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I want to pass the good news that I was offered my first actual BA role this week. I mentioned pursuing Adaptive ECBA Training and it gave me good talking points. I am looking forward to taking the exam in the near future. Thanks for your support!I would not have been able to do it without your support. Highly recommend Adaptive US

Nadir - ECBA

Nadir Usmani


Adaptive was instrumental in my passing the ECBA exam. LN was an amazing instructor who took the time to teach us the skills, but how to apply them. He filled the classes with practical examples, made an interactive learning environment, and challenged us as we tackled the material. I wouldn't have passed had it not been for Adaptive and LN.

Sarah Beasley- ECBA

Sarah Beasley


Adaptive US ECBA program made studying easy for me. After the instructor-led courses, and the learning tools, the practice tests took away my anxiety of test day and I was fully prepared. I was able not only pass the exam on the first try, but I didn't even second guess any of my answers. Highly recommend Adaptive US for all the test takers!

Carin Chapman - ECBA

Carin Chapman


I aspired to become a BA, post my Masters. I diligently applied to 500+ jobs but none translated into a job. I figured out that there was a gap in my resume, knowledge and skill-set for a BA.I enrolled with Adaptive US for the ECBA online training which helped me immensely by boosting my confidence and improving my communication skills. The exposure to the BA domain, the knowledge, and the tips were the main reasons I was able to get a job by the end of the 5 weeks training session.Having experienced Adaptive’s training with LN as the chief mentor, I consider it to be the best.

Raja Vignesh-ECBA

Raja Vignesh


Adaptive US ECBA course is amazing, the instructor-led classes, the material, the videos and, the test quizzes are all so thorough that when you test it feels no different then taking one of the quizzes at Adaptive. Follow the study guide in the course and you will have no problem passing your test the first time. The online tutorials and classes helped a lot in understanding of BABOK V3. I am so pleased with the course that I am signing up for the CCBA course this May for the instructor-led classes in August.

Shelly Johnson-ECBA



While looking for a BA course I found Adaptive US and enrolled for their ECBA training. The training was perfect as it gave me a sound understanding of the BA concepts. With my newfound understanding of the BA role, I secured a permanent job as a Systems Analyst in the company that I was interning with. I was confident that I was heading in the right direction and within 2 months of getting ECBA certified, I bagged my first full-time BA job.I am ever thankful to Adaptive as their ECBA training propelled my BA career and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to become a BA.

Ineha Thind-ECBA

Ineha Thind


100% Success Guaranteed CCA Training

We share your success and failure. We have you covered for 1 unsuccessful CCA exam attempts by paying for the exam retake fees limited to $200 upon meeting our success guarantee terms

IIBA approved courseware

Adaptive provides downloadable courseware comprising of IIBA POA Guide based Study guide, Glossary, Faculty presentations etc.

CCA Study Guide

Adaptive’s CCA Study Guide is the most compact Study Guide you can find in the market. This saves a significant amount of preparation time.

Make learning fun with CCA Flashcards

Adaptive CPOA Flashcards are a fun way to learn and test the terminologies of POA Guide

16 hours of Live Instructor Led CCA Training

The training is aligned to IIBA Cyber Security Guide and comes with 21 IIBA PD hours/21 IIBA PDUs and 21 IIBA CDUs.

Revisit what you learned during the training

Adaptive offers class recordings to watch and refresh concepts later


Access to faculty presentation

Adaptive provides access to to faculty presentations, which students can use to revise the concepts taught in the class


Exhaustive 400+ CPOA Practice Questions

This includes time based chapter end ECBA practice questions and 4 full length ECBA simulations comprising of 50 questions each, with multiple attempts. The simulations also come with explanation for correct answers. Refer to fair usage policy. 

SuXeed offers you more

Training Duration + 4 Months Access to SuXeed - SuXeed contains detailed certification exam preparation plan on how to achieve the the CCA certification in 8 weeks, 50+ CCA exam tips and tricks on how to approach the exam, areas to focus, types of questions asked and more. Learn More

We support you till you Succeed

Our Success Rate is over 97%. We are just an email/ phone call away. Our training support team and faculties are there to help you with concept clarification and any other query till you become CCA certified.

Currently Instructor-Led Live Sessions Are Available Only for Private Training.

