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Applicability, Eligibility, Preparation, Exam Pattern, Fees 


Plus Know How To Save $50* on Your CBDA Exam Fees





Applicability, Eligibility, Preparation, Exam Pattern, Fees 

Plus Know How To Save $50* on Your CBDA Exam Fees

The World is becoming data savvy. Are you?


Everything You Wanted to Know About IIBA CBDA

The new Certification in Business Data Analytics (IIBA® – CBDA), is the first data analytics certification provided by the International Institute of BA (IIBA), Canada ( In this page, we will discuss about

  1. Why CBDA Certification
  2. CBDA Target Audience
  3. IIBA CBDA Exam Pattern
  4. IIBA CBDA Exam location
  5. IIBA CBDA Certification Cost
  6. Do's and Dont's of the CBDA Certification Exam
  7. CBDA Recertification

All about IIBA Certification in Business Data Analytics (IIBA® CBDA)

Analytics is a high growth area, and IIBA foresees this trend to continue. CBDA recognizes a Business Analyst Practitioner’s ability to effectively execute analysis related work in support of business analytics initiatives and is an indication of one’s commitment, passion, and competency in performing business analysis on analytics initiatives. Soon, CBDA will become the most sought-after certification for business analysts engaged in Data Analytics initiatives to excel in the corporate world. The IIBA®- CBDA exam is closely aligned to the Guide to Business Data Analytics and tests one’s ability to answer questions focused on real-world scenarios.

Here are some of the benefits of becoming IIBA-CBDA:

  • The analytics approach has gained tremendous popularity over the last decade 
  • Enables one to derive better insights from data and guides in better and informed decision making
  • Recognizes a BA’s competency in the analytics space
  • Better job prospects
  • Better salary
  • PD Hours can be used for CBAP / CCBA recertification


Target Audience

This certification is suitable for BA professionals with mid-level experience, possessing the skills to effectively perform business data analytics initiatives and can demonstrate experience in:

  • Translating business problems into questions that analytics can answer
  • Using analytics results to identify viable options
  • Explaining technical results to non-technical stakeholders
  • Visualizing data and translate results via data storytelling
  • Building and demonstrating empathy for the customer

 Source: Influencing Decision Makers with Business Data Analytics

However, IIBA has not provided any eligibility criteria for this exam and anyone can take this examination – Business analysts, Consultants, Trainers, Project managers, Testers, Developers, Current CBAPs and CCBAs

 IIBA CBDA Exam Pattern

The IIBA-CBDA exam comprises of questions from six blueprint domains out of which 5 domains are discussed in IIBA’s Introduction to Business Data Analytics: A Practitioners View and one domain are discussed in IIBA’s Introduction to Business Data Analytics: An Organizational View.

Here’s a high-level overview of the 6 domains covered in IIBA-CBDA:

# Domain Description
1 Identify Research Questions Decide what research questions need to be answered. The research questions provide the focus for the data analytics team and shape the work to follow.
2 Source Data The Source Data domain is a top-down exercise to determine the right data needed for a given research problem/question.
3 Analyze Data Analyzing data involves deciding how data analysis will be performed, which models and mathematical or statistical techniques will be used.
4 Interpret and Report Results Involves using results obtained from data analysis to glean business insights from the data collected and determining how to best communicate and report the outcomes to relevant stakeholders.
5 Use Results to Influence Business Decision Making Use Results to Influence Business Decision-Making involves using the analytics results to make decisions that generate value for the enterprise.
6 Guide Company-level Strategy for Business Analytics Explores how enterprises can embed analytics initiatives into the enterprise architecture and overall decision-making framework.


Here’s the % distribution of questions from each domain

# Domain % Distr. # of Q
1 Identify Research Questions 20% 15
2 Source Data 15% 11
3 Analyze Data 16% 12
4 Interpret and Report Results 20% 15
5 Use Results to Influence Business Decision Making 20% 15
6 Guide Company-level Strategy for Business Analytics 9% 7


More Details about IIBA CBDA Exam pattern:

  • 2-hour long remote online proctored exam
  • 75 multiple-choice questions.
  • Scenario-based questions.
  • Mostly IIBA checks for success in each domain area and overall
  • It is a competency-based exam and is aligned with IIBA’s Introduction to Business Data Analytics: A Practitioners View/An Organizational View

IIBA CBDA Exam location/ Mode

You can take the CBDA certification exam from home with PSI Online Exams. You just need to have a video camera and internet connectivity in your PC/Laptop. More information can be found here –

The link to register for your exam is – Registration Form

IIBA CBDA Certification Cost

IIBA CBDA Certification Cost has the below components:

  IIBA Member Non-Member
Membership fee As per country of residence  
Exam Fee $250 USD $400 USD
Retake Fee $195 USD $350 USD
Recertification fee

(to be done 1 year from certification date)

$30 USD $50 USD


The IIBA membership and hence the overall IIBA CBDA certification cost varies as per the country of residence. This is available at

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The ‘Do Not's of the CBDA Certification Exam

If you desire to gain competency in using data to help organizations achieve meaningful business outcomes, wait no further. Get started today.


CBDA Recertification

Recertification fees - $50
Recertification Process
To maintain certification, recipients must earn a minimum of 20 Continuing Development Units (CDUs) every one-year from the Date of Certification and complete the following goals:

1. Earn a minimum of 20 Continuing Development Units
2. Enter hours into the BA Development Log
3. Pay the recertification fee
4. Submit recertification application
5. Receive confirmation email from IIBA® – Congratulations! You are Recertified!