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IIBA introduced the much-awaited entry-level certification for business analysts, the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) in October 2016. The Entry Certificate in Business Analysis, ECBA, is the first level of certification by IIBA. ECBA certification is ideal for individuals entering the field of business analysis. ECBA™ recognizes individuals ready to develop their business analysis skills, knowledge, and behaviors, to join the business analysis profession.

In a short time span of just over 6 years, more than 8500+ professionals have completed ECBA certification. There are many success stories – Professionals have found BA jobs, and many have been able to move to BA roles.

For candidates just starting up on the professional ladder, ECBA Training can prove to be the perfect stepping stone to enter Business Analysis Domain. It is primarily targeted at freshers, professionals looking at switching over to a BA career, and any graduate professional looking to build a career in the BA domain.

ECBA is framed rightly to suit the needs of an entry-level Business analyst focusing on requirements analysis, modeling, and requirements life cycle management with a good amount of emphasis on modeling concepts and tools. The questions in this certification exam are based on the business analysis body of knowledge BABoK version 3.0 by the International Institute of Business Analysis, IIBA.

ECBA as a Certification comes with many innovative features. Key differentiators for ECBA compared to CCBA / CBAP:

  1. It doesn't require any BA experience to appear for the exam. So any professional who is keen to learn about business analysis and get certified as a business analyst, ECBA is the perfect certification to look for.
  2. ECBA cost is also much lower in terms of certification a fee which is less than half of CCBA certification and CBAP Training.
  3. One can take the ECBA Certification examination from one’s own home, so you don't have to go to any place to appear for the exam.
  4. ECBA certification does not have any requirements for re-certification unlike CCBA and CBAP

All this has led to significant interest in ECBA over the last few years. Now how does one get ready for ECBA certification?


2 essential components that you must have to master ECBA are:

  1. Clarity on the concepts of BABoK
  2. Attempt sufficient ECBA model questions.

Although IIBA allows one to take the exam without any classroom training, it will be really hard to understand the new BABoK without the help of an expert instructor. BABoK V3 is 500+ pages long and quite complex to follow. Professionals with 10+ years of business analysis experience and seasoned BAs also find it intimidating.

An expert instructor can help you to understand BABoK v3 very quickly. We strongly recommend you go for an instructor-led ECBA Course.

Benefits of ECBA

Pursuing ECBA certification has many significant benefits, the top ones being:

  1. Be recognized for your knowledge, competency, and understanding of the business analysis principles and industry best practices.
  2. Personal satisfaction of accomplishing the first step in their BA careers.
  3. People with domain experience can move into IT sector by becoming a business analyst.
  4. Better job prospects.
  5. Better salary.
  6. More market opportunities.
  7. Improvement of overall performance.


ECBA Exam Pattern

ECBA covers the foundation of how to approach business analysis according to the BABOK® Guide. It is aimed at individuals entering the BA profession. ECBA not only gives a rock-solid foundation for getting into the BA profession also helps with global certification.

ECBA exam focuses on-

The exam blueprint of ECBA is aligned with v3.0 of the BABOK® Guide.

Business Analysis Knowledge Areas and Questions Distribution

ECBA Exam Blueprint based on BABoK Guide


Requirements Analysis and Design


Requirements LCM


Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring


Elicitation and Collaboration



Business analysis & the BA Professional


Underlying Competencies


Business Analysis Key Concepts




IIBA ECBA Exam Pattern:

  • 1-hour remote online proctored exam.
  • There are 50 MCQs.
  • In order to clear the ECBA certification exam, IIBA checks for success in each knowledge area and overall.
  • It is competency-based and aligned with v3.0 of the BABOK® Guide.
  • There is no negative marking.

One needs to pass individually in all the knowledge areas as given above and also to score the overall minimum to pass. From our experience with past ECBA participants and their experience, we know that it is safe to assume that the ECBA exam passing score is more than 70%. Hence it's suggested to target 80 – 90% in the ECBA mock tests to be successful in the ECBA final exam. Again, there is no official data by IIBA to support this.

This is based on our best estimate of the information on the ECBA exam.

This is how one can be an ECBA in a time-bound manner of 6 weeks.

