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AA001 - CBAP Certification & CBAP Training

IIBA Endorsed Success Guaranteed

CBAP — Certified Business Analysis Professional

cbap certification benefits


CBAP training & certification equips you to lead challenging assignments and solve complex business problems with confidence.

Be a CBAP holder and earn 19% or more than non-certified professionals*

*Source: 2019 IIBA Salary Survey

Adaptive US CBAP Training - Key Deliverables

100% Success guarantee | 100% Money back Guarantee | 100% Session Guarantee
IIBA Endorsed 35 IIBA PD Hours | World’s #1 CBAP V3 Training Provider - 360+ CBAPs

58 Hours of Live Training with Complete repeat option | Fortnightly Tutorials | Faculties part of IIBA Authoring & Exam Teams | Comprehensive CBAP Study Guide | 2300+ CBAP Model Questions | 6 CBAP Simulations | CBAP Application Filing Support | CBAP Mind maps | CBAP Audiobooks | CBAP Flashcards | Session Recordings | Faculty Presentations | Extended BABoK 600 terms Glossary | BABoK Based Workbook | BABoK Study Tables | BABoK Workbook | CBAP Prep Plan

What is CBAP?

The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) designation is the world's most acknowledged business analysis professional certification from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). CBAP requires 7500 hours of business analysis experience, 35 hours of training on Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABoK), 2 references, a signed code of conduct and an online test spanning 3.5 hours. CBAP is ideal for senior business analysis professionals with 5 or more years of experience

Why CBAP Certification?

The CBAP certification enables business analysts to move up in their career journey. CBAP certification holders on average earn 19% more salary compared to their non-certified counterparts. CBAP recipients perform better at work and show more confidence at work. Currently Adaptive has helped close to 340+ BAs to achieve CBAP certification.

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Customer Reviews on CBAP Certification Training

Highest recommendation for Adaptive US Inc! Their CCBA and CBAP courses were fundamental for me passing both exams on the first attempt. Adaptive offers online, instructor-led, interactive courses that engage the students, offer insights,

Denise David

I found Adaptive US when i was searching for a IIBA recognized institute for a CBAP education and learning via google search. The most impressive aspect of my journey with Adaptive started with the online human assistance. At some point i wasn't sure if i was dealing with a robot or a human help but then i was wowed by how quickly my questions were answered with nice details and the fact that i was successfully convinced to start the program immediately rather than postpone to another month. They also kept their promises (financial and training).

- Etoma Egot

I chose Adaptive for my course provider required for my CBAP certificate. Adaptive have great trainers who help make sense of the BABOK guide. Adaptive also have A LOT of resources online (question bank, audio guides, study material) so there’s plenty to keep you busy while you study.

- Jon Bryant

While preparing for CBAP, I realized it's a tough nut to crack and the questions were tricky. A friend suggested adaptive simulation tests for practice. I joined the adaptive workshop and cleared my exam within one month after my last session. The sessions from LN, Peter, Lora were helpful in understanding the BABOK terminology better. Though I have good BA experience, it's important to practice the simulation tests and understand how to manage time during the exam. The simulation tests and presentations from adaptive were close to real exam so we can decode the questions well. Adaptive also has lots of other blogs, study material that's helpful in this profession. I would recommend the adaptive workshops for anyone who is looking for CBAP preparation. Thanks to Adaptive and LN for taking up my questions in email even after the sessions and guiding me through my prep.

Bhavana Kandikonda

Preparing for CBAP with LN was a wonderful experience. He is very knowledgeable and exam oriented which really helped. The videos prepared on knowledge areas were also very helpful in brushing up the concepts before exam.

- Sujata Bapat

The course content is very comprehensive and easy to grasp. Course content i.e. study guide or question bank or presentation are very well designed and updated, that it spells out the important details with simplicity and explains the concept clearly image very short time. The coverage of techniques is interesting and are explained in relevance to the specific knowledge areas. overall I feel that the course is very comprehensive and I would recommend it for all aspiring CBAPV3 certifiers. Kudos to Ananya & Team !!

- Parag Shah

Many thanks to the entire Adaptive US team! They did an outstanding job at communicating the BABOK material, especially with some of the implicit concepts that needed to be elaborated on. I passed the exam two weeks after completing the program. This is truly one of the best CBAP prep programs out there!

- Dr. Michael White

Thank you Adaptive! With the support of Adaptive instructors LN Mishra, Lora McCoy, Peter Johnson, Adaptive support team and Adaptive online learning tools and test preparation system, I was able to pass the test from the first attempt.

- Svetlana Rozovsky

Adaptive’s study aids are excellent and will not only help you save time towards your CBAP prep but give you the confidence that you are actually grasping the concepts as you go through the study guide, question banks, videos, flash cards and the plethora of content they offer through their online platform. I signed up with Adaptive in August 2018 and passed my CBAP exam in November 2018 on the first attempt. I look forward to signing up with Adaptive in 2019 for the Agile certification workshop.

- Usman Khan

The Adaptive practice questions are an excellent resource to prepare for the CBAP exam. I completed all their simulation tests twice and reviewed the Questions explanations to be sure my understanding was correct, and concepts were fresh in my mind before the exam. If you want to pass the first time, practice is the answer.

- Angel Urquia




Peter Johnson CBAP

Part of BABoK V3 Authoring and Exam Team

Founder of IIBA New Jersey Chapter

30+ years of Business Analysis Experience


LN Mishra CBAP

Mentor to 500+ IIBA Certified Business Analysts

24+ years of Professional Experience in BA.

Part of IIBA V3 Exam Committee


Lora McCoy CBAP

Regional Director, IIBA Central Americas

Former President – IIBA Oklahoma Chapter

22+ years of BA experience


Tom Tomasovic IIBA-AAC

Agile BA Practitioner, CPRE Certified

B.S. Chemical Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

26+ years of BA experience

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Upcoming CBAP Instructor-Led Live Sessions Program Schedule

Weekday sessions can be organized for team trainings on request, Please send your request to Info@AdaptiveUS.com

Avail up to USD 200* Financial Aid on Any Upcoming ILT Training Booking (2020) Till 30th June

Whole of USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, India

Dates Month Program Code Days of the Week Timings
13 Jun 2020 - 05 Jul 2020JuneCBAP with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 12.00 ET - New York time
11 Jul 2020 - 02 Aug 2020JulyCBAP with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 12.00 ET - New York time
08 Aug 2020 - 30 Aug 2020AugustCBAP with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 12.00 ET - New York time
12 Sep 2020 - 04 Oct 2020SeptemberCBAP with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 12.00 ET - New York time
03 Oct 2020 - 25 Oct 2020OctoberCBAP with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 12.00 ET - New York time
31 Oct 2020 - 22 Nov 2020NovemberCBAP with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 12.00 ET - New York time
05 Dec 2020 - 27 Dec 2020DecemberCBAP with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 12.00 ET - New York time

USA West Coast, Canada West Coast

Dates Month Program Code Days of the Week Timings
12 Jun 2020 - 04 Jul 2020JuneCBAP with Success Guarantee Fri and Sat19.00 to 22.00 PT - Los Angeles time
07 Aug 2020 - 29 Aug 2020AugustCBAP with Success Guarantee Fri and Sat19.00 to 22.00 PT - Los Angeles time
02 Oct 2020 - 24 Oct 2020OctoberCBAP with Success Guarantee Fri and Sat19.00 to 22.00 PT - Los Angeles time
27 Nov 2020 - 19 Dec 2020NovemberCBAP with Success Guarantee Fri and Sat19.00 to 22.00 PT - Los Angeles time

Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka

Dates Month Program Code Days of the Week Timings
13 Jun 2020 - 05 Jul 2020JuneCBAP with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun10.00 to 13.00 Singapore Time
08 Aug 2020 - 30 Aug 2020AugustCBAP with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun10.00 to 13.00 Singapore Time
03 Oct 2020 - 25 Oct 2020OctoberCBAP with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun10.00 to 13.00 Singapore Time
28 Nov 2020 - 20 Dec 2020NovemberCBAP with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun10.00 to 13.00 Singapore Time

Whole of USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, India

Dates Month Program Code Days of the Week Timings
13 Jun 2020 - 04 Oct 2020JuneCBAP with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 12.00 ET - New York time
11 Jul 2020 - 25 Oct 2020JulyCBAP with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 12.00 ET - New York time
08 Aug 2020 - 22 Nov 2020AugustCBAP with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 12.00 ET - New York time
12 Sep 2020 - 27 Dec 2020SeptemberCBAP with Success Guarantee Sat and Sun9.00 to 12.00 ET - New York time

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What you will get from Adaptive US CBAP Certification Exam Training program

CBAP Training with Success Guarantee

We repay the exam retake fees if a participant fails to clear the exam in the first attempt. We stick our neck out for you. We succeed with your success and fail with your failure.

