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CCBA Certification - Requirements Patterns Cost eligibility Adaptive US

What and Why of CCBA Certification

CCBA stands for Certified Capability in Business Analysis, the 2nd level certification provided by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), Canada (www.IIBA .org).

This certification is most suitable for senior business analysts having 2-3 years of experience.

Benefits of becoming a CCBA:

Who can do CCBA Certification?

How much does the exam cost?

Application Fee 125 USD
Certification Exam Fee 325 USD for Members

450 USD for Non Members

Membership Fees Region 1 – 125 USD – USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK

Region 2 – 85 USD – Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East Asian countries

Region 3 – 55 USD – India, Pakistan, Thailand, Tanzania





CCBA Certification Eligibility Requirements

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CCBA Certification Process

Exam Pattern of CCBA Certification

The exam blueprint aligned with v3.0 of the BABOK Guide is as follows:

Knowledge Area % of Questions
Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring 12%
Elicitation and Collaboration 20%
Requirements Life Cycle Management 18%
Strategy Analysis 12%
Requirements Analysis and Design Definition 32%
Solution Evaluation 6%


Graphical distribution of Questions

CCBA Certification Question Pattern

More on CCBA exam pattern – Information

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Preparing the CCBA Application

Scheduling the exam

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The CCBA exam centers info is available in the link

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