5 Steps to become a successful ECBA in less than 2 months

  1. Ensure the eligibility for the ECBA certification exam
  2. Take IIBA approved ECBA Training 
  3. Study BABoK and Practice ECBA questions
  4. Get your application approved
  5. Take the ECBA test and be a proud ECBA

Step 1 # Ensure the eligibility for the ECBA certification exam

The eligibility criteria for the ECBA Certification examination are as follows:

  • Adaptive US is an authorized EEP of IIBA®. Its training will provide you with the desired professional development (PD) hours that will help you prepare for the ECBA certification examination.
  • Agreement with the ECBA™ Code of Conduct.

Common Myths of ECBA Certification

Some of the common myths associated with the ECBA eligibility criteria are:

  • I can’t appear for ECBA as I am not in a job right now

There is no such requirement for one to be in a job to be eligible to apply for ECBA.

  • I can’t appear for ECBA as I had a career break

As long as one meets the criteria prescribed by IIBA, that’s more than enough to go for the examination. So do not worry even if you had a career break in your work history.

  • My official designation is not a business analyst and that makes me ineligible to prepare for ECBA

There is no requirement for one to be a BA to appear for ECBA.

  • I can’t appear for ECBA since I am not a graduate

The education requirement for ECBA doesn’t have any such condition.

  • One needs an experience letter from the employer to take the ECBA

Again, there is no such need from IIBA, IIBA has no expectation that one has to produce an experience letter from the employer.

  • I don’t have experience as a business analyst hence I may not qualify to sit for the ECBA examination

You do not need experience as a business analyst to be eligible to sit for ECBA, as it is an entry-level BA certification and is meant for new business analysts.

Step 2 # Take IIBA-approved training on ECBA

Although IIBA allows one to take the exam without any classroom training, it will be really hard to understand BABoK without the help of an expert instructor. BABoK V3 is 500+ pages long and quite complex to follow. Professionals with 10+ years of business analysis experience and seasoned BAs also find it intimidating.

And since freshers have absolutely no idea about BA, it is strongly recommended to undergo proper training from a seasoned BA coach. This will help increase the chances of passing in the very first attempt and in the shortest possible time. Training from an IIBA EEP (Endorsed Education Provider) will give the much needed guidance in form filling for the exam.

Adaptive US is an IIBA EEP and is the only training organization that provides ECBA certification training with Success Guarantee. If you do not succeed in your first attempt, we will pay your re-take fees.

The course content is based on the ECBA certification exam pattern and designed by mentors and coaches who have expertise in the BA field. The experts create the content as required by IIBA and periodically review it and make changes as needed.

Adaptive’s ECBA Certification exam success rate is more than 97%. This is indeed the best success rate for any training institute. Take a look at our past successful participants on our website. Also, take a look at our past feedback.

Adaptive’s ECBA certification training deliverables include:

  • ECBA Training with Success Guarantee
  • 28 hours of Live Instructor-Led ECBA Training
  • Exhaustive 1000+ ECBA Practice Questions
  • IIBA approved courseware
  • BABoK V3-based ECBA Study Guide
  • Access to Adaptive’s learning portal
  • The option of revisiting what you learned during the training
  • Attend live sessions once again- 2 repeat ECBA training modules
  • Access to Adaptive Library
  • ECBA Audiobooks
  • Access to faculty presentation
  • ECBA Flashcards
  • Over 10+ hours of ECBA Video Learning
  • Comprehensive support till you Succeed

Adaptive’s trainers have been part of the IIBA BABoK development team and exam teams. Adaptive’s BA learning platform comes with 1000+ certification model questions, 100+ videos on BABoK, the world’s most compact BABoK study guide, audiobooks, flashcards, Exam prep tips, personalized exam preparation plans, and Exam Alerts. 

Read more : Why Adaptive

Step 3 # Study BABoK and Practice ECBA Model Questions

Good preparation leads to good results. And for good preparation, you need to follow the right path toward your certification goals.

If you are committed to the ECBA certification goal, you have to set a preparation target of around 6 weeks. Set up a plan and work towards your target. 

The week-wise ECBA certification preparation strategies given below will help you pass the certification exam in the first attempt. 