58 hrs of Instructor Led CBAP Training

The training is aligned to BABoK and comes with 35 IIBA PD hours/35 IIBA PDUs and 35 CDUs. It comes with 8 sessions of 3 hours each + live 1 hour exam prep tutorials for 6 months (2 mandatory + 8 optional) + provision to repeat full training

2300+ CBAP Practice Questions

This includes time based chapter end CBAP practice questions and 6 full length CBAP simulations comprising of 120 questions each, with unlimited number of attempts.The simulations also come with BABoK reference and explanation for correct answers

IIBA approved courseware

Adaptive provides downloadable courseware comprising of BABoK® based CBAP study guide, CBAP workbook to take notes while you learn, BABoK® based mind maps, CBAP glossary, CBAP study tables, faculty presentations etc.

BABoK V3 based CBAP Study Guide

Adaptive’s CBAP Study Guide is the most compact CBAP Study Guide. It has only 20% word count as compared to BABoK V3 which saves a significant amount of preparation time.

SuXeed offers you more

Detailed CBAP certification exam preparation plan on how to achieve the CBAP certification in 10 weeks.100+ CBAP exam tips and tricks on how to approach the exam, areas to focus, types of CBAP questions asked and more

Revisit what you learnt during the training

Adaptive offers CBAP class recordings to watch and refresh concepts later

Repeat the Entire Training

The participant can attend the entire training (8 sessions, 3 hours each) once again to reinforce the concepts.

Access to Live Exam Prep Tutorials for 6 months

Attend the exam prep tutorials and clarify all your queries with the faculty. Take the exam with complete confidence and no doubts in your mind!

File IIBA application confidently

Adaptive provides CBAP Application simulator fully aligned to IIBA CBAP requirements.

Learn on the go with CBAP Audiobooks!

Adaptive CBAP Audiobooks are structured as per the BABoK® knowledge areas and are a great resource to learn on the go

Access to faculty presentation

Adaptive provides access to to faculty presentations, which students can use to revise the concepts taught in the class

Make learning fun with CBAP Flashcards

Adaptive CBAP Flashcards are structured as per the BABoK knowledge areas and are a fun way to learn and test the terminologies of BABoK®

Over 10+ hours of CBAP Video learning

Adaptive’s Learning portal, SuXeed has 100+ byte-sized learning modules (each between 5 to 15 mins). It is compatible with all devices.

We support you till you Succeed

Our Success Rate is over 97%.We are just an email/ phone call away. Our training support team and faculties are there to help you with concept clarification and any other query till you become CBAP certified.

CBAP Training Program Description

The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) course by Adaptive US has been developed considering the growing needs of business analysts to take their career to greater heights by acquiring the coveted CBAP certification.

The intense CBAP certification training program crafted by expert IIBA certified instructors with over 25+ years of business analysis experience not only establishes a solid foundation on the industry best practices recommended by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) but also equips CBAP aspirants to face the CBAP certification examination confidently and crack it in the very first attempt.

Adaptive US’s Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) training is a highly interactive online training conducted using reliable web conferencing systems spanning over 4 weeks (8 classes of 3 hours each) + Exam Prep Tutorials. Expert faculty, who have been part of the IIBA v3 exam committee, conduct this intense CBAP preparation training.The training is fully aligned to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge(BABOK) v3.0 developed by IIBA.

Over the course of the training, CBAP aspirants will

  • Understand and learn the established business analysis practices that are outlined in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge(BABOK) v3.0
  • Gain competence in the 6 Knowledge Areas (BA Planning and Monitoring, Elicitation and Collaboration, Requirements Life Cycle Management, Strategy Analysis, Requirements Analysis and Design Definition and Solution Evaluation) and best practices outlined in BABoK Master the terminologies used in the BABOK
  • Acquire sound understanding of the role, competencies and skillsets required to become an effective and result-oriented business analyst
  • Learn how to manage stakeholders effectively
  • Gain practical insights into the principles and practices of business analysis
  • Learn how to identify and apply various tools and 50 BABoK techniques in business analysis scenarios. These are essential techniques in a Business Analyst’s toolkit
  • Gain competence on techniques related to requirements modelling like Use case diagrams, Data flow diagrams, State models, Class diagrams, Entity Relationship diagrams, Process models etc.
  • Interact with CBAP certified instructors and learn how to tackle the exam through CBAP practice tests and feedback.
  • Gain access to join live monthly Q&A webinars where participants can clarify all their doubts with CBAP certified instructors.
  • Be able to demonstrate continued dedication to the profession through recertification requirements

Change Location

Online Classroom

Attend interactive sessions by top-notch CBAP instructors with 25+ years of BA experience using web-based conferencing system at time slots that suit your convenience. Experience world class coaching at the comfort of your home.

Team/ Corporate/ Onsite Training

We provide carefully structured IIBA V3 programmes for team, corporate and onsite trainings to meet the growing demands of business analysis professionals and equip them to stay relevant in times of rapidly changing business environments.

Individual discount* | Brand ambassador award of USD 100 | Trailblazer award of USD 50

Corporate discount* | 15 % Discount for 5-10 participants | 20% Discount for more than 10 participants

Group discount* | 5% discount for 2 – 3 participants | 10% discount for 4-10 participants | 15% for more than 10 participants

*For more info about offers, terms & conditons, visit: offers

USD 250 Success guarantee | 100% Money back Guarantee | USD 50 Session Guarantee | World’s #1 CBAP Online Training Provider - 360+ CBAPs | Faculties part of IIBA Authoring & Exam Teams

About Adaptive US CBAP Success Guarantee

Adaptive US is the only training organization to offer Success Guarantee on your CBAP training. As part of the success guarantee, Adaptive refunds a one time retake fees of USD 250 for the CBAP retake examination, in the off-chance that a student fails to clear the exam in the first attempt after following our suggested approach. We succeed with your success and fail with your failure. View more details on success guarantee here.

