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CBAP Certification training Requirements Patterns Cost Application
CBAP Certification

CBAP Certification

What is CBAP Certification?

CBAP certification is World’s #1 cherished certification for business analysts. CBAP stands for Certified Business Analysis Professional, the 3rd level certification provided by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), Canada (www.IIBA .org). Currently, CBAP is the highest level certification available from IIBA. This certification is suitable for senior business analysts having 5+ years of business analysis experience.

Benefits of becoming a CBAP:

Target Audience for CBAP Certification

CBAP certification examination targets the following audience:

Eligibility criteria for CBAP certification examination

The IIBA-CBAP certification course requires:

More info on this post –

CBAP® Exam Pattern

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CBAP Certification process

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Additional Information on CBAP Certification

Preparing the CBAP application

More details on CBAP Application – Read the post here

Go through this video to know more about how to fill up your CBAP application

Scheduling the exam

Schedule your CBAP exam in Prometric Site

The CBAP exam centers info is available in this link

Suggested reading on CBAP:

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