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ECBA, or the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis, is the first level of certification by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), Canada. As per IIBA, ECBA "covers the foundational knowledge on business analysis according to the BABOK Guide and showcases that you have the core knowledge and competencies for the in–demand field of business analysis.

ECBA certification is ideal for individuals entering the field of business analysis. ECBA™ recognizes individuals ready to join the business analysis profession to develop their business analysis skills, knowledge, and behaviors. For candidates just starting up on the professional ladder, ECBA Training can prove to be the perfect stepping stone to enter the Business Analysis Domain. As the name suggests, it is primarily targeted at freshers, professionals looking to switch over/transition to a BA career, and any graduate professional looking to build a career in the BA domain. 

ECBA is framed rightly to suit the needs of an entry-level Business analyst focusing on requirements analysis, modeling, and requirements life cycle management with a good amount of emphasis on modeling concepts and tools. The questions in this certification exam are based on the business analysis body of knowledge BABoK version 3.0 by the International Institute of Business Analysis, IIBA.

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ECBA Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for the ECBA Certification examination are as follows:

  • Agree with the IIBA's Code of Conduct.
  • Agree with the Terms and Conditions of IIBA.
  • Prior business analysis-related work is not required.

ECBA Target Audience

ECBA Certification Examination targets the following audience:

  • Individuals entering the business analysis profession
  • Students enrolled in business analysis academic programs
  • New graduates
  • Professionals transitioning careers
  • Functional managers who are not business analysts but manage them.

Lay the foundation stone of your BA career with ECBA!

ECBA Benefits


Pursuing ECBA certification has many significant benefits, the top ones being:

  1. Recognition for your foundational business analysis knowledge, competency, and understanding of the BA principles and industry best practices. 
    If you do not possess work experience as a business analyst, it can be difficult to prove your competence / BA skills to your future employer. A certificate is an independent validation of your skill and enthusiasm for learning in the job domain. With the certification on your resume, you have an extra advantage over other applicants in bagging the job.
  2. The personal satisfaction of accomplishing the first step towards your dream BA career drastically improves your selling skills and, hence, your ability to face an interview much more confidently.
  3. Stepping Stone to get into the business analysis profession - People with domain experience in the Non-IT sector can move into the IT sector by becoming a business analyst with the stepping stone of ECBA certification - A certificate that is recognized globally can increase your marketability by showcasing your competence and knowledge of the tools, techniques, and best practices of the industry to potential hiring managers/employers. Your certificate demonstrates additional job-linked skills beyond your degree. Your certificate shows you’ve met the set competency level and have knowledge of the key technical and behavioral skills.
  4. Better job prospects and growth - Many organizations look for IIBA-certified professionals to hire while looking to hire business analysts. Many organizations use BOTs/ ATS (applicant tracking system) to filter resumes. By adding your certification credentials, your resume surpasses most HR screening stages.
  5. Better salary - ECBA-certified professionals earn 10% higher salaries than the non-certified professionals
  6. Higher marketability - According to the IIBA salary survey globally, 11% of professionals got a new job with a salary raise with the certification.
  7. Improve overall BA skills, performance, and confidence - with the certification, 30% of professionals reported higher skills and better confidence at work.
  8. ECBA does not require re-certification or renewal, so you are certified for life based on the foundational skills.
  9. No BA work experience eligibility - Unlike the other IIBA certifications, ECBA does not require any prior work experience to be eligible for this exam.
  10. Recognized globally

For  more details on the Benefits of ECBA, read here - Why Should I Invest in ECBA

Read the astounding Success Stories of Our Students.

Lay the foundation stone of your BA career with ECBA!


ECBA certification cost has the following components:

  1. ECBA Exam Fee – $195 for IIBA members and $350 for non-IIBA members
  2. IIBA membership fee varies based on the country of residence




Membership fee

As per the country of residence

(Between $55 to $139)

Exam Fee

USD 195

USD 350

Retake Fee

USD 95

USD 250


The IIBA membership and, hence, the overall ECBA certification cost vary by country of residence, which is divided into three regions.