Session Plans

  • Participant and faculty Introductions
  • IIBA Test Partners
  • Intro to Business Analysis
  • Intro to BABoK Knowledge Areas
  • BABoK Terminology
  • BABoK themes
  • BABoK Techniques Mind map
  • Basic Techniques for BA Planning
  • Basic Techniques for Elicitation
  • Basic Techniques for Life Cycle Management
  • Basic Techniques for Strategy Analysis
  • Basic Techniques for Req. Analysis
  • Basic Techniques for Solution Evaluation

    Intro to BA Planning and Monitoring

  • Plan BA Approach
  • Plan Stakeholder Engagement
  • Plan BA Governance
  • Plan BA Information Management
  • Identify BA Performance Improvements
  • Intro to Elicitation and Collaboration

  • Prepare for Elicitation
  • Conduct Elicitation
  • Confirm Elicitation Results
  • Communicate BA Information(Requirements)
  • Manage Stakeholder Collaboration

    Intro to Requirements life cycle management

  • Trace requirements
  • Maintain requirements
  • Prioritize requirements
  • Assess requirements changes
  • Approve requirements

    Intro to Strategy Analysis

  • Analyze Current State
  • Define Future State
  • Assess Risks
  • Define Change Strategy

    Intro to Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

  • Specify and model requirements
  • Verify requirements
  • Validate Requirements
  • Define Requirements architecture
  • Define Design Options
  • Intro to Solution Evaluation

  • Analyze potential value and recommend solution
  • Measure solution performance
  • Analyze performance measures
  • Assess solution limitations
  • Assess enterprise limitations
  • Recommend actions to increase solution value
  • How to attempt Scenario based Questions
  • Scenario based questions for BA Planning
  • Scenario based questions for Elicitation
  • Scenario based questions for Req. Life Cycle Management
  • Scenario based questions for Strategy Analysis
  • Scenario based questions for Req. Analysis
  • Scenario based questions for Solution Evaluation
  • How to attempt Case based Questions

    Advanced BA Techniques

  • Balanced scorecard
  • Business cases
  • Business model canvas
  • Decision analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Metrics and key performance indicators(KPIs)
  • Process analysis

    Case questions for

  • BA Planning and Monitoring
  • Elicitation
  • Strategy Analysis
  • How to attempt Case based Questions

    Advanced BA Techniques

  • Use case
  • Class diagram
  • Activity diagram
  • State diagram
  • Data mining
  • Sequence diagrams

    Case questions for

  • RAD
  • Req. LCM
  • Solution Evaluation
  • Application filing support
  • Questions discussions with trainer

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Case studies of career transformation with CBAP

CBAP certification truly gave me the edge I needed to realize my goals and aim higher - Ajay Mohod, Proud CBAP, Digital Transformation Manager, A Fortune 500 Organization
I was always passionate about the BA role. With the dream of excelling in my career, I decided to acquire the coveted CBAP certification and enrolled for Adaptive’s CBAP training. This proved to be the turning point of my career. Getting CBAP certified proved to be the accelerator in my career. The CBAP training improved my overall confidence, enhanced my BA skills and improved my proficiency at work. The CBAP training helped me to hone my BA skills and leveraged it in my BA role. I caught the attention of the management and was given better opportunities. I worked on key projects with some of the top global companies. I was even awarded for my work. Aiming higher I applied to a Fortune 500 company and was able to get my dream role of Sr. Manager- Digital Transformation & Market Research. Read my story…

-Ajay Mohod

Becoming CBAP certified worked wonders in my career and it can do for you too - Niranjan Chaudhari, Product Owner (Specialist)
I have always been passionate about my career as a BA and wanted to enhance it further and climb the ladders of success. I decided to take up the CBAP certification to aid me in successfully leading my team and making a mark of an effective BA. One of the best decisions I ever made was to join Adaptive’s CBAP training. The training sessions not only helped me to achieve my CBAP certification but have also helped me to become a better and effective BA at the workplace. Upon becoming CBAP certified, I was able to showcase value and dedication to my work with the utmost confidence. I was promoted within a year and this came with a significant pay raise. This was a dream come true moment for me. Read my story…

Niranjan Chaudhari

CBAP helped to put me ahead in my career. It definitely was the game changer for me! - Etoma Egot, Business Analyst Team Lead
With 8 Years of BA experience, the demand to mentor and lead other BAs significantly increased and I felt a greater desire to hone my BA skillsets. Craving for more knowledge and a global certification, I enrolled for the CBAP training with Adaptive US. With the help of Adaptive’s excellent guidance and resources, I passed my CBAP exam in the first attempt. With the learning & recognition that came with the CBAP certification, I got the senior management’s attention and was promoted to a BA Manager role. Getting certified was worth all the time and effort as it took my BA career to the next level. Read my story…

