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Real Stories

Real Transformations

Siby Varghese
Business Analyst

I discovered that business analysis was a booming career option and wanted to transition from my current job to a business analyst. For getting the proper knowledge and skillsets, I decided to pursue ECBA training and certification.

I would like to thank Adaptive's mentors for helping me understand the material. It would not have been possible without all the support and motivation extended by the team. All the tips and tricks shared were extremely helpful. The practice tests were a great help in preparing for the actual exam. I cleared my exam with ease.

I landed a job as an associate BA during my training itself.

Thank you, Adaptive, for all the support.

Kickstarted BA career in 1 month
Martin Motyka
Business Analyst

I have always dreamed of landing a job as a Business Analyst. So, I decided to appear for the ECBA certification exam and chose Adaptive as my training partner.

With Adaptive's insightful mentorship, I cleared the exam on the first attempt. After a lot of hard work studying for the exam and job hunting, I was able to land a rewarding business analyst job.

I would like to thank Adaptive US for facilitating a learning environment that guided me to achieve my goals.

Landed a rewarding BA job
Catherine Mastrostefano
Senior Business Analyst

I used to work as a Business Consultant for quite some time. With aspirations of expanding my role to a Business Analyst, I decided to take up the ECBA certification as it is the best option for entry-level BAs. I enrolled with Adaptive US for my ECBA training, which was one of the best decisions. The ECBA course was very informative, and I was able to pass my exam with ease.

Adaptive has certified mentors and great resources for anyone wishing to undergo training on business analysis.

They have a great team and are very responsive and ready to help at any hour.

After my ECBA certification, I got a new job as a BA with a 25 percent salary hike from my previous job. The BA training gave me a grip on all business basics and gave me confidence at work.

Bagged New BA Job with 25% hike
Ineha Thind

After completing my BTech & MBA, I started working as an HR professional. Before moving to Canada, I found out about business analysis as a great career option. The BA role piqued my interest and I realized this was exactly what I wanted to do. However, getting a BA job in a new country was difficult as it called for the right knowledge and skillsets.

While looking for a BA course I found Adaptive US and enrolled for their ECBA training. The training was perfect as it gave me a sound understanding of the BA concepts. With my newfound understanding of the BA role, I secured a permanent job as a Systems Analyst in the company that I was interning with. I was confident that I was heading in the right direction and within 2 months of getting ECBA certified, I bagged my first full-time BA job.

I am ever thankful to Adaptive as their ECBA training propelled my BA career and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to become a BA.

Jumpstarted BA career in Canada
Padmanabh Hejmadi
Senior Business Analyst

Adaptive US's ECBA certification course not only helped me to understand the various aspects of BA but also helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges a BA might face and how to overcome them. Got enrolled in this course in the month of April 2018, landed with a BA Job in May 2018.

Attending the ECBA course gave me more clarity on what could be the right approach for a BA in a given situation. LN Mishra your style of organized delivery of content and making us understand concepts with live scenarios made it quite easy for me to apply at work and also for my certification exam. Thanks a lot :) Thanking Adaptive US team.

Strengthened BA fundamentals


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ECBA Program Highlights
Master Classes
Ultimate Classes
21 IIBA PD Hours
Hours of Live BABoK Classes + Office Hours comptab-infoalt7-icon
Success Guarantee Coverage comptab-infoalt7-icon
6 Months
12 Months
Moneyback Guarantee comptab-infoalt7-icon
Curated Study Aids - Printable ECBA Study Guide, 1000+ model questions with 6 full length simulations, 100+ e-Learning videos, BABoK Mind Maps, Audiobooks, Flashcards, Exam Prep Plan, Tips and More
Past Live Session Recordings
Discussion Board
1 Entire Repeat Training Session (Weekend Classes) comptab-infoalt7-icon
20 CDUs for any IIBA recertification (one time) - Doesn't include IIBA Recertification Fees
1 Business Day Priority Support
Learning Portal / Resources Access
Training duration + 6 months
Live Faculty Guidance / Office Hours comptab-infoalt7-icon
6 months
12 months
Available Options for Classes
Only Weekend
Weekday (Tue-Fri) or Weekend
Batch Size
Up to 30 students
Limited to 10 students for Weekday Classes