Member Annual Fee

Region I


Region II


Region III



Country-wise ECBA certification cost is available here.

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Lay the foundation stone of your BA career with ECBA!

ECBA Exam Pattern

ECBA Exam Pattern is comprised of 2 components -

  • Knowledge Area - 70%
  • Business Analysis Knowledge - 30%
Knowledge Area - 70%
  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring - 5%
  • Elicitation and Collaboration - 20% 
  • Requirements Life Cycle Management - 20% 
  • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition - 25%

Business Analysis Knowledge - 30%

  • Business Analysis & the BA Professional - 2.5%
  • Underlying Competencies - 5%
  • Business Analysis Key Concepts - 5%
  • Techniques - 17.5%

The exam blueprint of ECBA is aligned with v3.0 of the BABOK® Guide.

IIBA ECBA Exam Pattern

  • 1-hour remote online proctored exam.
  • 50 multiple-choice questions.
  • In order to clear the ECBA certification exam, IIBA checks for success in each knowledge area as well as the overall score to succeed.
  • It is knowledge-based and aligned with v3.0 of the BABOK® Guide.
  • There is no negative marking in the exam.

Following content from BABOK is asked in the examination

BABoK 4 Knowledge Areas

BA Planning and Monitoring Plan BA approach
  Plan stakeholder engagement
  Plan BA governance
  Plan BA information management.
  Identify BA performance improvements.
Elicitation and Collaboration Prepare for elicitation
  Conduct elicitation
  Confirm elicitation results
  Communicate BA information
  Manage stakeholder collaboration
Requirements Life Cycle Management Trace requirements
  Maintain requirements
  Prioritize requirements
  Assess requirements changes
  Approve requirements
Requirements Analysis and Design Definition Specify and model requirements
  Verify requirements
  Validate requirements
  Define requirements architecture
  Define design options
  Analyze potential value and recommend solution


50 Techniques of BABoK

Acceptance and evaluation criteria

Document analysis

Process modeling

Backlog management



Balanced scorecard

Financial analysis


Benchmarking and market analysis

Focus groups

Risk analysis and management


Functional decomposition

Roles and permissions matrix

Business capability analysis


Root cause analysis

Business cases

Interface analysis

Scope modeling

Business model canvas


Sequence diagrams

Business rules analysis

Item tracking

Stakeholder list, map, or personas

Collaborative games

Lessons learned

State modeling

Concept modeling

Metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Survey or questionnaire

Data dictionary

Mind mapping

SWOT analysis

Data flow diagrams

Non-functional requirements analysis

Use cases and scenarios

Data mining


User stories

Data modeling

Organizational modeling

Vendor assessment

Decision analysis



Decision modeling

Process analysis



Grab Your Dream BA Job With ECBA Certification

Lay the foundation stone of your BA career with ECBA!

ECBA Preparation

Good preparation leads to good results. And for good preparation, you need to follow the right path towards your certification goals.

8 Steps to becoming a successful ECBA in less than 2 months

  1. Ensure eligibility for the ECBA certification exam
  2. Enroll in an IIBA-approved training on ECBA
  3. Study BABoK
  4. Practice ECBA questions and practice test simulators
  5. Set up a week-wise ECBA preparation plan
  6. Get your ECBA application approved  
  7. Get infrastructure ready for the ECBA exam
  8. Take the ECBA test and be a proud ECBA

Step 1 # Ensure eligibility for the ECBA certification exam

The only eligibility criteria for taking the ECBA exam is to agree to the IIBA's Code of Conduct and Terms of Service and pay the examination fees.

