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Aug 31, 2017 12:00:00 AM


There was a young man who didn’t want to kill his father and built an

underground room for his dad and kept him hidden but alive there.


After few years there was a severe draught in the land and everyone was worried that all the stock had got over. And the king was also equally worried on how to save the land.


Just then the old man called his son and gave him an idea “Son go out and plough the path outside home” The son did so as per his dad’s advice and everyone around in the village was surprised on what is it that the young man was trying to do.


Few days later the rains came and soon there was sprouts coming out on the path and now the villagers had idea on what was the man trying to do. Impressed by the man’s wit the king called him to his court to share his experience. The Man wanted an assurance from the king before sharing his secret that he should not be punished after sharing his secret. And now the secret was out that the wit was not his but from the experience of the grey hair and his dad. The king understood what was the mistake in doing away with the experience of the old people and their age old knowledge.


In corporate wold or in an organization how often do we really count our experiences or learning from the past. How often do we look at the projects executed in the same domain, similar profile of project or solutions delivered?


All the sweat almost goes down the drain once delivered.


Practically solutions delivered are forgotten and goes down the organization repository and most of the times are never looked up again.


The reason also lies in the fact that our traditional KM systems stop at document level rather than on the requirement field level.


Imagine all your past requirements getting transformed to data base elements on your requirements warehouse and you mine on all those sweat delivered. You discover all those hidden requirements, design and reuse them in your future projects.



Adaptive is coming up with the most interesting and exciting solution for you to discover and reuse what requirements, design, code and test cases you have developed and delivered. And the good news is that all that based on your context, profile, domain of the project.


Seems like magic, follow us for the most exciting revolution Adaptive RED in Requirements Reuse.



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