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CBDA Guided Training


IIBA CBDA recognizes your ability to effectively analyze work in business analytics initiative. Learn the In-demand Data Analysis Skills and stay on top of industry Trends with CBDA.

CBDA Guided Training Program Description

Adaptive’s CBDA Guided Training course provides highly focused exam preparation support for professionals through sessions fully aligned to the IIBA-CBDA exam along with Exam Preparation Tutorials.

This is a highly interactive virtual training conducted by CBDA qualified expert instructors.

The learning resources, study plan, exam tips, question bank and exam simulators are fully aligned to the CBDA exam pattern and equips CBDA aspirants to prepare effectively, identify areas of weakness and face the CBDA certification examination confidently.

What You Will Learn

  • CBDA Certification Exam Preparation Process
  • In-depth understanding of established business analysis practices in data analytics initiatives that are described in the Guide to Business Data Analytics
  • Master how to answer CBDA scenario-based questions
  • Gain competence in Business Data Analytics Domains and techniques
  • Practice CBDA scenario-based questions
  • CBDA exam application process
  • Prep tips to ace the exam in the first attempt
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CBDA Training Target Audience

The CBDA training is suitable for Business Analysts working on data analytics initiatives, Data Analysts, professionals who are keen to visualize and interpret data and use analytics results to identify viable options, current CCBA/CBAP certified professionals.

CBDA Training Program Eligibility

  • Good command over English language and good knowledge of business and IT
  • Computer with mic and speaker
  • High speed internet (> 2 Mbps) and noise-free stationary environment
  • Residents of Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Crimea Region of Ukraine are not eligible to take IIBA exams
CBDA Guided Training
  • 21 IIBA PD Hours
  • 1 Retake Fee of USD 195 
  • 12 One-hour Live Q&A sessions
  • 6 Months CBDA Exam Prep Support
  • CBDA Study Guide
  • 400+ Model Questions
  • 4 Exam simulations
  • 6+ Hours of CBDA Videos
  • Flashcards and Audio Books
  • Exam prep plan and tips
  • 180 days resources (LMS) access period

USD 549 USD 349 ($200 OFF)
CBDA Guided Training + CBDA Exam Voucher
  • Everything in CBDA Guided Training
  • 1 Year IIBA Membership
  • CBDA  Exam Fee of USD 250
USD 938 USD 699 (239 OFF)

The prices mentioned in the website are valid for online purchases. Prices vary for invoiced courses.

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CBDA Resources


Chapter Resource
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Business Data Analytics

Video on Introduction to Business Data Analytics


Study Guide on Introduction to Business Data Analytics


CBDA on 1 on Intro to Business Data Analytics on Questions


Flashcards on Introduction to Business Data Analytics


Audiobook on Introduction


Presentation on Introduction

Chapter 2 - Identify Research Questions

Video - Identify Research Questions - Part 1


Video - Identify Research Questions - Part 2


Video - Identify Research Questions - Part 3


Study Guide on Identify Research Questions


Questions on Identify Research Questions


Flashcards on Identify Research Questions


Audiobook on Identify Research Questions on Part 1


Audiobook on Identify Research Questions on Part 2


Audiobook on Identify Research Questions on Part 3


Presentation on Identify Research Questions

Chapter 3 - Source data

Video on Source Data


Study Guide on Source Data


Questions on Source Data


Flashcards on Source Data


Audiobook on Source Data


Presentation on Source data

Chapter 4 - Analyze Data

Video Analyze Data - Part 1


Video Analyze Data - Part 2


Video Analyze Data - Part 3


Study Guide on Analyze Data


Questions on Analyze Data


Flashcards on Analyze Data


Audiobook on Analyze Data on Part 1


Audiobook on Analyze Data on Part 2


Audiobook on Analyze Data on Part 3


Presentation on Analyze data


Presentation on Data Analysis Algorithms

Chapter 5 - Interpret and Report Results

Video - Interpret and Report Results - Part 1


Video - Interpret and Report Results - Part 2


Video - Interpret and Report Results - Part 3


Study Guide on Interpret and Report Results


Questions on 5 on Interpret and Report Results


Flashcards on Report Results


Audiobook on Interpret and Report Results on Part 1


Audiobook on Interpret and Report Results on Part 2


Audiobook on Interpret and Report Results on Part 3


Presentation on Report results

Chapter 6 - Use Results to Influence Business Decision-Making

Video on Use Results to Influence Business Decision-Making


Study Guide on Use Results to Influence Business Decision Making


Questions on 6 on Use Analytics Results


Flashcards on Use Analytics Results


Audiobook on Use Analytics Results


Presentation on Use results

Chapter 7 - Guide company-level strategy

Video - Guide Company Level Strategy - Part 1


Video - Guide Company Level Strategy - Part 2


Study Guide on Guide Company Level Strategy


Questions on 7 on Guide company-level strategy


Flashcards on Guide Company Level Strategy


Audiobook on Guide Business on Part 1


Audiobook on Guide Business on Part 2


Presentation on Guide Company Level Strategy

Chapter 8 - Glossary

Study Guide on Glossary


Presentation on 27 Examples of Key Performance Indicators


Presentation on Data Visualization 101- blog ppts


Study Guide on CBDA Techniques

Past Session Recordings

Links for Past Session Recordings on CBDA

Reference Materials

108 BA Techniques


Big Data Characteristics


CBDA Domains and Tasks


Data Analytics Domains


Types of Analytics


CBDA Study Guide

Exam Prep Help

CBDA Exam Prep Plan


Study tips you need for IIBA Cert. Exam


The Ultimate IIBA Exams Info Guide


CBDA Simulations Test 1

  CBDA Simulations Test 2
  CBDA Simulations Test 3
  CBDA Simulations Test 4


Adaptive US CBDA Training Reviews

I just passed the CBDA exam and I can confidently say that I would not have passed without the use of the AdaptiveUS study materials! The study guide, class recording and exam questions made things super easy for me, Thanks to the entire team of Adaptive US, keep up the great work. I highly recommend them for CBDA
Oladapo Ladeji
I used Adaptive's service for CBDA Assisted Learning. The study guides were a huge help on getting me to pass the exam. I am glad they went through the essential reading topics as well. The training recordings were also helpful especially when they went over the different techniques to use on each domain. Thanks
Jon Gonjalez
Five Stars