Step 2 # Enroll in an IIBA-approved training on ECBA

IIBA prescribes the kind of training that qualifies for the PD Hour as given below:

  • They must be moderated or facilitated by an instructor who leads students through the material.
  • There must be measurable learning objectives directly applicable to improving the skills of a business analyst.
  • Students must be able to interact with the material by asking questions or otherwise making the learning meaningful.
  • Students must be allowed to practice the task or objective being presented and be assessed by the facilitator.
  • The subject matter must directly align with the BABOK Guide.

Although IIBA doesn't mandate one to take any live instructor-led training to qualify for the PD hours, the usual student experience has been hard to understand BABoK without the help of an expert instructor. And since new business analysts and beginners have very little knowledge about the subject of business analysis, it is strongly recommended that they undergo proper training with a seasoned BA coach.

Step 3 # Study BABoK

The primary document you'll want to use to study for the CBAP exam is the BABOK Guide, free to download when you become a member of IIBA. ECBA study guides are a little thinner on the ground than those for other more prominent certifications, but the Adaptive US ECBA Certification Study Guide comes highly rated since it is a compact Study Guide with curated BABoK essentials to ace the ECBA exam; this helps you save up to 40% of your preparation time!

Step 4 # Practice ECBA questions and practice test simulators

Any amount of studying is only complete if that tests your knowledge with practice tests, mock exams, or exam simulators. The ECBA exam question bank from Adaptive US comes with an exhaustive 1000+ ECBA Practice Questions containing Chapter end ECBA practice questions & 6 full-length ECBA simulations (50 Q each) with answer explanation. 

Step 5 # Set up a week-wise ECBA preparation plan.

If you are committed to completing the ECBA certification goal within a set time, you must set up a plan and work towards your target. 

The week-wise ECBA certification preparation strategies below will help you pass the certification exam on the first attempt. 

The week-wise ECBA certification preparation strategies below will help you pass the certification exam on the first attempt. 

Week 1:

  • Self-study of e-learning for BA techniques
  • Self-study of e-learning for KA 1 and 2
  • Attend Adaptive's ECBA certification classes for the 1st week
  • Complete concept quizzes and Drill questions for KA 1 and 2

Adaptive’s BA Learning Platformcomes with 1000+ certification model questions, 100+ videos on BABoK, the world’s most compact BABoK study guide, audiobooks, flashcards, Exam prep tips, personalized exam preparation Plan, Exam Alerts.

Week 2:

  • Complete concept quizzes and Drill questions for BA planning
  • Self-study of e-learning for KA 3 to 6
  • Attend Adaptive's ECBA certification classes for the 2nd week
  • Complete concept quizzes and Drill questions for KA 3 to 6

Week 3:

  • Read BABoK

Week 4:

  • Complete Simulation tests and review answers

Week 5:

  • Revise the handbook and key concepts
  • Take simulation tests again
  • Take chapter-wise questions for concepts where you need improvement

Week 6:

  • Give the ECBA certification exam.

Source: ECBA Certification Exam Preparation

Step 6 # Get Your ECBA Application Approved

Next comes the ECBA application filing task. Pick up an ECBA application filing template that simulates the IIBA application filing format. Once you enter all the relevant details, approval is almost immediate.

Step 7 #Get infrastructure ready for the ECBA exam

IIBA exams are offered as online remote proctored exams that require a desktop or laptop, an internet connection, a working webcam, and a microphone. 

IIBA's online remote proctored certification exams allow you to take any IIBA exam securely from your home or office at your convenience. You choose where, when, and how to sit the exam. A simple check-in procedure, ID verification, and monitoring by PSI-certified proctors ensure the integrity and security of the exam.  

Infrastructure Required for ECBA Test

  1. Check Your Technology
      • Use your personal computer with a functional microphone and webcam, as corporate firewalls and VPNs may restrict user access
      • Use a stable, reliable internet connection
      • Ensure your location supports Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
      • Use a Chrome browser for the best results 
      • Run the PSI Online Proctoring System Check 

  1. Prepare your Government-issued Photo Identification (ID)
      • It is current, signed, and in western characters 
      • Both first and last names match the name you registered with
      • Have the appropriate government-issued identification ready for check-in. 