Etoma Egot

Adaptive US CBAP Certified Professionals

Adaptive US CBAP Certified Professionals List

S.No ↕ Name Certification Date City State Country
371Ami Fitzgerld, CBAP01 Jun 2020Afghanistan
370Christina Tan, CBAP29 May 2020Afghanistan
370Christina Tan, CBAP29 May 2020Greater Leeds AreaWest YorkshireUK
369Brandy Perdue, CBAP27 May 2020OrlandoFloridaUSA
368Eugenia Aristarkhova, CBAP26 May 2020RussiaRussiaRussia
367Noman Ahsan, CBAP20 May 2020SydneyAustraliaAustralia
366Melvyn W Anderson, CBAP19 May 2020AustinTexasUSA
365Sanjay Kumar Sharma, CBAP12 May 2020IndiaIndiaIndia
364Wael Altali, CBAP04 May 2020BostonMassachusettsUSA
363Fabio Luciano Grossi, CBAP04 May 2020MunichGermanyGermany
362Mary Kariuki, CBAP27 Apr 2020BaltimoreMarylandUSA
361Cathy Takahashi, CBAP26 Apr 2020MilpitasCaliforniaUSA
360Joseph Amash, CBAP25 Apr 2020RaleighNorth CarolinaUSA
359Usman Khan, CBAP18 Apr 2020BramptonOntarioCanada
358Farhana Hussain, CBAP08 Apr 2020PhoenixArizonaUSA
357Timothy Figueroa, CBAP01 Apr 2020ParkerColoradoUnited States
356Darryl D'cunha, CBAP23 Mar 2020TorontoOntarioCanada
355Toyin Oni, CBAP17 Mar 2020CanadaCanadaCanada
354Kelly Bendig, CBAP12 Mar 2020SaskatoonSaskatchewanCanada
353Ffion Fletcher, CBAP09 Mar 2020CaymanIslandsUK
352Liren, CBAP09 Mar 2020CalgaryAlbertaCanada
351Dhananjaya Y C, CBAP04 Mar 2020BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
350PRIYOJIT GANGULY, CBAP01 Mar 2020De PereWisconsinUSA
349Shingo Kobayashi, CBAP28 Feb 2020TokyoTokyoJapan
348Kosta Uzelac, CBAP28 Feb 2020CroatiaCroatiaEurope
347Amina Ahmed, CBAP21 Feb 2020MelbourneMelbourneAustralia
346Michael Rodriguez, CBAP19 Feb 2020RodriguezWashingtonUSA
345Ankit Jain, CBAP09 Feb 2020SydneyNew South WalesAustralia
344Naeem Akhtar Siddiqui, CBAP17 Jan 2020ChelseaUKUK
343Ragavendran Sathyamurthy, CBAP06 Jan 2020StamfordConnecticutUSA
342Mohammed Bilal, CBAP06 Jan 2020New yorkNew yorkUSA
341Christina Holley, CBAP06 Jan 2020RaleighNorth CarolinaUSA
340Vijayalakshmi Turnbull, CBAP31 Dec 2019SingaporeSingaporeSingapore
339Frederick Rickaby, CBAP29 Dec 2019CharlotteNorth CarolinaUSA
338Jonathan Lee, CBAP28 Dec 2019WestminsterCAUSA
337Samantha Carvalho, CBAP23 Dec 2019EverettMassachusettsUSA
336Hidayath Mohammed, CBAP23 Dec 2019BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
335Ali Jaafar, CBAP23 Dec 2019UKUKUK
334Adebiyi Babajide, CBAP19 Dec 2019WinnipegManitobaCanada
333Manbir Bawa, CBAP18 Dec 2019MechanicsburgPennsylvaniaUSA
332Ratnesh, CBAP12 Dec 2019HORNSBYNew South WalesAustralia
331Eniola Mofe-Damijo, CBAP10 Dec 2019WinnipegManitobaCanada
330Muhammad Arqam, CBAP09 Dec 2019RiyadhCentralSaudi Arabia
329Cheryl Kobiskie, CBAP02 Dec 2019kansas city metropolitan areaMissouriUSA
328Venu Adapala, CBAP02 Dec 2019BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
327Jiangdong LI, CBAP30 Nov 2019MadisonWisconsinUnited States
326Rajan Shenbaga, CBAP26 Nov 2019ChennaiTamil NaduIndia
325Nicoleta Radulet, CBAP21 Nov 2019BucurestiBucurestiRomania
324Amit Jain, CBAP21 Nov 2019DubaiDubaiUAE
323Mustafa Malik, CBAP04 Nov 2019Mississauga OntarioCanada
322Brian Megilligan, CBAP04 Nov 2019RaleighNorth CarolinaUSA
321Swetang Parikh, CBAP28 Oct 2019TorontoOntarioCanada
320Kiran Murthy, CBAP23 Oct 2019SingaporeSingaporeSingapore
319Assane BA, CBAP23 Oct 2019SherbrookeQuebecCanada
318antonio Olivieri, CBAP23 Oct 2019RomeRomeItaly
317Anaya Pawar, CBAP23 Oct 2019TroyMichiganUSA
316Ronald James Waicus, CBAP22 Oct 2019TorontoOntarioCanada
315Sheena Mujafideen, CBAP12 Oct 2019New York MetroNew York MetroUSA
314Marina Nicolaescu, CBAP12 Oct 2019MoldovaMoldovaEurope
313Kanimozhi Kasi, CBAP12 Oct 2019SingaporeSingaporeSingapore
312Christopher Prost, CBAP12 Oct 2019DetroitDetroitUSA
311Ramadoss Sathishkumar, CBAP19 Sep 2019SingaporeSingaporeSingapore
310Angel Urquia, CBAP14 Sep 2019TampaFloridaUSA
309Robert Wiencek, CBAP05 Sep 2019ZurichSwitzerlandSwitzerland
308Rennick Fernandez, CBAP10 Aug 2019ParramattaNew South WalesAustralia
307Sadaf Nabavi, CBAP09 Aug 2019MelbourneVictoriaAustralia
306Mariam Adeyoyin, CBAP09 Aug 2019BramptonOntarioCanada
305Karim Maalouf, CBAP09 Aug 2019Ain AarAin AarLebanon
304Asha Godavarthi, CBAP07 Aug 2019MelbourneVictoriaAustralia
303Karen P Adams, CBAP01 Aug 2019AtlantaGeorgiaUSA
302Nidhi Sharma, CBAP01 Aug 2019BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
301Mamta Varma, CBAP01 Aug 2019CalgaryAlbertaCanada
300Anulekha Gunasekaran, CBAP01 Aug 2019ChandlerArizonaUSA
299Shalini lal, CBAP01 Aug 2019DelhiUPIndia
298Tushar Nagpal, CBAP01 Aug 2019TorontoOntarioCanada
297Nathalie Sechi, CBAP01 Aug 2019MunichMunichGermany
296Varsha AGARWAL, CBAP01 Aug 2019ParkerCOUnited States
295Chioma Ogamba, CBAP30 Jul 2019CalgaryAlbertaCanada
294Jon Bryant, CBAP25 Jul 2019MeylanRhone AlpsFrance
293Nithiya Ugavina, CBAP23 Jul 2019MelbourneVictoriaAustralia
292Korede Ogunbamowo, CBAP17 Jul 2019EdmontonAlbertaCanada
291Giuseppe Migliano, CBAP09 Jul 2019CosenzaCosenzaItaly
290Tamara Copple, CBAP18 Jun 2019kansas city metropolitan areaMissouriUSA
289Swati Kavidayal, CBAP16 Jun 2019Dallas/Fort WorthTexasUSA
288Aditya Kapileshwarkar, CBAP10 Jun 2019BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
287Rehan Riaz Mohammed, CBAP04 Jun 2019HyderabadTelanganaIndia
286MOHAMMED ABO ELELLA, CBAP23 May 2019OttawaOntarioCanada
285Wenwei Yao, CBAP21 May 2019OttawaOntarioCanada
284Maher Almohamad,, CBAP15 May 2019MississaugaOntarioCanada
283Chamil Kulasekera, CBAP11 May 2019SydneyNew South WalesAustralia
282Anup Gupta, CBAP10 May 2019CharlotteNorth CarolinaUSA
281Anandhanatarajan R, CBAP04 May 2019BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
280Takuya Mizuguchi, CBAP10 Apr 2019New yorkNew yorkUSA
279Ahmed Abd Elghaffar Hussein, CBAP07 Apr 2019RiyadhSaudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
278Sneha Philip, CBAP04 Apr 2019CopenhagenDenmarkDenmark
277Denise David, CBAP02 Apr 2019WashingtonUSAUSA
276Ken Johnson, CBAP14 Mar 2019TaylorsSouth CarolinaUSA
275Pankaj Sharma, CBAP13 Mar 2019MississaugaOntarioCanada
274Moazam Shaharan, CBAP13 Mar 2019LahorePUNJABPakistan
273Areej Fouad, CBAP13 Mar 2019CairoEgyptEgypt
272tolulope oladimeji, CBAP13 Mar 2019EdmontonAlbertaCanada
271Ashwini Sheth, CBAP13 Mar 2019MorrisvilleMorrisvilleUSA
270Niranjan Chaudhari, CBAP07 Mar 2019HyderabadIndiaIndia
269Abhishek Kumar, CBAP07 Mar 2019DubaiUAEUAE
268Amy Bretherick Gangl, CBAP06 Mar 2019Mount JoyPennsylvaniaUSA
267Qin Chen, CBAP05 Mar 2019MARKHAMCanadaCanada
266Megha Kochhar, CBAP18 Feb 2019New DelhiNew DelhiIndia
265Logambal Vijayaraj, CBAP18 Feb 2019MelbourneVictoriaAustralia
264Ulaganayaki R, CBAP01 Feb 2019BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
263Manoj Ambardekar, CBAP12 Jan 2019MississaugaCanadaCanada
262Swapnil Gandhi, CBAP09 Jan 2019Lower HuttWellingtonNew Zealand
261Isuru Sirinimal, CBAP28 Dec 2018ColomboColomboSri Lanka
260Svetlana Rozovsky, CBAP24 Dec 2018Franklin LakesNew JerseyUSA
259Lorelei Newell, CBAP19 Dec 2018Conception Bay SouthNewfoundland and LabradorCanada
258Parthasarathi Thukkiannan, CBAP19 Dec 2018CharlotteNorth CarolinaUSA
257Gaurav Upmanyu, CBAP04 Dec 2018BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
256Karena Ivey, CBAP03 Dec 2018MiramarFloridaUSA
255Elizabeth Bright, CBAP27 Nov 2018MeridianIdahoUSA
254Joseph Hamilton, CBAP26 Nov 2018HelenaMontanaUSA
253Sezgin Kopmus, CBAP20 Nov 2018HatayHatayTurkey
