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3/15/22 12:00 AM

How can Adaptive US provide Success Guarantee?

Is this just a marketing gimmick?

What makes it possible for Adaptive to take this big risk on behalf of its students?

A lot of students ask us this question. Sometimes our partners ask us, sometimes even the certification body also asks us above questions.

Let's put it in writing - Our Success Guarantee is 100% legal, 100% ethical, and it's completely in writing. There is no ambiguity or question mark on that.

So how do we actually go about doing it?

First thing, let's understand it's a financial guarantee from us, where we share the consequences of your exam failure. We pay for your retake fees from our kitty. Thus, we remove the risk of exam failure from your side and take it on our side.

If you do not succeed in the exam with our training and support, we refund your entire money minus all the payments made to IIBA for your retake fees, that means we earn only when you succeed.

If you don't succeed, you get your unspent money back, and we earn nothing. Obviously, it seems to be a very dangerous proposition for a company because whatever money we have taken from the student, we're willing to give it back to the student. So let us understand the factors behind making it possible for us to offer the promise of 100% success or 100% Refund. There are five key reasons why we are able to offer this promise of100% success or 100% Refund.

#1. 1000+ Hours of Research

The first reason is the amount of research we have done on the subject. We have spent more than 1000 hours at Adaptive US to develop valuable content for the certifications. So today, we have more than 2000 pages of study guides, more than 5000 questions, more than 300 videos, more than 1000 flashcards, and lots of mind maps as well.

This is possibly the most exhaustive content you can get in the market.

#2. Faculty Quality

The second key reason is the kind of faculty at Adaptive. We are extremely choosy about who teaches our students.

We have a standing rule. The faculty must have 20 plus years of business analysis experience. In addition, the faculty must be certified in the certification program they teach. In fact, most of our faculty members have participated in the authoring of the BABOK, as well as writing the questions for the IIBA examination.

So these two factors offer us tremendous confidence in the quality of our offerings.

#3. Commitment to Student Success

We are committed to each student's success. We are fanatic about each and every student enrolled with us being successful. Therefore, we support a minimum of 6 months post-training, which can be further extended.

Most other institutes leave you the moment you complete the training. We have tutorials every fortnight, which are live tutorials that students can join and benefit from.

#4. Extremely Low Failure Rate

We keep our ears on the ground. We learn from each failure. It's not that our students don't fail, but the failure rate is extremely low. Maybe it's below 3%. For every failure, we go back to the student, speak to them, and try to understand what went wrong.

Often, we have found aspects like the inadequate exam infrastructure being the failure reason.

And then, we go back to IIBA and organize an additional test for the student without any expense to the student. So this is, again, another reason which has made us so successful in the process.

#5. Single-minded Focus

The fifth reason behind our promise of 100% success or 100% Refund claim is that we deal with only one product, only business analysis certification training. We don't do anything else. This allows us to be extremely focused on the subject area and build our competence in this particular area.

So these are the top five reasons which have enabled us to offer a promise of 100% success or 100% Refund to our students.

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