        ACCEPTED Identification: 

        • Government-issued Driver's license 
        • U.S. Department of State Driver's License 
        • National/State/Country Identification Card 
        • Government-issued Passport 
        • Passport cards                  

       3. Create the Right Workspace and Environment

      • Have a quiet, private room free from distractions, people, and pets.
      • Use a desk or table for your computer or laptop.
      • Clear your workspace of any materials or unauthorized items to avoid exam violations.
      • Read IIBA's Guide to Online Proctored Exams to learn about exam violations and what is allowed and what is not.

You can check the FAQ section on the PSI website for more details on – how the exam is conducted and other requirements.

Read the entire list of IIBA Online Exam Rules here

You can do a compatibility check before the exam- https://syscheck.bridge.psiexams.com.

Step 8 # Take the test and be a proud ECBA

You are ready to take the exam once you are prepared well and pass the ECBA exam simulators and mock question bank.

  1. Choose a date for your exam
  2. Schedule the exam by paying the exam fees on the IIBA site
  3. Prepare in Advance for your Online Remote Proctored Exam
  4. Set up Infrastructure Required for ECBA Test
  5. Take the ECBA test with a calm mind
  6. Stay cool during the exam
  7. Pass the test

Lay the foundation stone of your BA career with ECBA!


  • Focus on the purpose of tasks and techniques
  • Questions with diagrams and calculations are unlikely
  • Questions are expected to be single-sentence questions
  • Questions on definitions of role
  • Questions on advanced modeling concepts are unlikely
  • Understand requirements characteristics
  • Questions from advanced techniques are unlikely
  • Understanding types of tracing requirements

The ‘Must Do’s’ for the ECBA Certification Exam

  • You should have a noise and distraction-free environment.
  • The desk/table that you will use during the exam should be clutter-free and without any papers, books, devices, etc.
  • Make sure that nobody comes into the room during the exam.
  • Make sure you have uninterrupted power and the internet.

The Don’ts of the ECBA Certification Exam

  • Do not attempt until you have a strong foundational knowledge of business analysis as per the BABOK® Guide.
  • Do not expect the exam to be easy
  • Do not expect to have the luxury of time
  • Food, beverages (i.e., water, including chewing gums), attending phone calls, or scheduled breaks during the exam are not permitted.
  • Do not read questions with lips, or whisper loudly

IIBA guidelines to prepare you for your exam day- https://www.iiba.org/certification/exam-preparation/

Read also -

10 Most Common Reasons for Failure in the ECBA Exam

At the end of all this, the most important point is to stay focused throughout the journey. No amount of study will be enough if you don’t set a deadline and work backward.

Keep a target for yourself and, work towards it, make some progress every day. Keep some time marked for prep every day and make use of the weekends more effectively.

Hopefully, the details and tips in this article will help you prepare for the ECBA Certification exam and achieve your goal of getting ECBA certified on the first attempt.

Want to be IIBA Certified? This is the BEST place to begin your Success journey

Lay the foundation stone of your BA career with ECBA!


What is ECBA certification?

ECBA is an entry-level certification for business analysts. It demonstrates foundational knowledge in the field.

How do I apply for ECBA certification?

Apply online through IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) and meet eligibility criteria.

What is the ECBA exam format?

It's a 1-hour, 50 multiple-choice question exam. The test is conducted through a remote proctored session.

What is the passing score for ECBA?

IIBA doesn't provide any passing score for its tests. However, we expect the passing score to be typically around 75%.

How long is the ECBA certification valid?

ECBA certification doesn't expire and valid for life.

Can I renew my ECBA certification?

ECBA certification doesn't need to be renewed as it is valid for ever. You should progress to higher-level certifications such as CCBA and CBAP.

Are there any prerequisites for ECBA?

No, there are no specific work experience or education prerequisites for ECBA.