252ramon pena, CBAP03 Nov 2018TorontoOntarioCanada
251Jean Edwidge Luxama, CBAP29 Oct 2018MontrealQuebecCanada
250Sweta Mishra, CBAP29 Oct 2018CaryNorth CarolinaUSA
249Wael alsulmy, CBAP21 Oct 2018RiyadhRiyadhSaudi Arabia
248Massieh Hashimi, CBAP13 Oct 2018IrvineCaliforniaUSA
247Chris Masson, CBAP08 Oct 2018PhoenixArizonaUSA
246Curtis Ralph, CBAP28 Sep 2018TorontoOntarioCanada
245Mohamed Zahran, CBAP24 Sep 2018CairoCairoEgypt
244Etoma Egot, CBAP19 Sep 2018MunichBavariaGermany
243Jatin Ajmera, CBAP12 Sep 2018MumbaiNetherlands
242AbdelRahman Bahij, CBAP06 Sep 2018CairoCairoEgypt
241Austin Abiiba, CBAP16 Aug 2018CalgaryAlbertaCanada
240Tendai Chakabuda, CBAP14 Aug 2018JohannesburgGautengSouth Africa
239Grace Candida David, CBAP07 Aug 2018BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
238Prabudh Singh, CBAP07 Aug 2018BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
237Meenakshi Ganesh Kumar, CBAP07 Aug 2018BengaluruKarnatakaIndia
236Arpit Gupta, CBAP05 Aug 2018DubaiDubaiUAE
235Cristina Dickinson, CBAP02 Aug 2018RoanokeTexasUSA
234Jeffry Juadiong, CBAP31 Jul 2018WinnipegManitobaCanada
233Kiran Thonduru, CBAP26 Jul 2018MississaugaOntarioCanada
232Michael White, CBAP10 Jul 2018DetroitMichiganUSA
231Kanwalpreet Kaur, CBAP10 Jul 2018Lower HuttWellingtonNew Zealand
230Shaini Menon, CBAP09 Jul 2018VadodaraGujaratIndia
229Dhiraj Kumar, CBAP02 Jul 2018BangaloreBangaloreIndia
228Dinesh Shendkar, CBAP26 Jun 2018PuneMaharashtraIndia
227Neale Siebert, CBAP19 Jun 2018ManlyNSWAustralia
226Adam Newbold, CBAP19 Jun 2018SheffieldSouth YorkshireUK
225Manasa Tadipathri, CBAP12 Jun 2018PerthWestern AustraliaAustralia
224Shrikant Jodhwani, CBAP11 Jun 2018PraguePragueCzech Republic
223Carlos del Valle, CBAP08 Jun 2018BaltimoreMarylandUSA
222Annalisa Meryment, CBAP05 Jun 2018St IvesNSWAustralia
221Kavitha Krishnaswamy, CBAP29 May 2018BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
220Michelle Clark, CBAP21 May 2018PeterboroughOntarioCanada
219Mohammad Nazim Uddin, CBAP13 May 2018AjmanAjmanUAE
218Gautam Aneja, CBAP30 Apr 2018North PlainfieldNew JerseyUSA
217Sheldine Brathwaite, CBAP28 Apr 2018JERSEY CITYNew JerseyUSA
216Andrea Smith, CBAP28 Apr 2018RochesterMinnesotaUSA
215Andrei kavalchuk, CBAP26 Apr 2018MinskUSABelarus
214Halah Jawhar, CBAP16 Apr 2018BeirutBeirutLebanon
213Dhanushka Gunathissa, CBAP15 Apr 2018SydneyOtherAustralia
212Gabriel Shoremi, CBAP12 Apr 2018DarlingtonDarlingtonUK
211Bhavana Kandikonda, CBAP09 Apr 2018ChennaiChennaiIndia
210Dayita Suvarna, CBAP09 Apr 2018MumbaiMaharashtraIndia
209Bilal Drouby, CBAP28 Mar 2018RiyadhRiyadhSaudi Arabia
208Parul Singh, CBAP27 Mar 2018BangaloreBangaloreIndia
207Daravane Castillo, CBAP26 Mar 2018FremontMichiganUSA
206Deepika Sehajpal, CBAP22 Mar 2018SydneyNew South WalesAustralia
205Saurabh Mudgal, CBAP13 Mar 2018SydneyNSWAustralia
204Laleh Haerian Ardekani, CBAP09 Mar 2018BurlingtonOntarioCanada
203Leena Gulabrao, CBAP06 Mar 2018ChatsworthCaliforniaUSA
202Anndria Wilkinson, CBAP02 Mar 2018GambrillsMarylandUSA
201Mahadeva Rajan Talluri, CBAP27 Feb 2018MelbourneVictoriaAustralia
200Neeharika Madepally, CBAP17 Feb 2018HyderabadTelanganaIndia
199Amro Kandeil, CBAP11 Feb 2018AlexandriaSaudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
198Amro Kamal, CBAP09 Feb 2018RiyadhOtherSaudi Arabia
196Roman Grishpul, CBAP03 Feb 2018Richmond HillOntarioCanada
195reena Varghese, CBAP31 Jan 2018DubaiUAEUAE
194Mangai Sivakumar, CBAP29 Jan 2018MississaugaOntarioCanada
193Kamaldeep Singh, CBAP24 Jan 2018DubaiDubaiUAE
192Karina Finkbeiner, CBAP22 Jan 2018SimpsonvilleSouth CarolinaUSA
191Nithya Rangarajan, CBAP22 Jan 2018SingaporeSingaporeSingapore
190Arpit Garg, CBAP20 Jan 2018TorranceCaliforniaUSA
189Sreeja Prabhakaran, CBAP20 Jan 2018WashingtonVirginiaUSA
188Vinod Ramoutar, CBAP19 Jan 2018JERSEY CITYNew JerseyUSA
187Sujata Bapat, CBAP09 Jan 2018CalgaryAlbertaCanada
186Arun Pratap Arul, CBAP09 Jan 2018MelbourneVictoriaAustralia
185elnora chikaka, CBAP09 Jan 2018coatesvillePennsylvaniaUSA
184Philip Segynola, CBAP08 Jan 2018EdmontonAlbertaCanada
183Esther Shalini Rajasekaran, CBAP08 Jan 2018TorontoOntarioCanada
182Ramnarayan, CBAP05 Jan 2018TorontoOntarioCanada
181Louis Shitandi, CBAP05 Jan 2018NairobiBungoma CountyKenya
180Samuel Aderemi, CBAP30 Dec 2017EdmontonAlbertaCanada
179Robert P. Churchill, CBAP29 Dec 2017KensingtonKensingtonUSA
178Roberta Burroughs, CBAP29 Dec 2017clintonMarylandUSA
177Kingsley Ezeonyeka, CBAP26 Dec 2017YabaAbujaNigeria
176Ankit Mathur, CBAP22 Dec 2017Liberty TownshipOhioUSA
175Nadia Regazzetti, CBAP19 Dec 2017GenevaFrance
174Muhammad Sohail, CBAP19 Dec 2017WHITBYOntarioCanada
173Kasia Hamann, CBAP08 Dec 2017SydneyNew South WalesAustralia
172Srividya Balachandar, CBAP06 Dec 2017SydneyNew South WalesAustralia
171Pravin Kumbhar, CBAP05 Dec 2017MelbourneVICAustralia
170Waseem Ramzan, CBAP27 Nov 2017JeddahMakkahSaudi Arabia
169Alok Lanka, CBAP26 Nov 2017MumbaiOntarioCanada
168Steven Godziuk, CBAP24 Nov 2017CalgaryAlbertaCanada
167Lance Cross, CBAP22 Nov 2017ChandlerArizonaUSA
166Yasser Talat, CBAP13 Nov 2017GizaGizaEgypt
165Ved Singh, CBAP06 Nov 2017MelbourneVICIndia
164Stuart Houlahan, CBAP30 Oct 2017WellingtonOntarioCanada
163Chanchal Preet Singh Kathuria, CBAP18 Oct 2017VOORBURGVOORBURGNetherlands
162Kuldeep Sharma, CBAP11 Oct 2017MelbourneVictoriaAustralia
161Pranitha Seeram, CBAP04 Oct 2017WaxhawNorth CarolinaUSA
160Conrad Jackson, CBAP30 Sep 2017TorontoOntarioCanada
159Lynne Miller, CBAP27 Sep 2017DurbanKwaZulu-NatalSouth Africa
158Rohit Singh, CBAP25 Sep 2017BangaloreDubaiIndia
157Pawan Kumar Sharma, CBAP23 Sep 2017TexasTexasUSA
156Khalid, CBAP19 Sep 2017DubaiAbu DhabiUAE
155Susan Thomas, CBAP16 Sep 2017TorontoOntarioCanada
154Umamaheswari Mahalingam, CBAP15 Sep 2017Virginia beachVirginiaUSA
153Mahalakshmi Annavarapu, CBAP11 Sep 2017ClarksburgMarylandUSA
152Pavan Mondreti, CBAP08 Sep 2017Scarborough, TorontoOntarioCanada
151Suman Val, CBAP31 Aug 2017SydneyOtherAustralia
150Keerti, CBAP28 Aug 2017MiamiFloridaUSA
149Ryan Sette, CBAP28 Aug 2017Green BayWisconsinUSA
148Shobhit Kaushik, CBAP21 Aug 2017GurgaonGurgaonIndia
147Rachit Khandelwal, CBAP18 Aug 2017TucsonArizonaUSA
146Juan Lemoine, CBAP17 Aug 2017GlandOtherSwitzerland
145Abhijeet Goswami, CBAP15 Aug 2017SydneyNSWAustralia
144Ashish Malhotra, CBAP14 Aug 2017PunePuneIndia
143Shalini Nithiyanantham, CBAP06 Aug 2017IrvingTexasUSA
142Vincenzo Quinto, CBAP27 Jul 2017MilanoMilanoItaly
141Chaitanya Konkepudi, CBAP13 Jul 2017MelbourneVictoriaAustralia
140Vednarayan Bhat, CBAP12 Jul 2017BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
139Ginna Largo, CBAP12 Jul 2017Bogotá D.C. AreaCundinamarcaColumbia
138Sheeba Oommen, CBAP12 Jul 2017MelbourneVictoriaAustralia
137Rupa kamat, CBAP10 Jul 2017PuneMaharashtraIndia
136Farhad khakpoor, CBAP08 Jul 2017North YorkOntarioCanada
135Parag Shah, CBAP04 Jul 2017AmstelveenNetherlands
134Nancy Goldberg, CBAP26 Jun 2017Silver SpringMarylandUSA
133Prasanna Tamang, CBAP20 Jun 2017DubaiDubaiUAE
132Pawan Kumar, CBAP18 Jun 2017FortworthTexasUSA
131Smita Borhade, CBAP12 Jun 2017PuneMaharashtraIndia
130Mrinalika Akula, CBAP28 May 2017ChennaiChennaiIndia
129Alena Huniova, CBAP20 May 2017BelmontMassachusettsUSA
128PAHUL GUPTA, CBAP04 May 2017TruganinaVICAustralia
127Alexander Teleki, CBAP02 May 2017Grand SaconnexGenevaSwitzerland
