 120


CBAP Recommended -

  • Senior BAs who qualify for the test

  • To become an enterprise / strategic level BA

  • If your organization has CBAP training as part of the competency framework

  • Part of BA Center of Excellence/BA Competency team

CBDA Recommended –

  • Existing CBAPs

  • Business analysts with a data analysis background/experience

  • If your organization has CBDA certifications as part of the competency framework

We strongly recommend one complete part of the core certification, CBAP, CCBA, and ECBA, before going for non-core certifications such as CBDA, AAC, and CCA.


Be a certified BA

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