What is the BABOK guide?

BABOK is a guide published by IIBA that defines the framework for business analysis practices.

How can I access the BABOK guide?

You can purchase the BABOK guide from the IIBA website. You also get it free when you become a member of IIBA.

How can I join IIBA as a member?

Visit the IIBA website and sign up for membership.

What is the benefit of IIBA membership?

Membership offers access to resources, networking opportunities, and discounts on certification fees.

What is the application process for ECBA?

There is no application required for ECBA.

What is the fee for ECBA application?

There is no application required for ECBA.

Can I apply for ECBA without experience?

Yes, ECBA is designed for those new to business analysis, so no experience is required.

How can I document my professional development for ECBA?

There is no need to provide any professional development hours for ECBA certification.

What is the role of an ECBA certified BA?

An ECBA certified BA is equipped with foundational skills to assist in business analysis activities.

Is there an ECBA study guide available?

Yes, there are several ECBA study guides and books available to help with exam preparation. Adaptive US provides a condensed ECBA study guide for its students.

How long should I study for ECBA?

Study duration varies, but 1-2 months of dedicated preparation is common.

Can I take the ECBA exam online?

ECBA exam is available online which can be taken remotely, from home or work place.

What is the ECBA application approval time?

There is no application required for ECBA.

What is the average pass rate for ECBA?

The pass rate varies, but it's industry average is around 70-75%. Adaptive US prides itself with a 97+% success rate.

Are there any discounts available for ECBA?

IIBA members receive discounts on the ECBA exam fee. Adaptive US students can get ECBA certification voucher at a special price.

How long is the ECBA exam?

The ECBA exam is a 1-hour computer-based test.

How can I find a test center for the ECBA exam?

ECBA can be taken only remotely and no test centers are provided for ECBA.

Can I request accommodations for the exam?

Yes, if you have special requirements, you can request accommodations through IIBA.

What is the ECBA code of ethics?

ECBA certified professionals are expected to adhere to the IIBA Code of Ethics.

How long does it take to receive ECBA results?

You'll receive your results immediately after completing the exam.

Can I retake the ECBA exam if I fail?

Yes, you can retake the exam, but you need to pay the retake fee which is USD 95. Adaptive US training students are protected from the payment of retake fees as part of it's success guarantee.

What is the cost of ECBA study materials?

The cost of study materials varies, but it's typically around $150-$1000 USD.

How can I find ECBA exam dates?

ECBA exam can be taken all throughout the year.

What is the pass mark for ECBA?

The pass mark is not fixed but typically around 70%.

Can I claim PDUs for ECBA certification?

No, PDUs are not applicable to ECBA; they are associated with higher-level certifications.

What are some recommended ECBA courses?

IIBA-endorsed courses and online training programs are recommended. Adaptive US ECBA training is an officially IIBA endorsed program.

What is the purpose of the ECBA handbook?

The handbook provides information on the ECBA certification process.

How can I study for the ECBA exam online?

Many online and live courses and practice exams are available for ECBA preparation.

Can I use exam vouchers for the ECBA exam?

IIBA occasionally offers exam voucher discounts to members.

How often does the ECBA exam change?

The ECBA exam may change periodically to align with industry best practices.

How can I find ECBA practice questions?

Many ECBA study materials include practice questions for self-assessment. Adaptive US provides 1000+ practice questions including 6 full length simulations.

Can I use a calculator during the ECBA exam?

Calculator is provided as part of the exam system.

How many questions are there in the ECBA exam?

The ECBA exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions.

What are the most challenging topics in ECBA?

Challenging topics vary for individuals, but Requirements Analysis can be tough.

Is the ECBA certification recognized globally?

ECBA is recognized and respected in the business analysis field worldwide.

How long is the ECBA application valid?

There is no application required for ECBA.

Can I use the ECBA designation after my name?

Yes, once you are ECBA certified, you can use the designation after your name.