126Dahlia Biazid, CBAP27 Apr 2017CairoCairoEgypt
125Jitendra Jadeja, CBAP25 Apr 2017MelbourneVICAustralia
124Panduranga Vittal, CBAP07 Apr 2017BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
123Rajan Kumar, CBAP31 Mar 2017JERSEY CITYNew JerseyUSA
122Thomas S, CBAP11 Mar 2017New yorkNew yorkUSA
121Rajesh Sharma, CBAP03 Mar 2017SydneyOtherAustralia
120Rohan Vashisht, CBAP28 Feb 2017ColumbusOhioUSA
119Abhijit Maity, CBAP23 Feb 2017ChandrapurMaharashtraIndia
118Mushabber Zaidi, CBAP21 Feb 2017AustinTexasUSA
117Kingsley Awuku, CBAP31 Jan 2017Saint Genis PouillySaint Genis PouillyFrance
116Chaitanya, CBAP26 Jan 2017MelbourneOtherAustralia
115Sreenath Babu V, CBAP22 Jan 2017ChennaiTamil NaduIndia
114Gaurav Sehrawat, CBAP27 Dec 2016TorontoOntarioCanada
113Suneil Shrivastav, CBAP27 Dec 2016TorontoOntarioCanada
112Jayaradika, CBAP30 Nov 2016BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
111Vinod Nagarajan R, CBAP23 Sep 2016TrivandrumKeralaIndia
110Manivel K, CBAP22 Sep 2016ChennaiChennaiIndia
109Salil Tambulwadkar, CBAP22 Sep 2016MumbaiMaharashtraIndia
108Shyam Nitinkumar Khatri, CBAP22 Sep 2016SydneyMaharashtraIndia
107Hadi, CBAP22 Sep 2016MumbaiMaharashtraIndia
106Rupendra, CBAP22 Sep 2016IrvingTexasUSA
105Larry Staley, CBAP21 Sep 2016Foster CityCaliforniaUSA
104Dhanya Nair, CBAP21 Sep 2016KasaragodKasaragodIndia
103Pranav Bhatnagar, CBAP21 Sep 2016BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
102Piyush Panda, CBAP21 Sep 2016BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
101Garima Jain, CBAP21 Sep 2016SydneyNSWAustralia
100Malvika Das, CBAP21 Sep 2016PuneMaharashtraIndia
99Premjith Arvindan, CBAP21 Sep 2016CoimbatoreTamil NaduIndia
98Mahesh Achar, CBAP20 Sep 2016BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
97robert miller, CBAP20 Sep 2016ErieMarylandUSA
96Harshit Bhalla, CBAP20 Sep 2016GurdaspurHaryanaIndia
95Thomas Simonsen, CBAP20 Sep 2016SidcupKentUK
94Zubeda Shaik, CBAP20 Sep 2016BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
93Daniel Fagbohun, CBAP19 Sep 2016New yorkNew yorkUSA
92Deepak Mahobia, CBAP19 Sep 2016BangaloreBangaloreIndia
91Geetha Muralidharan, CBAP18 Sep 2016TorontoOntarioCanada
90Ramya Rangaswamy, CBAP17 Sep 2016CharlotteNorth CarolinaUSA
89Sudha Saini, CBAP15 Sep 2016New DelhiNew DelhiIndia
88Satya Swaroop P, CBAP15 Sep 2016McKinneyTexasUSA
87Aashish Mangal, CBAP12 Sep 2016PuneTelanganaIndia
86Tejpaul Adidela, CBAP11 Sep 2016WeymouthMassachusettsUSA
85Sunny Jaiswal, CBAP07 Sep 2016PuneMaharashtraIndia
84Koyelia Ghosh Roy, CBAP06 Sep 2016SingaporeSingaporeSingapore
83Rajesh, CBAP31 Aug 2016AmsterdamOtherNetherlands
82Amit Joshi, CBAP30 Aug 2016BangaloreBangaloreIndia
81Sharika Dilip, CBAP29 Aug 2016SydneyNew South WalesAustralia
80Mini Jain, CBAP29 Aug 2016BangaloreBangaloreIndia
79Aditi Shewde, CBAP29 Aug 2016MumbaiMaharashtraIndia
78Bhavin, CBAP29 Aug 2016ChantillyVirginiaUSA
77Monita, CBAP28 Aug 2016Abu DhabiOtherUAE
76Anil Samuel, CBAP23 Aug 2016BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
75Lata, CBAP19 Aug 2016PuneMaharashtraIndia
74Rakesh Prakash, CBAP18 Aug 2016BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
73Lokesh Hanumappa, CBAP02 Aug 2016BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
72Sujith Baburajan, CBAP01 Aug 2016ThrissurKeralaIndia
71Susmita Dutta, CBAP26 Jul 2016SydneyNSWAustralia
70Vasudha Bagul, CBAP22 Jul 2016MelbourneVICAustralia
69Ritesh Srivastava, CBAP19 Jul 2016BengaluruBengaluruIndia
68Gaurav Aggarwal, CBAP18 Jul 2016DublinOtherIreland
67Vignesh Damodharan, CBAP24 Jun 2016CoimbatoreTamil NaduIndia
66Jayaradika Janardanan, CBAP16 Jun 2016BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
65Sreelakshmi V, CBAP15 Jun 2016ThrissurKeralaIndia
64Mrunal Moghe, CBAP20 May 2016PunePuneIndia
63Ajay Mohod, CBAP26 Apr 2016PuneMaharashtraIndia
62Rishi Raj, CBAP19 Apr 2016GurgaonHaryanaIndia
61Prajapat Manish, CBAP28 Mar 2016BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
60Kumar, CBAP30 Jan 2016New JerseyNew JerseyUSA
59Dipajyoti, CBAP16 Jan 2016BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
58T Tinku, CBAP03 Dec 2015TrivandrumKeralaIndia
57Venkat, CBAP29 Oct 2015SingaporeSingaporeSingapore
56Roopanvi, CBAP21 Oct 2015WeymouthMassachusettsUSA
55Gautham Manghnani, CBAP06 Oct 2015New yorkNew yorkUSA
54Nirmal Joshi, CBAP06 Oct 2015PuneMaharashtraIndia
53Omprakash Kesari, CBAP22 Sep 2015New DelhiNew DelhiIndia
52Sandeep Kumar Yadav, CBAP13 Aug 2015GhaziabadUPIndia
51Neha Agarwal, CBAP15 Jun 2015NoidaUPIndia
50Yutaka Takeda, CBAP07 Jun 2015TokyoTokyoJapan
49Sudeep Peter, CBAP25 May 2015ThiruvanthapuramKeralaIndia
48Ashish Talwar, CBAP06 May 2015PuneMaharashtraIndia
47Anthony Salamay , CBAP13 Dec 2014WestervilleOhioUSA
46Ashwini Shepal, CBAP04 Dec 2014PuneMaharashtraIndia
45Aju Abraham Thomas, CBAP03 Nov 2014IndianaIndianaUSA
44Anjani Kumar Srivastava, CBAP29 Oct 2014BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
43Sabiha T Shaik, CBAP24 Oct 2014Little RockArkansasUSA
42Manish Devija, CBAP08 Oct 2014MumbaiMaharashtraIndia
41Ramya Rajendran, CBAP02 Oct 2014CharlotteNorth CarolinaUSA
40Sowmya Nagarajan, CBAP23 Sep 2014FremontCaliforniaUSA
39Chirantan Mukherji, CBAP16 Sep 2014MumbaiMumbaiIndia
38Arvind Chandran Anandan, CBAP04 Sep 2014ClevelandOhioUSA
37Dharmesh Hingu, CBAP12 Aug 2014SydneySydneyAustralia
36Neeraj Shrivastava , CBAP02 Jul 2014DelhiOtherIndia
35Rahul Sasiraj, CBAP30 May 2014DartfordDartfordUK
34Chaya Mathew, CBAP29 Apr 2014DubaiOtherUAE
33Josie George, CBAP28 Apr 2014TorontoOntarioCanada
32Kedar Sanjay Vaidya, CBAP28 Apr 2014PuneMaharashtraIndia
31Kishore Boddupally, CBAP15 Mar 2014HyderabadTelanganaIndia
30Varun Nadgouda, CBAP26 Feb 2014PuneMaharashtraIndia
29Kai Yuan Chuang , CBAP24 Jan 2014ShenzhenGaungdongChina
28Kiran Narendran, CBAP13 Dec 2013CochinKeralaIndia
27Bashir Shafii, CBAP04 Dec 2013MinneapolisMinnesotaUSA
26ASHUTOSH SHARMA, CBAP07 Oct 2013WindsorConnecticutUSA
25Snehal Kulthe, CBAP25 Sep 2013DubaiOtherUAE
24Amit Muralkar, CBAP24 Sep 2013PuneMaharashtraIndia
23Kshitij Sharma, CBAP02 Sep 2013FaridabadHaryanaIndia
22Veneet Dhawan, CBAP19 Aug 2013New DelhiNew DelhiIndia
21Neeraj Kumar, CBAP14 Aug 2013MumbaiHaryanaIndia
20Bharat Sharma, CBAP13 Aug 2013AucklandAucklandNew Zealand
19SAMIR LINGWAL, CBAP05 Aug 2013BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
18Smruti Ranjan Sarangi, CBAP15 Apr 2013BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
17Rajeev Chowdary, CBAP15 Mar 2013MalbonOtherAustralia
15Girish Shurpali, CBAP01 Feb 2013AtlantaGeorgiaUSA
14Vinod Rajan, CBAP21 Dec 2012CochinOutside U.S./CaIndia
13Abhishek Bhalerao, CBAP07 Dec 2012PunePuneIndia
12Harit Bhasin, CBAP27 Oct 2012New DelhiDelhiIndia
11Bijay Jyotishi, CBAP28 Sep 2012BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
10Thilak Sriram P, CBAP25 Sep 2012MunichOtherGermany
9Venkata Suresh kumar Alapati, CBAP17 Sep 2012MorrisvilleNorth CarolinaUSA
8Sandhya Sreedhar, CBAP04 Sep 2012AtlantaGeorgiaUSA
7Sameer Khedkar, CBAP28 Jul 2012MumbaiMumbaiIndia
6Laxminarayan Mishra, CBAP26 Mar 2012BangaloreKarnatakaIndia
5Mansoor Jafri, CBAP27 Feb 2012MississaugaOntarioCanada
4Prashant Dhoot, CBAP15 Feb 2012Greater NashvilleTennesseeUSA
3Nitin Juneja, CBAP10 Feb 2012TorontoOntarioCanada
2Susan Alexander, CBAP23 Apr 2011WashingtonDistrict Of ColumbiaUSA
1Kathryn Wilson, CBAP12 Jun 2009LondonNorth CarolinaUSA