Adaptive US was a great choice for training in my pursuit of the CBDA certification and I am totally satisfied with the training sessions and content of the self-learning course that I have purchased. I would highly recommend Adaptive US to anyone who considers pursuing any IIBA certification.

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Adaptive US CBDA Certificate of Achievement & Badge 

  • Showcase your achievement and let the world know that you are a trained BA with Adaptive’s digital certificate of completion!
  • Post your certificate instantly to your LinkedIn professional network, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and More!
  • Available in an online format so that you can retrieve it anywhere, at any time
  • Download and print the certificate at your convenience
CBDA Certificate
Tom Tomasovic ECBA, CBDA, AAC, CPOA

Agile BA Practitioner, CPRE Certified. B.S. Chemical Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 26+ years of BA experience

Victoria Cupet
Victoria Cupet CBAP

PhD in Education, Board of director of IIBA. 25+ years of experience. Speaker, author & trainer.

LN Mishra-1
LN Mishra CBAP

Mentor to 1500+ IIBA Certified Business Analysts. 25+ years of BA experience.

Lora McCoy
Lora McCoy CBAP

Former Regional Director, IIBA Central Americas. Former President – IIBA Oklahoma Chapter. 22+ years of BA experience.

CBDA Guided Training Frequently Asked Questions


What is CBDA Guided Training?

Adaptive’s CBDA Guided Training provides all CBDA digital resources, 1 Free Retake plus 12 Live Q&A hours.

What is the difference between CBDA Guided training and CBDA On-demand training?

CBDA Guided training offers all the takeaways that comes in CBDA On-demand training and you also get additional support like 1 Free retake, 12 fortnightly Tutorials, and Application filing support.

What is the difference between CBDA Guided training and CBDA Master class?

CBDA Master Class offers all the takeaways of CBDA Guided training plus 12 hours of live online interactive training by our experts. CBDA Guided training and CBDA Master Class both come with all the exam prep resources.

What resources are provided for CBDA guided training?

There will be 400+ practice questions and 4 full length simulators for practice ; IIBA PD hours, 24 hours of live training including exam prep tutorials, Study Guide, Flashcards, Audio books, e-learning videos, Tutorials, Mind Maps, with 6 Months Learning Portal Access.

Is the course approved by IIBA?

Adaptive US is an IIBA approved EEP (Endorsed Education Provider) and we provide you with a complete, comprehensive and success guaranteed training which will help you get certified in the very first attempt. Let me share with you the certificate that is published in our website. https://www.adaptiveus.com/iiba-eep-certificate

How do I claim retake fees?

Adaptive pays a retake fee of USD 195 for 1 CBDA retake examination to IIBA, in the off chance that a student fails to clear the exam in the first attempt after following our suggested approach mentioned in our Success Guarantee terms. More details can be found here - https://www.adaptiveus.com/terms?hsLang=en-us#Our-Guarantees

Do I get PD hours from the course to use for CBDA exam?

Yes, we provide a certificate after completion of the training that confers IIBA PD hours. However, IIBA doesn’t mandate PD Hours for CBDA certification.

Will you assist in CBDA Application filing?

Yes, we do assist in CBDA application filing during Office Hours.

Are the CBDA office hours recorded to watch in case I miss a few classes to attend?

Yes. All our office hours are recorded, you can watch the video again at your convenient time.

When do I get access to the CBDA learning resources?

Access is provided to the CBDA learning resources immediately after you enroll.

Can I download the resources?

Resources can be downloaded except simulations, flash card and practice questions.

When can I start the exam scheduling?

After you complete studying all chapters and successfully completed the 4 simulations.

How long do I need to study for the exam?

1 to 2 months is a reasonable duration to complete CBDA certification preparation. We typically recommend 80-100 hours of preparation.

How many months of learning portal access do I get?

6 months.

How many years is the PD hours/PD certificate valid.

PD Certificate is valid for 4 years from date of issue

What is the eligibility to join this course?

There is no experience requirement.

Will the questions in CBDA exam be from practice questions and simulations?

These are model questions to help you prepare for the CBDA exam and questions will be similar but not same. This is how all our 1800+ students prepared and passed the exams.

Is there a group discount option available?

Yes. Please refer offers page : https://www.adaptiveus.com/offers

Will I be eligible for any referral bonus if I refer my friend or colleague to your CBDA program?

Yes, please sign up as an affiliate partner: https://partners.adaptiveus.com/

We want to join as a team from our organization, what's the process for this?

For corporate group training, please send your request to info@AdaptiveUS.com

Can you accept payment from my company for my CBDA enrolment?

Yes, and we do provide invoice.

Will you be able to accept payment by card?

Yes. We accept PayPal and Credit cards as methods of payment. Accepted credit cards are American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Diners Club.

Will you be able to send me an invoice for my company to pay?

Yes, we can.

Is there any instalment plan?

No instalment options are available for CBDA Guided training.

Do you provide financing option for CBDA Guided Training?

We provide financing options for our customers in the United States through Thinkific payment.