What is the average study time for ECBA?

On average, candidates spend 50-100 hours preparing for the ECBA exam.

How can I find ECBA training providers?

IIBA provides a list of endorsed education providers on their website. Adaptive US is one of the premier IIBA Endorsed Education Provider.

Can I apply for ECBA if I'm not a member of IIBA?

Yes, you can apply for ECBA as a non-member, but member discounts will not apply.

What is the ECBA certification fee?

The total cost includes IIBA membership and exam fees, totaling around $250-$370 USD based on your country and local taxes.

Are there any prerequisites for the ECBA exam?

No, there are no specific prerequisites for taking the ECBA exam.

How can I maintain my ECBA certification?

ECBA certification does not require maintenance. You can progress to higher-level certifications.

What is the role of a business analyst?

A business analyst analyzes business needs, identifies opportunities, and helps in solution implementation.

What are the benefits of ECBA certification?

It enhances career prospects, demonstrates foundational knowledge, and leads to entry-level job opportunities.

Can I take the ECBA exam without training?

Training is not mandatory but is highly recommended for exam success.

How can I earn CDUs for ECBA renewal?

ECBA does not require CDUs for renewal; you advance to higher certifications instead.

What is the pass/fail rate for ECBA?

The pass/fail rate varies by year and location but is generally around 70%.

How can I verify someone's ECBA certification?

You can verify ECBA certification holders names on the IIBA website.

What is the role of the IIBA in ECBA certification?

IIBA is the certifying body that oversees the ECBA certification process.

Can I reschedule my ECBA exam date?

Yes, you can reschedule, but there may be a fee associated with it.

How can I find ECBA study groups?

You can join online forums or local business analysis groups for study support.

Can I use study materials from previous ECBA editions?

It's recommended to use the latest edition of study materials for ECBA preparation.

How can I find ECBA exam sample questions?

You can find sample questions in study guides and online resources for ECBA preparation.

Can I submit my ECBA application by mail?

IIBA prefers online application submissions for ECBA certification.

What are the benefits of IIBA membership?

Membership offers access to resources, networking, and discounts on certification fees.

How can I calculate my ECBA professional development hours?

There is no need to provide any professional development hours for ECBA certification.

Can I apply for ECBA if I'm self-employed?

Yes, self-employed individuals can apply for ECBA.

Can I apply for ECBA if I'm not working?

Yes, un-employed individuals can apply for ECBA.

Can I apply for ECBA if I'm a student?

Yes, students can apply for ECBA.

What is the value of CDUs for ECBA renewal?

ECBA does not require renewal; you progress to higher certifications.

How long does the ECBA certification process take?

The process typically takes a few weeks, typically 8 to 12 weeks.

Can I claim professional development hours for internships?

There is no need to provide any professional development hours for ECBA certification.

What is the role of an ECBA in project management?

ECBA professionals may assist in project initiation and requirements gathering.

Can I retake the ECBA exam immediately?

You can as long as exam retake fees are paid and exam slots are available.

What is the format of the ECBA exam questions?

ECBA exam questions are typically multiple-choice with four answer options.

How can I find ECBA study materials?

Look for recommended study guides, books, and online courses from reputable sources.

Can I use ECBA CDUs for other certifications?

ECBA CDUs are specific to IIBA and can be used for other IIBA certifications.

How can I find ECBA study groups for free?

Look for online forums and social media groups that offer free study support.

What is the average salary increase with ECBA?

Salary increases with ECBA vary, but it can enhance your earning potential as a business analyst.

Can I apply for ECBA if I have a non-technical background?

Yes, ECBA is applicable to various backgrounds, not just technical ones.

How can I verify someone's ECBA professional development hours?

You can request documentation from the individual or verify their ECBA certification through IIBA.

Where can I buy ECBA exam voucher?

You can buy exam voucher from select EEPs, such as Adaptive US.

Lay the foundation stone of your BA career with ECBA!