Please send your enquiry to Info@AdaptiveUS.com

Please read the entire course expectations & terms before signing up

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Laura Paton

Laura Paton, CBAP

Chairperson BABOK V3 and PMI PBA Authoring Team. Former Head - Product Development - IIBA. 32+ Years as BA and PM

Victoria Cupet CBAP

Regional Director, IIBA Europe and Africa. BABoK V3 Author. 25+ years of BA experience.


LN Mishra CBAP

Mentor to 800+ IIBA Certified Business Analysts. 24+ years of Professional Experience in BA. Part of IIBA V3 Exam Committee


Lora McCoy CBAP

Regional Director, IIBA Central Americas. Former President – IIBA Oklahoma Chapter. 22+ years of BA experience


Tom Tomasovic ECBA, CBDA, AAC

Agile BA Practitioner, CPRE Certified. B.S. Chemical Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 26+ years of BA experience

Session Plan

Session – 1 (4 Hours Live Online Class)
  • Introductions
  • CCA Exam info
  • The Role of Business Analysis in Cybersecurity
  • Governance Perspectives of Cybersecurity
  • Enterprise Security Concepts
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Compliance
    Best Practices and Benchmarking
  • Data Privacy
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Audit – Internal and External
  • Enterprise risk
  • Risk Analysis Threat Risk Assessments
  • Risk Analysis Vulnerability Assessments
 Session – 2 (4 Hours Live Online Class)
  • Business Case Development
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Cybersecurity Risks and Controls
  • Understanding Security Controls and IT Risk
  • CIA Triad
  • Applying Controls
  • Cybersecurity Threats
  • Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities
  • Risks and Controls – Putting It All Together
  • Securing the Layers
  • Physical Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Network Security Security Architecture
  • Network Security Firewalls
  • Network Security Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware
  • Network Security Segregation
  • System Security Servers
  • Platform Security
  • Product Security Threat Models
  • Product Security Embedded Systems
  • Product Security Internet of Things
 Session – 3 (4 Hours Live Online Class)
  • Data Security
  • Classification & Categorization
  • Data Security In Transit Encryption and Keys
  • Data Security In Transit SSL/TLS
  • Data Security In Transit Digital Signature and Identification
  • User Access Control
  • Directory Management
  • Authorization
  • Authentication and Access Control
  • Privileged Account Management
  • Users and Security Awareness
  • Solution Delivery
Session – 4 (4 Hour Live Online Class)
  • SDLC and Solution Security Planning
  • Requirements and Security Engineering
  • Requirements and Solution Development
  • Solution Security Applications
  • Solution Security Databases
  • Solution Security Web
  • Change Impact Analysis
  • Operations
  • Incident Response, Recovery, and
  • Remediation
  • Metrics and Reporting
  • Risk Logging and Mitigation Tracking
  • Operational Risk Ownership
  • Computer Forensics SOC, SIEM
  • Future Proofing Security Posture

Over the course of the training, CCA aspirants will

  • Understand and learn the established product ownership analysis practices that are outlined in the CCA Guide.
  • Gain competence in all the domains essential for CCA certification.
  • Master the terminologies used in the CCA Guide.
  • Acquire sound understanding of the role, competencies and skill sets required to become an effective and result-oriented cyber-security analyst.
  • Gain practical insights into the principles and practices of cyber security analysis.
  • Learn how to identify and apply various tools and techniques in cyber-security analysis scenarios. 
  • Interact with instructors and learn how to tackle the CCA questions through CCA practice tests and feedback.
  • Gain access to join live exam prep tutorials for 4 months, where participants can clarify all their doubts with instructors. 

Course Expectations

If you are from a non-native English-speaking country, you should have good familiarity in English with International accents and good verbal and written English communication since the mode of communication in the class and in the IIBA Certification exam is in English.

Infrastructure requirements

  • Availability of computer with a stable power supply/back up and working mic and speaker, Good internet (At least 2 MBPS speed), and Noise-free environment. Read the complete details on infrastructure requirements here.

Other requirements

  • Education - Minimum high school pass 
  • Basic knowledge of business/IT
  • Preferably be stationed at one place (not on travel or commute)

For more FAQs on the training programs, please refer here.

Countries barred from IIBA exams

If you are a resident or you are currently residing in any of the below countries, you are not allowed to take IIBA exams.

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • North Korea
  • Crimea Region of Ukraine

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