All About CBAP Certification

Technology today offers tremendous opportunities to improve businesses. Business Analyst is a role where one can contribute to the organizations strategy, its offerings, its revenue, and its margin. It offers great opportunity to interact with many stakeholders, develop innovative solutions and improving existing solutions. Business Analysts are the bridge between Business stakeholders and Technology Architects. The demand for Business Analysts is at an all-time high and the benefits are worth taking-up business analysis as a career choice. As a Business Analyst, one will always have a challenging and a new job role or project in hand due to the uniqueness of each problem in varied companies. The CBAP is among the most popular certification courses for Business Analysts and is an infallible way to a successful career. Some of the benefits of getting CBAP certified are:

  • According to the 2019 Business Analysis Salary Survey Report by IIBA, BAs who hold an IIBA CBAP(R) certification earn 19% more than non-certified individuals.

  • CBAP is an established credential and makes a business analysts competence known and recognized globally by peers and management.
  • It provides better career growth and job opportunities.
  • The knowledge and skills acquired through the CBAP certification enables one to become an effective and efficient BA.
  • It demonstrates continuous dedication to the profession to prospective employers.
  • It helps BAs achieve reliable, quality results with enhanced efficiency and consistency.
  • Industry reports predict that business analysis will be one of the fastest growing IT occupations and one of the top desired skills for tech workers.
  • It also gives a positive feeling and enhanced confidence about achieving a milestone in ones BA career.

