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BABoK Fundamentals Training Course

Build A High Performing BA Team

44 Hours of Live Expert-led Training

Covers all BABOK v3 tasks and techniques

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Deliver Excellent Value to Your Clients with a Highly Capable BA Team

BABOK Fundamentals Training

The Adaptive US BABoK Fundamentals Training Program enables corporates to upskill their Business Analysts by providing an in-depth understanding of business analysis. The program has been developed considering the growing demands of corporates to make their Business Analysts proficient at carrying out BA tasks and thereby deliver superior solutions and excellent value to clients.

The training also enables them to take on larger and more challenging initiatives with utmost confidence.

This is a highly interactive live training conducted by expert instructors, who have been part of the BABOK V3 authoring team and exam committees.

Over the course of the BABoK Fundamentals Program, your BA team will

  • Understand, learn and practice established business analysis practices, tasks, and techniques 

  • Gain competence in the 6 Knowledge Areas, 30 Tasks and 50 Techniques outlined in BABoK

  • Acquire sound understanding of the competencies and skillsets required to become an effective and result-oriented business analyst


BABoK Fundamentals Target Audience

This training is for

  • Corporates who intend to make their BAs proficient at their workplace

  • Professionals transitioning into business analysis

  • Professionals who want to learn BA practices in a formal way

  • Product Managers, Non-BA consultants, Trainers, Product  Implementation Consultants, senior professionals such as IT Project Managers, IT QA / Testers, Change / Transformation Managers with significant BA experience.

BABoK Fundamentals Training Program Eligibility

  • Good command over English language and good knowledge of business and IT
  • Computer with mic and speaker
  • High speed internet (> 2 Mbps) and noise-free stationary environment
  • Residents of Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, Crimea Region of Ukraine are not eligible to take IIBA exams

Without mincing words, Adaptive is an organization with proven competence in Business Analysis and it is run by seasoned professionals.I am yet to see an organization as responsive as Adaptive. LN is a great facilitator with vast knowledge of Business Analysis. I highly recommend Adaptive US

Korede headshot

Korede Ogunbamowo


Adaptive US Inc is an exceptional BA training provider. The trainers are real Subject matter experts in their relevant field but what makes them different is their interest in your development after you have completed their training course. I would highly recommend Adaptive US to anyone looking for BA training course.

Thomas Bjarnested pic

Thomas Simonsen


If you are looking for a BA training, then this is the place. Look no further. Excellent training material provided by Adaptive US helps you prepare. Ability to follow-up for any doubts makes the difference. Audio and videos library make learning a breeze.

Raman Singh

Raman Singh


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50 BABoK Techniques Mind Map eBook Cover

Business Analysis Fundamentals Training Deliverables

44 Hours of Live Expert Training

44 IIBA PD hours/CDUs, 20 hours of BABoK fundamentals training + 24 hours of office hours

44 IIBA PD Hours

Aligns with the BABoK Guide v3.0 and comes with 54 IIBA Professional Development (PD) hours 

200+ Practice Questions

Chapter end practice questions with answer explanations to test your understanding of the Business Analysis subject 

Access to Instructor Presentations

Downloadable instructor presentations in the form of handouts to take notes, revise and reinforce the concepts taught!

IIBA Approved Courseware

Downloadable BABoK Fundamentals study guide, workbook, mind maps, glossary, study tables, and more.

Make Learning Fun with Flashcards

Adaptive Flashcards are structured as per the BABoK knowledge areas and are a fun way to learn and test the terminologies of BABoK V3.

10+ Hours of Video Learning

Adaptive’s Learning Portal has 100+ short e-learning modules covering BABoK tasks and techniques that are compatible with all devices.

Revisit What You Learned

Adaptive offers BABoK Fundamentals live class recordings. Watch anytime, anywhere and refresh concepts as you prepare.

BABoK V3 based Study Guide

Compact BABoK Fundamentals Study Guide with BABoK essentials to grasp the competencies and skillsets required for BAs

Learn On the Go with Audiobooks!

Structured as per BABoK® Knowledge Areas, BABoK Fundamentals Audiobooks are a great resource to learn and refresh concepts on the go.

Adaptive LMS offers you more

One stop solution to all your learning needs. This program comes with unlimited access to Adaptive's Comprehensive LMS.