Week 1:

  • Self-study of e-learning for BA techniques
  • Self-study of e-learning for KA 1 and 2
  • Attend Adaptive’s ECBA certification classes for the 1st week
  • Complete concept quizzes and Drill questions for KA 1 and 2

Week 2:

  • Complete concept quizzes and Drill question for BA planning
  • Self-study of e-learning for KA 3 to 6
  • Attend Adaptive’s ECBA certification classes for the 2nd week
  • Complete concept quizzes and Drill question for KA 3 to 6

Week 3:

  • Read Adaptive US ECBA Study Guide

Week 4:

  • Complete Simulation tests and review answers

Week 5:

  • Revise handbook and key concepts
  • Take simulations tests again
  • Take chapter wise questions for concepts where you need improvement

Week 6:

  • Give the ECBA certification exam.

ECBA Exam Tips

  • Focus on the purpose of tasks and techniques
  • Questions with diagrams and calculations are unlikely
  • Questions are expected to be single-sentence questions
  • Questions on definitions of role
  • Questions on advanced modeling concepts unlikely
  • Understand requirements characteristics
  • Questions from advanced techniques unlikely
  • Understanding types of tracing requirements

Step 4 # Get Your ECBA Application Approved

ECBA certification cost has the following components:

  1. ECBA Exam Fee – $150 for IIBA members and $305 for non-IIBA members
  2. IIBA membership fee varies based on the country of residence
  Member Non-Member
Membership fee As per the country of residence

(Between $55 to $139)

Exam Fee $150 USD $305 USD

($155 more than members)

Retake Fee $95 USD $250 USD

($155 more than members)


The IIBA membership and hence the overall ECBA certification cost varies as per the country of residence, which is divided into three regions.

Region I Countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Czech Republic, Germany, & more...

Region II Countries: Brazil, Greece, Argentina, China, & more…

Region III Countries: India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Sri Lanka & more...

  Member Annual Fee
Region I $139
Region II $89
Region III $55


Step 5 # Take the test and be a proud ECBA

Once you are ready to take the exam, choose a day when you are relaxed.

Set up the exam date preferably after a weekend or if not then on Sunday. Don’t go for the exam immediately after a work week, that doesn’t let your brain relax. One needs to stay cool and have a good rest before the exam since the exam is quite exhaustive.

You can take the ECBA certification exam from home with PSI Online Exams. It is conducted LIVE and in a monitored environment. You just need to have a webcam, microphone and stable internet connectivity in your PC/Laptop.

The link to register for your exam is:


The ‘Must Do’s’ for the ECBA Certification Exam

  • You should have a noise and distraction-free environment.
  • The desk/table which you will use during the exam should be clutter-free and without any papers, books, devices, etc.
  • Make sure that nobody comes into the room during the exam.
  • Make sure you have uninterrupted power and the internet.

The Don'ts of the ECBA Certification Exam

  • Do not attempt until you have a strong foundational knowledge of business analysis as per the BABOK® Guide.
  • Do not expect the exam to be easy
  • Do not expect to have the luxury of time
  • Food, beverages (i.e. water, including chewing gums), attending phone calls or scheduled breaks during the exam are not permitted.
  • Do not read questions with lips, or whisper loudly

IIBA guidelines to prepare you for your exam day- https://www.iiba.org/certification/exam-preparation/

At the end of all this, the most important point is to stay focused all throughout the journey. No amount of study will be enough if you don’t set a deadline and work backward. Keep a target for yourself and work towards it, and make some progress every day. Keep some time marked for prep every day and make use of the weekends more effectively. Hopefully, the details and tips given in this article help you in ECBA Certification exam preparation, and you can achieve your goal of getting ECBA certified in the first attempt.

The reassuring feedback from one of our ECBA certified professional reconfirms this-

“Adaptive US ECBA program made studying easy for me. After the instructor-led courses, and the learning tools the practice tests took away my anxiety of test day and I was fully prepared. I was able not only to pass the exam on the first try, but I didn’t second guess any of my answers.” - Carin Chapman

Several other such feedback on the link here: ECBA Reviews

Have confidence in yourself and stay focused. Adaptive US has 600+ professionals who are now ECBA certified, and you should be the next.

All the best ahead for your preparation for ECBA.  We hope that you achieve your goal and pass the ECBA certification exam with flying colors.



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