    The CBAP certification is for:
  • Senior business analysts
  • Current CCBAs
  • Product Managers
  • BA Consultants
  • Trainers

The CBAP certification from IIBA is aimed at business analysis professionals having 5 years of experience. It is a competency-based certification based on BABoK v3. To earn the CBAP certification, applicants must meet the following criteria:

The eligibility criteria of CBAP are- 1. 7500 hours in the last 10 years, 900 hours of which should be in four out of the six BABOK® Guide Version 3 Knowledge areas
2. 35 hours of Professional Development in the past four years
3. Two references from a career manager, client or Certified Business Analysis Professional CBAP®
4. A Signed Code of Conduct with IIBA

Adaptive US provides CBAP application review and filing support There is a good chance that you may ignore some part of your work experience and not count them as relevant BA experience.This certification is most suited for senior business analysts having a minimum of 5 years of experience performing the business analysis tasks.

What counts as a business analysis experience

  • Requirements gathering and elicitation
  • Requirements management
  • Requirements analysis
  • Process analysis
  • Process Mapping
  • Process Modeling
  • Process set up/definition
  • Requirements planning
  • Solution evaluation
  • The solution set up/structuring
  • Solution selection
  • ERP implementation-related activities

What does not count as a business analysis experience

  • Managing requirements engineers
  • Design/Development
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Project Management
  • Status Reporting
  • Operations

As part of the Adaptive US CBAP training program, the coach will guide you through the entire CBAP application filing process

The application for CBAP Certi�cation Exam happens through the IIBA website. The detailed steps on how to fill the IIBA application form in the IIBA website can be found in the CBAP Handbook:

Adaptive US offers a CBAP application simulator, which takes care of all the requirements from IIBA for the CBAP certification examination.

Individuals who have attained the CBAP designation must demonstrate an ongoing professional commitment to the business analysis profession by satisfying the CBAP Recertification program. Please check the Recertification Handbook for details:Here

The CBAP certification is achieved after appearing for the CBAP exam which is 3.5 hours long. The exam has 120 multiple choice questions with only one correct option.

  • The CBAP questions are scenario-based (~65-70%) and case study based (~30-35%).
  • Case study based are longer cases (1-1.5 pages) of information with multiple questions about the case 3 to 5 questions each
  • The exam assesses the candidates practical application of the defined competencies for this level 3 certification in the IIBA Certification Framework. The current CBAP exam pattern is based on v3.0 of the BABOK Guide is as follows:

    Examination weightage KA wise

    Business analysis planning and monitoring14%
    Elicitation and collaboration12%
    Requirements life cycle management15%
    Strategy analysis15%
    Requirements analysis and design definition30%
    Solution evaluation14%

The CBAP cost is as follows:

First attempt CBAP exam fee is $325.00 USD for IIBA members and $450.00 USD for non-members, plus GST/HST for Canadian residentsSecond attempt CBAP exam fee is $250.00 USD for IIBA members and $375.00 USD for non-members, plus GST/HST for Canadian residentsThe CBAP application fee to paid to IIBA is $125 for IIBA members as well as non-members, plus GST/HST for Canadian residents.
View more details on CBAP certification cost.

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The CBAP® certification is provided by the IIBA.

According to the 2019 Annual Business Analysis Salary Survey Summary Report by IIBA, CBAP holders earn 19% more than non-certified respondents. The global average salary of a CBAP holder is $81,852.

You will get 35 IIBA PD hours/35 IIBA PDUs and 35 CDU credits on completion of the course.35 IIBA PD hours/35 IIBA PDUs can be claimed by participants who wish to write the CBAP or CCBA Certification exam, as this is mandated by IIBA as a pre-requisite to appear for the exam.35 CDUs will be claimed by participants who are already certified by IIBA® (either CBAP or CCBA) and need to accumulate 60 CDUs every 3 years to renew their certification.

We typically recommend 150-200 hours of preparation after attending the CBAP training session. Follow the below given process to ace the exam:

  • Prepare a schedule and stick to the schedule (Download the CBAP exam study preparation plan from SuXeed )
  • Start your preparation with the Adaptive CBAP study guide
  • Take up one chapter at a time from the Adaptive US CBAP Study guide and test your understanding with the chapter based scenario and case study questions
  • Complete the IIBA application filing with Adaptive US CBAP application simulator that we provide as part of the CBAP training deliverable
  • Revise the concepts by reading the Adaptive US CBAP Study guide 2/3 times and BABoK Study guide 2/3 times
  • Attempt the 6 Adaptive US CBAP simulations comprising of 120 questions and review incorrect answers. In total, Adaptive provides 2300+ CBAP model questions to test your preparation
  • Once you score about 85%+ in the CBAP model questions, you are ready to appear for the CBAP exam
  • Book your exam dates 4 or 6 weeks later, preferably on a Monday
  • Take the exam and become a proud holder of the CBAP® credential

All candidates who wish to take IIBA® certifications must read and agree to a mandatory Code of Conduct prior to applying in order to be able to proceed with your application.For more information on this, please visit: iiba.org

There is 125 USD discount for IIBA members on the examination fees.

There is no official data from IIBA to answer this question as IIBA does not disclose this information. However, from our experience and the experience of our past CBAP participants, we know that it is safe to assume that the CBAP exam passing score is more than 70%. Hence, we suggest targeting 85%+ in the CBAP mock tests in order to be successful in the CBAP final exam.

CBAP self-study is not recommended for the following reasons:

  • You need 35 PDUs for the IIBA application process and PD hours are obtained only from the live training.
  • Clearing CBAP is quite hard as there are no direct questions
  • All the questions require deeper understanding of concepts, tasks and techniques, which comes only with the guidance, and mentoring of experienced coaches and study materials.
  • Time management remains a big challenge till date and the exam prep tricks and tips from our coaches helps our participants to sail through this challenge.

The CBAP exam candidates will be notified immediately on screen once they submit their computer-based exam. For those who fail the exam, they will be provided with additional information, specifically the Knowledge Areas that require their attention.

You may take the exam up to 3 times within the 1-year application expiry period. There is no wait time between exam sittings. If you take the exam all 3 times and do not pass, you must wait until your application expires before you can reapply

Read about the benefits of CBAP mentioned in first FAQ.

The CBAP® opens doors to a rewarding and successful career in business analysis. It gives greater confidence and fulfilment at work. The CBAP salary increase that comes with attaining a CBAP credential from IIBA is totally worth it in comparison to the investment that has to be made into it. It also gives you an opportunity to become part of an elite group of professionals who are known for their dedication and commitment to the field of business analysis.

Read on to move ahead in your BA career.

Yes, you have been a Business Analyst, done and lived the analyst role, been through all this, now it doesnt seem so interesting anymore.

Is this something you have been as a Senior BA and BA Managers been through?


So what next?

Here is a very broad guideline for the career progression of a BA.

Four common career paths BAs can pursue are:
1. Business analysis
2. Product management
3. Project management
4. Consulting

However having said that it depends on the persons interest, domain/technical knowledge, interest to learn new concepts and risk-taking ability which determines largely the career progress.

If you are risk-taking and open to learn new concepts/domain you can change your domain and move to a new field and establish yourself to be a good player in the field. This gives you good exposure and makes your career prospects broader. That makes you a good candidate for a senior executive position.

If you love what you are good at and aim to become an expert in the same without changing gears then you can master your domain including getting into other areas in the same domain. This can include having a good hold on the tools and products prevalent in the domain. This can make you a great specialist and unique in the field, which is invaluable for your career.

You can make yourself a great consultant in a particular field and can think of working with multiple clients to give them a part of your time and expert guidance. In return, this gives you the flexibility and the rich experience of working with multiple clients.

There is no better time than now to start something good.

Go and Kiss the world as per your taste and interest, the world is all yours if you can make it and believe in yourself.

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