You don't have to figure it out on your own

We are here to assist you

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  • 44 hours of live expert training on BABoK fundamentals, skills, and tools
    • 20 hours of Live BABoK Fundamentals Training
    • 24 hours office hours for doubt clarification (2 hours per month * 12 months)
  • 44 IIBA PD Hours
  • BABoK Fundamentals Study guide
  • 100+ e-Learning Videos
  • Mind maps, Audiobooks, Flashcards
  • 200+ concept questions
  • Session Recordings
  • Doubts Discussion Board
  • Unlimited learning resources access

BABOK Fundamentals Master Class

$1799  $1399

Limited Time Black Friday Offer of $400 OFF



Upcoming Instructor Led Live Sessions Program Schedule

Suitable for USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, India

($400 OFF - Limited Time Black Friday Offer)

Starts 13th Feb 2024

13-Feb(Tue) - 9:00 AM
14-Feb(Wed) - 9:00 AM
15-Feb(Thu) - 9:00 AM
16-Feb(Fri) - 9:00 AM
20-Feb(Tue) - 9:00 AM

Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri

(9 AM – 1 PM ET)

USD 1399

Starts 09th April 2024

09-Apr(Tue) - 9:00 AM
10-Apr(Wed) - 9:00 AM
11-Apr(Thu) - 9:00 AM
12-Apr(Fri) - 9:00 AM
16-Feb(Tue) - 9:00 AM

Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri

(9 AM – 1 PM ET)

USD 1399


For corporate group training, please send your request to

The prices mentioned in the website are valid only if it's purchased online. Prices vary for invoiced courses.


Find Out How to Improve Your BA Team Capability With BABoK Fundamentals Training

Session Plan

Session – 1 (2 Hours Live Online Class)
  • Participant and Faculty Introductions
  • Intro to Business Analysis
  • Underlying Competencies
  • Intro to BABoK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge)

Session – 2 (4 Hour Live Online Class)

BA Planning and Monitoring

  • KA Intro
  • Techniques for BA Planning
  • BA Planning and Monitoring Tasks
    • Plan BA Approach
    • Plan Stakeholder Engagement
    • Plan BA Governance
    • Plan BA Information Management
    • Identify BA Performance Improvements
  • Knowledge based questions

Elicitation and Collaboration

  • KA Intro
  • Techniques for Elicitation and Collaboration
Session – 3 (4 Hours Live Online Class)

Elicitation and Collaboration

  • Elicitation and Collaboration Tasks
    • Prepare for Elicitation
    • Conduct Elicitation
    • Confirm Elicitation Results
    • Communicate BA Information
    • Manage Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Knowledge based questions

Requirements life cycle management

  • KA Intro
  • Techniques for Req. LCM
  • Req. LCM Tasks
    • Trace requirements
    • Maintain requirements
    • Prioritize requirements
    • Assess requirements changes
    • Approve requirements
  • Knowledge based questions
  • Techniques overview for Strategy Analysis and Solution Evaluation
Session – 4 (4 Hour Live Online Class)

Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

  • KA Intro
  • Techniques for RADD
  • RADD Tasks
    • Specify and model requirements
    • Verify requirements
    • Validate Requirements
    • Define Requirements architecture
    • Define Design Options
    • Analyze potential value and recommend solution
  • Knowledge based questions
Session – 5 (4 Hour Live Online Class)

Strategy Analysis

  • KA Intro
  • Techniques for Strategy Analysis
  • Strategy Tasks
    • Analyze Current State
    • Define Future State
    • Assess Risks
    • Define Change Strategy

Solution Evaluation

  • KA Intro
  • Techniques for Solution Evaluation
  • Solution Evaluation Tasks
    • Measure solution performance
    • Analyze performance measures
    • Assess solution limitations
    • Assess enterprise limitations
    • Recommend actions to increase solution value
24 Office Hours (1 Hour Live Online Classes)
  • Concept clarification with faculty

Our Trainers


Laura Paton, CBAP

Chairperson PMI PBA Authoring Team. Former Head - Product Development - IIBA. 32+ Years as BA and PM

Victoria Cupet photo

Victoria Cupet CBAP

PhD in Education, Board of director of IIBA. 25+ years of experience. Speaker, author & trainer.


LN Mishra CBAP

Mentor to 1500+ IIBA Certified Business Analysts. 24+ years of Professional Experience in BA.


Lora McCoy CBAP

Former Regional Director, IIBA Central Americas. Former President – IIBA Oklahoma Chapter. 24+ years of BA experience.


For how long will I have access to the learning portal?

The learning portal access is for 1 year

Can this course be delivered on-premise?

Yes. Pls. send out your request to for additional support.

Do you offer group discount?

Yes. Group discount rates vary as per number of students chosen for public sessions. Please refer to for more details.

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