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    Inner Circle Premium

    As a Business Analyst, you are probably struggling with so many things in your job…
    • Are you detesting the thought of starting your day?
    • Is stakeholder management becoming a dreaded task for you?
    • Are ambiguous and unstated requirements putting a huge toll on the timeline?
    • Is your never-ending product backlog stalling your delivery timeline?
    • Is your lack of Business Analysis tools knowledge making you feel anxious and underconfident in your job?
    • Is the lack of adequate BA skills becoming your roadblock for the next career move and promotion?
    • Unable to deliver up to the mark because you don't have access to high-quality BA templates for your BA work?
    • Wish you had access to the best BA mentoring to keep up with the demanding needs of your Business Analysis job?

    What if we say there is a way out and you could become a high-performing BA in 2022?

    Adaptive Inner Circle is an endeavor to support business analysts to perform their roles effectively at their workplaces.

    No matter which initiative you are in, as a Business Analyst it is crucial to avoid ambiguities, capture all the necessary information and communicate them in a manner that can be easily understood by your stakeholders.

    Time and again BAs have reported several problem areas which are reducing their efficiency at work and we are addressing them all for YOU with our Inner Circle program.

    Whether you are a Business Analyst looking at

    • Excelling in the BA work
    • Effectively managing stakeholders
    • Producing SMART requirements
    • Effectively managing product backlogs
    • Learning the industry-accepted BA tools
    • Best in class BA templates
    • Improving organization BA processes
    • Mentoring access for your on the job BA challenges

    We offer skill-building workshops and all the necessary job aids you need!


    I enrolled with Adaptive Inner Circle & found it to be excellent. Looking forward to completing my CBAP. Pretty confident I'll clear on the first Go.

    Joana Colaso


    I got my CBAP certification with Adaptive US and enrolled in the Inner Circle Program. The templates in Inner Circle have been of great value on the job.



    I found Adaptive study material very helpful during my CBAP preparation, and I passed the exam on 1st attempt. Another important product is Inner Circle which helps the BAs to equip themselves with BA hands-on tools. Happy to recommend Adaptive for the IIBA certification exams.

    Suman M.


    Excellent source of information and continuous improvement! The Adaptive US Inner Circle provides good value for money. You have access to all materials you'll need, not just as a Business Analyst but as a change enabler, no matter what your role or title is.




    Business Analysis Profile Building
    • How to craft winning resumes
    • How to ace your BA job interview

    Skill-building training on

    • Managing stakeholders,
    • Writing requirements effectively,
    • Managing Product Backlog
    • Writing effective user stories
    • Agile BA concepts and more...

    Business Analysis tools training that every BA must know, such as

    • BPMN
    • Jira
    • MS Visio
    • Balsamiq
    • Confluence
    • User Stories
    • Use Case and more...

    On-the-job mentoring

    Stuck with your work deliverables? Don't worry! Discuss with our experts and get expert guidance on how best to resolve it!

    1200+ job aids (BA templates, BA guidelines, and BA checklists)

    Whether you are a Business Analyst looking at effectively executing BA work, deriving better insights from data, improving organization processes, or improving the information security aspects of your organization, Adaptive's Inner Circle Library has all the job aids that you need! 

    The job aids and live instructor training have been designed by Adaptive’s experts with 25+ years of experience specifically to enhance your efficiency and effectiveness as a BA at work!

    Adaptive’s Inner circle Premium is a ONE STOP SOLUTION to becoming a HIGH PERFOMING BA!

    BA Career Guide Cover - 3D - v2-1

    Upcoming Schedule

    Month Session Topic Date Day
    Jun On the Job Mentoring 7-Jun-2022 Tue
    Jun Managing Product Backlog 15-Jun-2022 Wed
    Jun On the Job Mentoring 21-Jun-2022 Tue
    Jul On the Job Mentoring 5-Jul-2022 Tue
    Jul Intro to Agile Software Development 13-Jul-2022 Wed
    Jul On the Job Mentoring 19-Jul-2022 Tue
    Jul Developing Effective User Stories 27-Jul-2022 Wed
    Aug On the Job Mentoring 2-Aug-2022 Tue
    Aug Hands-on session on Jira + Confluence 17-Aug-2022 Wed
    Aug On the Job Mentoring 23-Aug-2022 Tue
    Aug Writing Killer Resume 31-Aug-2022 Wed
    Sep On the Job Mentoring 6-Sep-2022 Tue
    Sep Hands-on session on Business Process Modelling 14-Sep-2022 Wed
    Sep On the Job Mentoring 20-Sep-2022 Tue
    Sep Hands-on session MS Visio 28-Sep-2022 Wed
    Oct On the Job Mentoring 4-Oct-2022 Tue
    Oct Hands-on session on Balsamiq 12-Oct-2022 Wed
    Oct On the Job Mentoring 18-Oct-2022 Tue
    Oct Writing Requirements Effectively 26-Oct-2022 Wed
    Nov On the Job Mentoring 1-Nov-2022 Tue
    Nov Effective Stakeholder Management 16-Nov-2022 Wed
    Nov On the Job Mentoring 22-Nov-2022 Tue
    Nov How to be successful in your BA interview 30-Nov-2022 Wed
    Dec On the Job Mentoring 6-Dec-2022 Tue
    Dec Managing Product Backlog 14-Dec-2022 Wed
    Dec On the Job Mentoring 20-Dec-2022 Tue



    LN Mishra CBAP, CBDA, AAC

    Mentor to 1175+ IIBA Certified Business Analysts. 28+ years of Professional Experience in BA. Part of IIBA V3 Exam Committee.


    Tom Tomasovic CBDA, AAC

    Agile BA Practitioner, CPRE Certified. B.S. Chemical Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 26+ years of BA experience

    Inner Circle Premium

    • Get instant access to 1200+ downloadable templates, guidelines, checklists, books of your choice.
    • 2 live BA skills/tools training per month (1 hr. each)
    • On the job mentoring - 2 hours live group session per month (1 hr each) with our experts on BA deliverables (work related) assistance
    • Access to Premium BA Tools – Jira, Balsamiq, Confluence, MS Visio
    • Get one of the following services once in 3 months:
      • Resume review (Offline) 
      • LinkedIn profile review (Offline)
      • 30 minutes BA job / interview assistance (Live)
    • Author BA blogs and get it reviewed and published on 
    • Opportunity to become a speaker and address the BA community
    • Exclusive 100+ BA Learning Videos
    • Exclusive BA Audio Books 
    • Exclusive BA Presentations on BA consulting, strategic management related topics



    Limited Period Offer on Annual Subscription

    Terms and Conditions

    • Inner Circle Premium members can join 2 live BA skill building sessions + 2 On the Job BA mentoring sessions scheduled for a particular month.
    • This product is going to be system-based access for 1 user only.
    • Refunds are not applicable on Inner Circle Pro and Premium products.
    • Access to Inner Circle will be given within 1 business day of purchase of the product.
    • If the access is not provided within the stipulated time then please write to
    • Inner Circle Subscription Cancellation
      • Students can cancel their Inner Circle subscription in their Thinkific Learning Portal by going to My Account>Billing>Subscriptions>Cancel
      • The subscription will then change to "Cancelled" and students will automatically lose access to the associated content at the end of their billing period.

    BA Career Guide Cover - 3D - v2-1