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AAC Certificaton 

Organizations globally are transitioning to an agile mindset and framework. IIBA has foreseen Agile as a high growth area, and an area that will continue to grow. For business analysts, demonstrating Agile competency will be highly advantageous. The IIBA Salary Survey 2020 reports that 72% of BA professionals practice agile approaches, and those certified in agile analysis earn up to 16% more.

Agile practice trend

The IIBA Agile Analysis Certification, popularly known as AAC certification, is the first agile certification offered by IIBA.  While there are many agile certifications on the market, the IIBA-AAC, is one that focuses on agile from a business analyst's perspective. The IIBA-AAC certification bridges the necessity and demand for agile and analyst communities to collaborate and transform project delivery. It focuses on ANALYSIS when it is practiced in an agile context.

So, AAC is definitely one of the most sought-after certifications for agile business analysts to excel in the corporate world. This competency-based certification recognizes your development of enhanced capabilities in Agile Analysis. Earning this certification provides potential employers, a clearer indication of the competencies that one has developed.

Be An Internationally Certified Agile Analyst

AAC Eligibility

  • IIBA has not provided any eligibility criteria for the AAC exam. Anyone can take this certification exam – Business analysts, Consultants, Trainers, Project managers, Testers, Developers, Current CBAPs, and CCBAs.
  • But IIBA recommends that BA professionals with 2-3 years of Agile-related experience are best suited for the AAC certification.
  • There is no requirement for professional development (PD) hours.

Target Audience

IIBA Agile Analysis Certification is for professionals ready to demonstrate how effective analysis in an agile context leads to better business outcomes. In a digital economy, success is defined by sensing and responding rapidly to market demands.

While pursuing IIBA-AAC, an Agile Analyst will learn how agile intersects and interacts with business analysis. The certification is specifically designed for:

  • BA professionals who work in agile environments
  • Augmenting your business analysis skill set and expertise
  • Staying up-to-date on best practices and industry trends
  • BA professionals with 2-5 years of Agile-related experience 
  • Agile practitioners with 2-5 years of experience

Be An Internationally Certified Agile Analyst

AAC Cost

The IIBA-AAC Certification cost has two parts – the membership fees and the application/exam fees. The membership fees depend on the country of residence.

The certification fees details for AAC are provided in the table below:

  Members Non- Members
Membership Fees $55 - $139 (Depending on Region)
Exam Fees $250 $400
Re-take Exam Fees $195 $350


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Be An Internationally Certified Agile Analyst

AAC Exam Pattern

The IIBA®-AAC exam is weighted across four domains. It consists of 85 multiple-choice, scenario-based questions to be completed within 2 hours. It is competency-based and aligned with the Agile Extension to BABOK guide.

  • Agile Mindset – 30% (25 questions)
  • Strategy Horizon – 10% (9 questions)
  • Initiative Horizon – 25% (21 questions)
  • Delivery Horizon – 35% (30 questions)

The above study areas also include about 30 questions on techniques as part of knowledge areas. One should score 52 points in the test to successfully complete the test. 

AAC Mock Questions Cover - eBook


The process for taking the exam are-

  • Step 1: Fill in the online registration form. This can be accessed here Exam Registration Form
  • Step 2: Once the application has been submitted, the exam fees need to be paid through the payment portal on the IIBA website.
  • Step 3: The next step is to schedule your exam. Once IIBA receives your payment, they will email a link to schedule your exam with the online proctor. Select the date and time based on readiness for the exam.
  • Step 4:  Begin preparing for the exam
    1. Take an IIBA-AAC Exam Prep Course
    2. Take IIBA-AAC Simulation Exams
    3. Read your copy of Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide thoroughly.
  • Step 5: Take your exam. With due diligence and with the correct content and training, you are sure to become an AAC certified professional.



Be An Internationally Certified Agile Analyst

AAC Preparation

All IIBA exams can be taken in an online mode. They are remotely proctored exams that require a desktop or laptop, an internet connection, a working webcam, and a microphone.

In order to complete the exam, your location must support Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Corporate firewalls and VPNs may restrict user access. It is recommended that you use a personal device.

Before purchasing your exam, please check System Compatibility https://home.psiexams.com/static/#/bcheck.

Be An Internationally Certified Agile Analyst

AAC Tips

  • Do not expect many questions straight from Agile Extension to BABOK guide.
  • Do not attempt until you have mastered the basic knowledge, understand agile, and follow rules – and have completed the self-assessment (see ebook).
  • Do not attempt until you have successfully answered typical analysis-related outcomes and activities questions in the sample quiz.
  • Do not expect the exam to be easy
  • Do not expect to have the luxury of time

Be An Internationally Certified Agile Analyst

AAC Re-certification

The AAC certification is valid for 1 year after which it needs to be renewed. The renewal fee is $85 for IIBA members and $120 for non-members.

Be An Internationally Certified Agile Analyst

What is AAC Guided Training?

Adaptive’s AAC Guided Training provides all AAC digital resources, 1 Free Retake plus 12 Live Q&A hours.

What is the difference between AAC Guided training and AAC On-demand training?

AAC Guided training offers all the takeaways that comes in AAC On-demand training and you also get additional support like 1 Free retake, 12 fortnightly Tutorials, and Application filing support.

What is the difference between AAC Guided training and AAC Master class?

AAC Master Class offers all the takeaways of AAC Guided training plus 12 hours of live online interactive training by our experts. AAC Guided training and AAC Master Class both come with all the exam prep resources.

What resources are provided for AAC guided training?

There will be 400+ practice questions and 4 full length simulators for practice ; IIBA PD hours, 24 hours of live training including exam prep tutorials, Study Guide, Flashcards, Audio books, e-learning videos, Tutorials, Mind Maps, with 6 Months Learning Portal Access.

Is the course approved by IIBA?

Adaptive US is an IIBA approved EEP (Endorsed Education Provider) and we provide you with a complete, comprehensive and success guaranteed training which will help you get certified in the very first attempt. Let me share with you the certificate that is published in our website. https://www.adaptiveus.com/iiba-eep-certificate

How do I claim retake fees?

Adaptive pays a retake fee of USD 195 for 1 AAC retake examination to IIBA, in the off chance that a student fails to clear the exam in the first attempt after following our suggested approach mentioned in our Success Guarantee terms. More details can be found here - https://www.adaptiveus.com/terms?hsLang=en-us#Our-Guarantees

Do I get PD hours from the course to use for AAC exam?

Yes, we provide a certificate after completion of the training that confers IIBA PD hours. However, IIBA doesn’t mandate PD Hours for AAC certification.

Will you assist in AAC Application filing?

Yes, we do assist in AAC application filing during Office Hours.

Are the AAC office hours recorded to watch in case I miss a few classes to attend?

Yes. All our office hours are recorded, you can watch the video again at your convenient time.

When do I get access to the AAC learning resources?

Access is provided to the AAC learning resources immediately after you enroll.

Can I download the resources?

Resources can be downloaded except simulations, flash card and practice questions.

When can I start the exam scheduling?

After you complete studying all chapters and successfully completed the 4 simulations.

How long do I need to study for the exam?

1 to 2 months is a reasonable duration to complete AAC certification preparation. We typically recommend 80-100 hours of preparation.

How many months of learning portal access do I get?

6 months.

How many years is the PD hours/PD certificate valid.

PD Certificate is valid for 4 years from date of issue

What is the eligibility to join this course?

There is no experience requirement.

Will the questions in AAC exam be from practice questions and simulations?

These are model questions to help you prepare for the AAC exam and questions will be similar but not same. This is how all our 1800+ students prepared and passed the exams.

Is there a group discount option available?

Yes. Please refer offers page : https://www.adaptiveus.com/offers

Will I be eligible for any referral bonus if I refer my friend or colleague to your AAC program?

Yes, please sign up as an affiliate partner: https://partners.adaptiveus.com/

We want to join as a team from our organization, what's the process for this?

For corporate group training, please send your request to info@AdaptiveUS.com

Can you accept payment from my company for my AAC enrolment?

Yes, and we do provide invoice.

Will you be able to accept payment by card?

Yes. We accept PayPal and Credit cards as methods of payment. Accepted credit cards are American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Diners Club.

Will you be able to send me an invoice for my company to pay?

Yes, we can.

Is there any instalment plan?

No instalment options are available for AAC Guided training.

Do you provide financing option for AAC Guided Training?

We provide financing options for our customers in the United States through Thinkific payment.

Be An Internationally Certified Agile Analyst